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October 17, 2018

When Fate Meets Luck!

When Fate Meets Luck!

Here comes my entry whether I can say the beginning of my maturity or luck. My friend forced me to have an introduction with her telling “dude you need to improve now at least, you are no more a kid or be like an innocent guy in college being shy and away from girls”. These words made me feel embarrassed and I made my mind to accept her as a friend though hesitantly as it was my first time to have a friendship with a girl. He told me that her name is Sana (of course I changed) and younger to me by 3yrs.

Hi, folks. I am Shaan (not real) aged 27 years with a 6-inch tool to screw, living in Bangalore. I have been a regular reader of Indian sex story since two years. While reading the incidents, I used to think when I would get such a chance to enjoy with a girl. Being sexually involved was somewhere not possible as I was alone with no contact with a girl being very shy and isolated person so no much contact or friends.

So now without wasting much of your time in my introduction let me proceed towards the incident (not a sex story) which is true, unlike some fake ones or fantasies. Just after passing out my graduation got into a job and life was going cool and normal. All my friends were also placed into the job though a bit late. One of my friends had got a friend (girl and let’s call her Sana) via some social networking site and he is a very fast forward guy. As time passed they both got close and things were getting beyond friendship as Sana started liking him though not love. However, my friend already had a girlfriend which he didn’t reveal to Sana. So being cautious about his of my friend he didn’t want to proceed further with Sana and somehow wanted to get rid of her.

Here comes my entry whether I can say the beginning of my maturity or luck. My friend forced me to have an introduction with her telling “dude you need to improve now at least, you are no more a kid or be like an innocent guy in college being shy and away from girls”. These words made me feel embarrassed and I made my mind to accept her as a friend though hesitantly as it was my first time to have a friendship with a girl. He told me that her name is Sana (of course I changed) and younger to me by 3yrs.

Then one fine day in the mid of 2010 my friend gave her number and asked to text her. I did so and her reply was negative and rude. Initially, she was furious at me to text her being a stranger. Then with my friend called her and said I am actually his friend and good in nature so nothing stranger as such Karke. But she was unaware that the guy (my friend) was actually trying to get rid of her which she realized later and came to know later.

Here begins my change in life and the actual incident. We slowly started with chat and got to know about each other well. Then we gradually got very close and started talking long on phone. One fine day she expressed interest in meeting me as it was 7 months of our friendship. I was reluctant being shy but somehow agreed as I too wanted to meet her.

Finally, we fixed the date and time and met at Garuda mall which is close to my home. She had come in a white dress (looked not so attractive but had average looks and figure) I was nervous initially for half of the day then got normal during the rest of the day. By now both of us were like long term friends got very close disclosing all the family life, friends, etc. I never had any bad intentions and as she was younger to me so even had a kind of sisterly feelings. We started meeting often as we both enjoyed each other’s company. Also as it was new for both of us so had excitement every time of meeting personally.

It all changed with one naughty dream which I got in the beginning of January. This particular dream changed our lives upside down. I don’t understand was it a fate or an indication that I am getting matured. It was a sexual dream which involved me and her. Believe me guys it was very erotic and made me cum a lot into my inner-wear which I noticed in the morning while peeing.

I didn’t want to tell her about this as I was scared of losing her friendship and my impression in her eyes as he believes I am a very decent guy. I was in a state of shock and also in an excitement wondering how did I get such a strange dream that too with my sweetest friend ever. I was bit dull after such dream for two days and she sensed it. She started to persuade me to tell the reason for being moody. Since we never hide anything with each other hence thought of sharing the truth though was very hesitant and scared.

Guys and girls here start my sexual journey. I will reveal the details of that dream which I confessed to her. So I will reveal it in actual conversion which I had with her.

It was a Saturday night and we usually sleep late chatting till late night or sometimes early morning till 4 am. We never talk at night as both of us stay with family so, only texting as its pretty safe. I hesitantly told her that I got a naughty dream involving her two days ago. She didn’t get it and asked, to be frank, and not to hesitate though if it’s something too personal. I got a little bit of courage and confidence by her words. Then I told her that it was actually sexual dream but not of beyond the limits. I didn’t get her reply for a long time and got scared that she might have taken me wrongly. But to my surprise, she laughed as hahaha (as found in her message) and said & how come you?? that too naughty dream!!!! It’s hard to believe. hahaha.

Me: Yeah even I am surprised that I got such a dream that too with you whom I believe as the best friend.

She: hahaha, ok ab bolo b sahi ki aise kya dekha sapne me
Me: As you wanted to watch a movie in the theater with me (It was her wish). So this dream’s location is in the theater. I found both of us in a theater for some Bollywood movie.

She: Oh wow! Chalo sapne me hi sahi at least muje theater to leke gae. Hahaha
Me: Han. It was a morning show and I don’t even remember the name of the movie. Looks like it was a not a hit movie so the theater was almost empty type with hardly 20 people. We were in the last row of the seat with nobody on our left or right side and those few people were sitting somewhere in front rows.

She: Wow interesting baby! So it means got good privacy han. Acha hain. Ok then agge bolo?

Me: As we were watching movie unknowingly my right hand was touching your left breast.

She: What???? Ohhhhhhh not bad my dear friend is getting matured han. Friend k sath hi aise feelings han?

Me: Arre baba, I myself didn’t realize it kya ho raha ha. Then I felt something soft very soft and spongy round thing. I felt somewhat strange feeling and also nervous type.

She: hmmm obviously, galat jagah jo chua hai. Hahaha. It’s very private organ of females.

Me: Han.Then don’t know kaha se josh aya ki. I was feeling like to touch your boobs and feel the round shape. Then I could not control myself and finally held your boobs over the top itself. It was so great touching it for the first time in life. Full boob was in my hand, aaaaaah it was a great feeling. You were just shocked but could not respond or even resist. Maybe you were also feeling some pleasure.

She: Unbelievable dear!!!. Tum ye sab to sapne me hi kar sakte ho hahaha. By the way, how was my reaction in your dream? Am I sure I was shocked and speechless na?

Me: Yeah you were shocked but didn’t object. So I got courage and came bit near you and kissed your cheeks. It was my first kiss in my life though in dream at least. Then held your hairs gently and planted a sweet kiss on your soft lips.

She: Aaaah great baby. Mast han, then?

Me: Then I saw your cleavage through you front open of your top. Your breasts were looking tight and mast solid because of my touching and feeling.

She: hahaha. Ajtak mene khud apne boobs ko thikse notice nahi kiya. I think I should look at them deeply later. hahaha

Me: Then I slowly started inserting my right hand into your top and tried to slide in your bra. It was a bit tight due to your arousal. You started feeling somewhat and breathing got hot and heavy. Also, your boobs were getting tighter and hard. My hand wasn’t able to slip inside. So I held you left boob in my left hand on your top itself and pushed my right hand inside your bra. Aaaaaah was it so spongy though getting hard. Now I started pressing your boob like an auto horn. Mast feeling tha. You also were enjoying and making low moans like issshhhh…..

She: ohhhh, now I am really feeling somewhat strange baby.

Me: Han then I got hold your nipple and started to pinch. You were slowly making noise and telling, aaaaah…. aaaaaah…. please dhire se karooooo…… zorse mat pinch karo…. Aaahhh.

She: Obviously tum zor se pinch karoge to dard hoga na baby.. hahaha.

Me: What to do, I was in full josh then I unhooked your bra straps within the top. Now it was loose to press your boobs well. Then caught hold of your right boob and pressed hard in one go. You screamed in low voice aaaaaaahhhhhh……. dhireeeeeee……… Now started rolling my finger over your areole and nipple. Aaaaaaah great feeling baby. Tumhare nipples ke sath khelte hue boobs bi press kar raha tha. Now I wanted to see your boobs though it was dark. So just lowered your top little bit to see the huge melons.

Jaise jaise, mein tumhara top niche karta gaya tum apne chehra upar karne lage ankhe band karte hue. Then what a scene it was I was able to see your boobs in the low screen light with the nipples grown to its maximum size baby. Your nipples had become hard like some corn grain (bhutte ka dana) and sharp as well. Due to darkness, the areola and nipple button were looking brown in color and boobs size was like a large orange. Then without much delay, I took your left boob in my mouth. Aaaaaahhh, amazing feeling baby. Had heavenly feeling. Your boob was very soft with the sharp and hard nipple.

I was pressing and sucking very deeply with half of your boob in my mouth like a baby sucking out milk. While I was sucking your left boob nonstop simultaneously your right boob is also pressed with full excitement. You started becoming restless due to the pleasure of sucking the nipple and pressing the whole boob hardly. Then tumhare muh se awaze ane lagi aaaaah aurrr chusooooo….., achse dabaaaa ke chusoooo,; aurr thoda; andarrrrrrrr muhhhh me loooooo. These words from your made me further wild and started sucking your books like a mad dog. If there was any milk then I would have squeezed each and every drop till the last tip of boob. Aaaaaah.

She: Ishhhhh trusts me, dear, I am really feeling erotic now. I am sure even you might have felt the same at that live session. I didn’t know ye sab itnaa maza deta hai may be this is what called as sexual pleasure. Just listening orally itself I got so excited and my pleasure reached at peak, then imagine what would be the real pleasure while doing it live. Superb baby bohot maza aya hoga na! Muje to kuch feel ho raha hai like something wet in my panty. My body has become tight and hot also. Breathing is also a bit fast with sweating in boby.

Me: Ya that happens as your pleasure cells are at peak. You will get normal in some time, don’t worry its natural.

She: Then aur kya kya kiya baby? I am really enjoying your dream baby though it’s not fair.
Me: Unfortunately my morning alarm rang and the dream was lost and broken abruptly.

So guys and girls here end my dream incident. Trust me, I myself didn’t think or believe that this dream would ever turn into reality practically. Is this my fate or my luck?????????????? You decide.

Please drop in your comments and email me at [email protected] to encourage me to write up (second part) how a co-incidental dream could lead to fateful reality. Any females or married woman interested to hook up with me are welcome.



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