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October 17, 2018

Women In Love – Part II

Women In Love – Part II

In fact she wanted her husband to be away so that she could live again the fantasy of her youth to be a real slut lesbian. She had noticed Priya, a beautiful and sexy rich woman who often came to the Ashram. Today, her husband was away for a week to attend a meeting and Sumita was listening to the woes of the young childless wife of a rich businessman. Sunita had invited Priya to the office of her husband to calm her young guest more than anything. Sunita wore a blue cotton sari and a white blouse which showed her big boobs from its low cut neckline.

Hi guys, I am Neha and this is my maiden contribution this site. If I make a mistake, please pardon me. I am a lesbian and am not ashamed of being one. Please don’t forward me proposals of “I want to fuck you” In fact I don’t have inclination for male female love at all. I am one of the characters in this story. So, guess which one. My email id is [email protected]

Sunita at the age of 40, was a faithful wife of Swami Prem Anand, the Head of a Brahm Kumari’s Ashram. Respected by the community, she was the image of female grace, beauty and dignity. Her beautiful and sexy figure was noticed, and admired by males wherever she went. She never looked at those men. When her husband was away she tried to deal with most problems of the women in her Ashram.

In fact she wanted her husband to be away so that she could live again the fantasy of her youth to be a real slut lesbian. She had noticed Priya, a beautiful and sexy rich woman who often came to the Ashram. Today, her husband was away for a week to attend a meeting and Sumita was listening to the woes of the young childless wife of a rich businessman. Sunita had invited Priya to the office of her husband to calm her young guest more than anything. Sunita wore a blue cotton sari and a white blouse which showed her big boobs from its low cut neckline.

Sitting in an armchair opposite Sunita, Priya told the story of her family troubles and Sunita listened intently to her story. Priya was not getting due attention from her 45 years old husband. He came and fell on top of her, banged her like a beast and slept off the night. “Sometimes he would ask for things unheard of. He would ask me to let him enter my ass, to kiss his ass. Off course I sucked his cock sometimes, but licking his ass, oh no!

And last night, he called me sister. How can I let him call sister and fuck me too? The bastard is sick!” She concluded. Sunita looked at Priya, a beauty. There was a freshness , innocence and vulnerability about this sad girl. Priya wore white cotton pants which showed off her firm and shapely thighs. Underneath a white V neck top Sunita could see perfectly formed breasts. Priya was angry at her husband.

What she did not know was that Sunita was a bi-sexual woman who enjoyed making love to her husband and to women at the back of her husband. Priya was the perfect woman for her. Instinctively Sunita went to the chair next to Priya’s to offer comfort, putting her arm around the young girl’s shoulders. Sunita could feel the scent of an unsatisfied woman. Priya breathed heavily and her bosom heaved up and down. The older woman felt her cunt go wet between her thighs at the mere touch of this sexy young girl whose perfume of shampooed hair swirled around her nostrils.

Her left hand sat just under the girl’s armpit, Sunita ran softly her fingers on the bra covered boobs. “I understand what kind of aminals are men like your husband. Trust me, you have come to the right person. I can understand the fire burning in a female body. You are young, beautiful and sexy. The beast of your husband is not capable of satisfying you. Men are just PIGS. They think they can only make a woman happy. Darling they are wrong. We women can love each other better than men. We understand each other better. I can touch and feel your body’s hunger, its thirst, its desires.

If you doubt, place your hand on my bosom, feel my heart beat, touch my breast, darling, I am not a stranger” Sunita whispered lustily into Priya’s ears, her lips brushing slightly on her earlobe, bringing a sexy moan from the younger woman. Priya thought that she had felt the best and most erotically exciting touch of her lifetime on her breast. Her tits grew hard at once. Was it intentional? She didn’t know, but something made her look up and Sunita kissed her on the cheek. She felt what she had never felt before.

A strange fire rose inside her young body. She wanted this mature woman to hold her, to solace her, to kiss her. Priya placed a trembling hand on the mature woman’s ample sized bosom”oh!oh!oh! ahhhh” moaned the older woman. “You are an angel, a Goddess, Priya, don’t take your hand away. I need your touch, your love….feel my tits…I need you…you need me…..we need each other.”

For Prya, it was a new sensation, they were alone, there was a beautiful, mature woman in front of her, and she was beautiful and understanding. The young woman was aroused and without thought, she began a French kiss Sunita, as her tongue explored the mature woman’s mouth. Automatically the new love was drawing Priya forward into the forbidden area. She cupped her breasts, then lowered her hand to undo the the sari and petticoat of her mature lesbian lover.”I’ve never done this before,” exclaimed Priya as Sunita put her hand between her thighs.

“It’s ok, I’ll show you how to make love. I am going to be your teacher. You are cupping Mama’s boobs, how do they feel child?. Mama loves your hand on my tits, rub them, feel them. take off your bra and top and drop your pants, then kneel in front of me and let’s move to the retiring room which more comfortable,” came the lusty reply.

Priya did as she was told. Removing her top, she undid her bra hooks, exposing her beautiful boobs which sprang free. Sunita watched with increasing desire as the young woman did as she was told. Her perfectly formed breasts looked delicious. Underneath her pants, she wore black panties which was a contrast with her white thighs. Sunita pulled her panties down and saw the trimmed black pubic hair. It was now time for her to play out her favorite fantasy.

“Now I want you to spread my legs wide, touch my pussy, fondle my thighs, lick and kiss my skin. Love me like you love a man.” Shocked, Priya stared at the mature woman. She had never had any sort of sexual encounter with another woman, but had often thought about it. And after the disappointments of her life she was prepared to try anything for spicing up her sex life. Sunita was lying on the bed, a beautiful anger, her legs open and her puffy cunt-lips inviting Priya. It was an introduction to the mysteries of Lesbian sex.

Obediently she leaned forwards and placed her trembling hands on her lover’s thighs. Gently she moved the fingers of her right hand up to her cunt which was closely shaven and perfumed. Sunita felt a tingling in her cunt as her new lover’s fingers grazed her labia. Sunita let out a moan of excitement as the young girls fingers roamed her cunt which was throbbing.” Feel my cunt darling….I feel like a slut today….Touch my lower lips, feel my heat….My heat is for you darling…..You are so exciting!”

Priya had seen some lesbian action is porn movies and she began to replay those lesbian scenes. She decided to shock the mature lesbian by what Priya could do to her. The old bitch would be shocked soon. Priya too had fantasized about making love to a woman. Only chance had never come to her. Her naked body was arousing Sunita who was breathing slowly and heavily. Sunita had cupped Priya’s head and pressed it into her love-triangle.

Priya took the cue and sank her mouth into the mature woman’s throbbing cunt. A strange cunt smell hit her nostrils. It was intoxicating. Priya opened her lips and kissed her thighs, and moved close to the parted lips of her pussy.” Oh! Oh! Oh! Yessss, lick me….eat my cunt…Ohhhhhh darling I love it….Eat Mama’s cunt….Kiss meeee” Sunita was raising her hips to get more of Priya’s darting tongue.

She had anticipated the salty taste on her lips and tongue as she kissed Sunita’s pussy. The musky smell of pussy juice was making Priya hot and her mouth filled by cunt juices which flowed from her lesbian lover’s pussy. Priya held Sunita’s thighs apart and continued to lick the cunt and lap her lovers juices as her lover slapped her head. All of a sudden Sunita cupped the breasts of the younger woman and pinched her nipples hard.

“Oh, that’s it Darling, keep on, keep on licking, go on cover those pussy lips with your tongue, make me wet, lick that little clit of mine.”Priya kept up her rhythm as her lover began to grind her crotch against her face. And each time she did she seemed to move her hips just a little further up her face. Priya felt her cunt juices, sweat and saliva in all spread on Sunita’s swollen cunt. Then suddenly, she sank her tongue past Sunita’s buttocks and licked her asshole.

“Ohhhhhh…..Nooooo! Sticking your tongue up my dirty ass! You really must be a dirty Lesbian slut to want to do that. To lick pussy and ass. So you like putting things in pussy and ass do you? Let me taste your dirty tricks. Fuck my ass with your tongue….You are a wicked bitch”

“Let the wicked bitch show how wicked I can get. Let me kiss your ass and finger your cunt…I feel you too are cock starved like me, are you not? Does your husband keep you filled with cock? Or just lets you burn while he is fucking other women? Come on Sunita, let me show you what real love is. Let’s get into a lesbian 69, let me feel your tongue too” she ordered.

Priya came up into the bed before Sunita could say a word. She put her feet across Sunita’s ears as she lowered her cunt down on her lover’s face. She was surprised when Sunita’s tongue disappeared into her wet cunt like a cock. The bitch Sunita knew how to eat a cunt and how fuck a cunt with her tongue. Her mouth moved into Priya’s cunt like a cock, in, out. Sunita separated her ass cheeks and licked her cunt as Priya buried her face into the mature cunt below her and she rubbed back and forth. “You horny whore,” exclaimed Priya as she slipped her tongue into her lesbian lover’s cunt “Your starved cunt is sopping wet you whore,”

“Are you enjoying eating my cunt, Priya darling? Are you loving being a lesbian partner to Sunita, the Lesbian Slut?” Sunita said huskily as her mouth continued its thrusts into Priya’s cunt. She succeeded in drawing a muffled response from Priya as the younger woman was busy eating her pussy. Now Sunita picked a jar of jam from the table and put some of it onto the forefingers of her hand, then smeared them onto the Priya’s asshole and then began slow eating of the jam from the ass of the younger woman. The result was slow teasing of the butt. She Priya squirm as Sunita pushed her middle finger slowly into the young girls anus.

“Noo,” came the strangled response.

“Take it my whore, you licked my ass……now see what Mama can do to you…..Mama is a whore and so are you…..Do you like to be Mama’s whore? Do you like my finger up your ass? I think your punk husband has never fucked you in the ass…Let me fuck your ass” Sunita hissed in a low voice.

And with that she slid her finger all the way in Priya’s ass while the mature woman pushed two fingers of her other hand into her cunt and began the double fuck of both holes of the young housewife. Priya began to writhe uncontrollably on top of Sunita’s body in an all consuming orgasm, and as she screamed and lapped at Sunita’s pussy. Priya’s orgasm rocked her whole body as Sunita double fucked her young partner.

Priya did not stop sucking her lesbian teacher even for a minute. A huge orgasm built inside the older woman and Sunita too shuddered violently under Priya. Their cunt flowed female juices freely. It took several moments before they came to rest in each other embrace. their naked bodies calm after lesbian love.”Thank-you Sunita, thank-you very much, I feel much better now,” Priya muttered.”Don’t thank me. You are a life saver too. You made my fantasy come true.”



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