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October 17, 2018

The Saga of Uma’s Seduction – I

The Saga of Uma’s Seduction – I

Vinita couldn’t not enjoy with Raj frequently as he would be away during day time. But Uma’s slender legs were opened by both men regularly for the next one week and by the week end, Uma was shamelessly nude with both men fondling her boobs. Raj couldn’t see Vinita and he now thought of Reena’s hot pussy. He just then remembered another one month have elapsed after settling the first instalment money he has to pay the balance and take back Reena. He had already shifted Swetha to the new house and she was also helping Raj by giving feedback in shop construction works. He had to make ready his new residence and shop and canteen. Reena was held back as he had not settled the full money. Meantime, Reena recovered from her mental and physical stress in a week’s time from her escape from her husband’s clutches. Puppy’s oil massage and beauty treatment made her glowing and sexy. Now Puppy decided to claim her reward for her investment. She made few phone calls .Particularly she was telling someone to come by 7pm evening. Then she gave Reena a good herbal oil massage. Then she took a large syringe without needle. Reena smiled as she knew what she will do next. Puppy will keep the syringe at the entrance of her vagina and pump in 100ml of some medicated oil into her pussy for curing internal injury, make her opening tighter and prevent pregnancy. After injecting the oil into her vagina, she sealed the pussy lips with a small plastic clip so as to prevent the oil come out immediately. The clip will apply alight pressure and prevent the oil from flowing out immediately and Reena loved the sensation of the clip. Reena had to lie down nude for next ten minutes. Puppy had strictly instructed Reena not to play with her pussy or clit as it would reduce the effect of the oil and her pussy will not get tight and men will not like loose pussy. Reena strictly didn’t relieve herself for fear of losing her beauty, making her eagerly wait for the day she would get fucked by Raj. Reena enjoyed the sensation of the oil penetrating deep into her pussy and her thoughts wandered over the events of the last few days. Now for almost for fifteen days Reena’s pussy was untouched. She couldn’t recollect the events that happened at her husband’s house. As she was clean and well-dressed when she woke up after her fucking session on camera, she thought it was a dream that was so realistic. That thought also added to her arousal. But Puppy had told her that today is the last day for oil treatment, and she can enjoy form that day night. Reena had to wait for ten minutes after that. Reena enjoyed the sensation of the oil penetrating deep into her and her thought s wandered over the events of the last few days. Reena went for bath as sufficient time elapsed after oil treatment. When Reean was back from bath Puppy wanted to warm her up and told her, Raj had phoned and told that he almost have made ready the money and may come to see her and started arranging the bedroom. Then she made Reena sit on the bed and combed her hairs and while combing told her that after a tough time she will have sweet time and also advised her to apply the creams given by her. Reena went to the bathroom, removed her nighty and applied one cream to her armpits, waist and opening her pussy lips felt the oil still oozing out of the folds and she giggled at the fresh jasmine fragrance of the oil and came out and looked for sari in the shelf. One thing she didn’t know was today’s oil was a mixture of two oils though the fragrance is same. Puppy had added that oil to enhance her sexual desire and it will also delay her orgasm. Though Reena didn’t realize her arousal, Puppy clearly understood from Reena’s desire to get dressed beautifully, restlessness and attempt to contact Raj. Puppy was sure that her glands will be pumping hormones and assets will get excited and be ready for a man to feed upon. When Reena was ready, Puppy took a string of flowers and pinned it to her hairs. As they were having their dinner and chatting a man appeared at the entrance and Reena‘s face became pale on seeing the man and rushed to the kitchen. Puppy observed Reena’s reaction and smiled. It was the man who first tried to fuck her forcibly and Reena escaped from him after losing her dress. Now, for the second time, Puppy had arranged an encounter with Reena for him. Puppy went to the entrance door as if to enquire. She whispered to him, “See I am arranging her for the second time. Her lover has touched her all over and she is eagerly waiting to open her legs for him. I have lied to her that her lover may be coming. I have given the oil treatment and she will have a delayed orgasm. She also has prepared her beautiful body well to seduce her man. Don’t miss this time.” The man gave her one bundle of thousand rupees and Puppy said that except for the hymen she is as good as a virgin. He gave another bundle and Puppy taking the money invited him in and told Reena that he wants to talk to her. Reena stood still as the man came to her. He smiled and said, ““Hi Reena darling, I am seeing you nude daily in video only. today I want to see the real Reena. Do you remember that day? Your pussy was so beautiful with your legs partly open and you staring at the camera. I daily watch the video and shake my penis. I still remember all your identification marks; particularly that mole on your right boob was very sexy. But don’t run today. I will be soft and I need you very much. We shall enjoy together.”Reena, herself standing in front of the mirror had admired that mole on her boob many times. Reena panicked and came near Puppy and held her hand. Puppy also held Reena’s hand tightly. Reena held Puppy’s hand for support as she was shivering at the sight of the man. He had tried to rape her few months before. Puppy also held Reena’s hand tightly so that Reena doesn’t block access to the man’s hands to her oil treated lotus bud. But Reena in a confused tone told Puppy that she doesn’t want to talk to him and in a begging tone asked her to send the man out. Reena was actually very ashamed to see him at the thought he is seeing her nude video daily. She felt defeated when she remembered her pose that day he came with a camera. Meantime the man caught her other hand and asked her whether she is still angry with him. His other hand felt the softness of her fingers and slowly moved upwards relishing the silky soft skin finally resting on her blouse clad boobs.Reena felt his hnd on her boob,but didn’t have the strength to push away as it had already been crushed by his hands and her inner conscience told her, ‘His hand was the first to touch there’. Puppy with her other hand turned Reena’s face to her side and in a very affectionate tone asked her who that man was and what the problem between them was. Reena was in a confused state and couldn’t decide what to say as a sheepish smile escaped her lips. She was thinking about the video he was talking about and that held her undecided. While Puppy was asking this, his hand started mapping her boob and reached the tip of the cone and started playing with her sensitive nipple. Reena physically locked and distracted by Puppy couldn’t act quickly and the time lapse made his work easy. But as his hand played with her nipple, she realized that he had exactly located her nipple and he could easily feel the contour of her hidden mango. The thought that he is seeing her nude video daily also had a great impact on her. Her face turned red and Puppy noticing this asked Reena, why she is getting shy for a simple question. Reena couldn’t say that her nipple is being explored; but she tried to further lean towards Puppy exposing the hand playing with her boob. Puppy laughed and pulling off the sari from her chest asked Reena how she can believe that an unwanted man can play with her boob. Telling this she took her hand to her boob and squeezed and her hand rested there. Reena felt defeated and weak. So his hand easily reached her lower waist and getting between the sari folds got a small feel of her pubis. Reena pressed her thighs together restricting access. At that time the phone rang and Puppy went to attend the call. Reena didn’t expect Puppy’s sudden move and she lost control and slightly moved and the man pulled off her sari making her revolve .when the sari was fully off she crashed over him due to the force. He hugged her and took her lips in his mouth. His one hand moved down to pull her skirt knot. Reena sensing her skirt loosen in her waist tried to move away; she whispered to him,“please stop, Puppy aunty may think wrongly”. But his hand was quick to enter her panty. The hands started squeezing her soft butts. She unable to fight, as her pussy lips were touched from behind rested herself on his chest. She closed her eyes and enjoyed the sensation of his finger softly pulling her clit and didn’t care about her panty going down to her feet. The man felt Reena’s lips mildly sucking his lips and moved his hand up to unhook her blouse. Reena came to senses when her blouse was pulled out of her shoulder, tried to free herself; but a single word, `Please’, escaped from her mouth as her blouse went off her body. There was no resistance when he sucked her lips into his mouth. Then his hand removed her bra hook and pulled it aside making her fully nude. Reena looked around in fear; she was relieved as Puppy was not there. The man lifted her and entered the bedroom as Reena cuddled herself to him still undecided, fully drifted into his control. The man highly confident she will not run away laid her on the bed and came over her. As his hands caught and played with her boobs, she whispered to him to close the door. He closed her mouth with his lips and squeezing her boobs with his hands, moved her legs apart with his legs. Reena pressed by his weight let her beauty at his disposal. He didn’t like her lying inactive.


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