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October 20, 2018

The Reader With Desires

The Reader With Desires

Then, again in the evening, I got another email from her, and we started talking casually. I gave her my WhatsApp number and then she pinged me on WhatsApp. The intensity of our conversation was increasing day by day. Soon, we became very friendly and started opening up.

Hey, Fellas, Hope all are well, and enjoying the world of sex n relationships. So, today again I am here to share one of my experience which happened in Pune in this sex story. I’ll wait for your valuable feedbacks. Please take out a minute from your precious time to write me on [email protected]

So, here we go: This happened in January 2017, one fine morning, I woke up and saw my mobile screen which displayed a notification [email protected] sent you an email. I opened the email and it says “Hi Vicky, I like your sex story on Indian Sex Stories” I replied her with thanks.

Then, again in the evening, I got another email from her, and we started talking casually. I gave her my WhatsApp number and then she pinged me on WhatsApp. The intensity of our conversation was increasing day by day. Soon, we became very friendly and started opening up.

She asked about my girlfriend and relationships. She said she liked my stories on Indian Sex Stories and masturbated too, imagining herself with those situations. I was not in any hurry, so I didn’t react immediately. But I wanted her to take initiative in initial chats, and by her normal talks only I can make out she is very bold and romantic.

I told her don’t worry you’ll soon get a partner who’ll fulfill all the desires and dreams. She said how do you know? I didn’t reply anything. This SILENCE made both of us understand everything. She started sending smiles and I was also replying with blushing, kissing, heart emotions.

She said you are very interesting, I think we should meet 😉 I replied only meet?? Hehe, she sends lol smilies. We met in Mcdonalds at Amanora Mall, Pune. She was waiting for me as I got slightly late to reach. We had meals and ice cream together and enjoyed our togetherness. She was looking very beautiful and sensible in talking.

Then, after going back, I messaged her “nice meeting you, you are very cute” and she replied, “you are handsome and you have a good sense of humor”. At night, I was waiting for her messages but I didn’t message her, and as expected she could not hold her feelings and text me that I’m missing you.

I replied, “I am missing you too”. She said I want to tell you something. I asked what?? She said I like you, I asked only like? She replied yes, I haven’t experienced anything else. I said okay, so you wanna experience something. She said yes, I want wild sex wherein I want to lead and do some role play. I said okay, let’s plan and meet up for that.

She said we can plan on Saturday night, as she’ll be free on Sunday. That night, she also shared all her desires and we did phone sex and masturbated multiple times. I was eagerly waiting for the next Saturday. Then, I booked a room in Hotel Ibis at Viman Nagar.

I had some work, so I got late in the evening, whereas she checked in the hotel. But I reached around 8 PM. I gave her a call and she told me the room no. and said I’m waiting. I reached and rang the bell. She opened the door, I was amazed to see her. She was in shorts and a loose pink top with no bra.

I entered the room and locked the door. She had lit up many candles and bought a bouquet of roses for me. I went close to her, looking into her eyes. I held her from her waist and pulled her towards me. This moment was so romantic. She was behaving as she was supposed to, it was actually very romantic.

I hugged her and started feeling her closeness, the warmth of her body, the odor of her body deodorant. I could feel her breaths too. She was breathing heavily. I was holding her from the waist and she kept her both hands on my shoulder. I was pulling her towards me slowly and slowly. Feeling her every single touch to my body.

The current was flowing in my body and my dick started saluting her. I moved my right hand from her waist and held her hair and pulled them, she lifted her head and I planted a kiss on her forehead, then on the cheek and finally, we lip-locked.

Our smooch continued for long, she was exploring all pleasure of this smooch by rolling her tongue inside. We were kissing each other passionately. I hugged her tightly and was getting horny. Then, I started kissing on her neck, then shoulders and reached to her boobs.


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I started sucking her boobs over her top and she was enjoying this. Then, I started pressing her boobs softly and inserted my hand inside the top. I was touching her bare boobs and pinching her nipples. Her nipples got erected due to the excitement.

She started moaning heavily and whispered in my ear, “I love you jane man”. I was waiting for this moment, thanks for coming. I love you so much, all her wordings made me more excited and I removed her top. She helped me in removing my t-shirt.

We were hugging each other, her bare boobs were touching my chest. She started moaning loud, I started sucking her boobs and were biting on her nipples. She was going mad and driving me crazy with her moans like ahh, ufffff, Yeahhhhh, slow, yaaaahhhhh, please do it, ummmmmmm. very nice, I like it. I love you, baby!

I started fingering her, and increased the speed, she got an orgasm and then we again started kissing each other. Now, it was her turn, I laid down on the bed and she removed my underwear and started kissing on my dick, she started licking it and finally took the entire monster inside her mouth.

She was giving me an amazing blowjob. I was at my peak and told her, “let’s have a session”. She smiled at me and came over me and took my dick inside her love hole. Wowww, what a great feeling it was when I entered for the first time. She started riding slowly and was increasing her speed by every few seconds.

As the excitement level was going up, her moans and breathings were also increasing and getting loud. I was pressing her both boobs and pinching her nipples. She started riding very fast now and I was aware that she is about to come.

After this fast action, suddenly she laid down on me and smooched. I understood that she has come, but my part was still remaining. So, I told her to give me a handjob and help me to explode my cum on her. She held my dick and started to stroke it fast. She was shaking it well and in few minutes, I ejaculated my cum on her boobs.

And she was smiling and blushing so much. Thereafter, we went into the bathroom and took a hot shower together where we again did a session, and later two more intercourse sessions we had. It was a moment of great pleasure and satisfaction which was fulfilled by our passionate love.

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