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October 17, 2018

The Lesbian Nun’s – Part II

The Lesbian Nun’s – Part II

The convent was like a country having different rules and regulations. The convent wall always restricted our life. We are bored after 2 year. But my devotion to the god remained same. Sister Merry Joseph is my best companion women same age and she was beautiful having normal breasts and white skin with rose lips. I wasn’t noticed that first, but she described my features with a little smile many times. I can’t understand it in first times.

True love between two Nun’s (Christian praised sisters’ in the convent) Pls read story fully from first. Then only u knows me, I’m not a sinner. My name is Maria. I am a married women aged 29, working as a web designer in Bangalore. This is my Experience happened in my life when I was 19 yr old. I’m a new reader of ISS.

Accidentally I saw 2 stories about lesbian. I can’t suppress my experience no more times. So I’m telling my story that I told only to my friend Smitha, web designer. I liked to give my glorious life fully for ‘god Jesus’ as a Nun, and I joined in a convent. It was an orphanage school. There were strict rules and regulations. But I forgot all because my devotion to the god. Years passed. I completed my study and joined as a teacher in the same orphanage and I’m also a Nun. People called us” Sister’s”.

The convent was like a country having different rules and regulations. The convent wall always restricted our life. We are bored after 2 year. But my devotion to the god remained same. Sister Merry Joseph is my best companion women same age and she was beautiful having normal breasts and white skin with rose lips. I wasn’t noticed that first, but she described my features with a little smile many times. I can’t understand it in first times.

We bored in the inside of the wall. One day we went for a film without any permission. We changed our uniforms and wore sarees. But the Mother (warden) Susan noted that and gave punishment to us. But we weren’t stopped. We read many film magazine and weekly novels secretly. And arranged a walk man and played many songs and danced. Nuns are women like others, having the same features and mind. We also like sex. The film and magazine penetrated us to do sex.

But me, my friend not discussed anything about sex yet. But we know each other that we have sex interest. We understood the costume worn by us was a mistake and the devotion to God can be done without it. That was enough to me, my friend Sister Marry. We turned our magazine & weekly reading to sex stories magazine slowly. And read lesbian stories also. One night I masturbated spontaneously. I don’t know what I was done. Spontaneous movement of my finger into the vagina. After sometimes I got orgasm. Oh… What a feel. May be Sister.

Marry also a Self addict. We got out for purchase, bought some stationary materials. And bought one packet napkins and understood that changes in my menses date. Sister merry also bought one. After someday…, when we reading a erotic story, we played our thighs & legs over each other. Then after reading I put my hand on my breast over dress and pushed and pulled. Then go the vagina over my uniform and vibrated. I changed my gown like uniform to nighty. Mary also changed. I wore a panty inside always in night. We never wore any bra.

But I kept myself secretly safe a beautiful nighty. After my clothed unhooked. Sis Marry looked me and said “your very pretty women” she also pretty but small breast (May normal) my breast some big than she. But she is prettier than me with rose lips look like a rose flower and fair slim with fleshy face cheeks. She come near to me and touched her finger to my breast. She smooched me. And gave a kiss. I was very hot in that time an surprised. I cooperated with her. We kissed deeply each other. Her one hand in my back neck then touched my breast and squeezed.

Pressed finger in my nipples. She twisted that again. Her hand going back of me. pressed my ass cheeks over my white panty. i was in the heaven. She stopped kiss then going her head down smelled my breast and slowly opened her mouth and sucked that with “mnchh..cch..nnch” sound. i lost my control. After her suck i sucked her boobs, it’s very tasty. i sucked one boob with another played with right hand. She moaned like aahh..aa..hhav..ssh..Maria..

Suck it.., then i gone down a licks her small stomach. toughed into her belly button deeply. After she turned me. Gave a smile and kissed my face cheeks and lips. She said what is your opinion about sex.. And role of pussy in sex?”. I said “I don’t know “. She asked “what about fucking?. Can we play with our pussies…“. I said… “Fucking, How? She showed two ‘bringer’ she stolen from the mess. i said OK.” She using that daily for masturbation she pulled down my panty…. I was like butterfly, moved and shivered.

And she smelled panty and said “it is wet, Maria…“. She take the bringer and turned to me and waited a moment, she said “we can play a different game, I will lick Ur pussy and u must lick my pussy after”. I not agreed to lick because that was bad. She insisted me to do. But I said “u do it to me, but I can’t to u”, She said OK. She moved down of me and asked to spread my leg wide open. My vagina opened in wide. A juice came from it and spread to my thighs. She moved her face with watering her lips with tongue…she kissed first to the thighs and vagina’s face.

Her lip touched my vagina’s entrance. Then feel her tongue swallowed and I feel wet and hot from her mouth and hard lick on my vagina. I felt a feather touch on my pussy I was in the heaven. She inserts tongue to the deep cunt. I pulled up my stomach with making sounds. Hhaa…aaahhh…mmmh…shhhhee.. Marry lick it. I enjoyed that licking. She spit on my vagina… And lick the spit drops. She drinks my vaginal fluid. The she turned back. She said to me for lick her vagina. I said no… its horrible..But teach me that don’t worry, everybody do this. Lastly I obeyed with half mind.

Moved my face on her. She opened her entrance by wide her legs. Rose colored vaginal lips having some brown hair with slight mixed smell of fishy and urine. When she opens her legs the bad faulty smell came again more from her vagina different from my vagina. Its mixture of urine and fishy smell. I said to her I can’t, but she insisted me (persuade strongly). I obeyed… And move face down slowly. Smelled the vagina. Smelled hardly to nose. I landed my lips over her entrance. She forced “lick it Maria, lick it.. “ I slowly opened mouth, I felt I m going to omit.

She again forced “Maria… licks me” I put tongue out and placed over her pussy entrance. Then inserted into urine pass area. Some salty taste… With smell. Licked slowly. Then her cunt. Sucked the flesh. Drink her pussy liquid. Feel different taste. My saliva from mouth spread over all area of her pussy. She moaned like ahhhaa…shhhh.howwww..Mariaaaaa……..suck…….. Then she asked to lick her ass hole.. I’m not refused. I licked her smelly ass. Sucked her vagina again.

Then she turned to me and licked my ass in a doggies style. And licked my pussy again. And insert finger to pussy and ass. I moaned big sounds….AAhaaaaa. She put the finger into her mouth. Then again fingered and inserted to my mouth. I sucked her finger. She take bringer and inserted to my Pussy.. Oh …. What a joy with little pain. I made sounds….suddenly a pain came inside my vagina. There was some blood oozing from vaginal hole.

I was frightened but Merry said don’t worry. That was my vagina gate collapse. My dirty friend licked that blood drops from my vagina. I washed that in bathroom. I was very frightened that time, so more interest to do again. But she insisted me. I refused. She raped me and put bringer against to pussy hole. But after sometimes I interested and got some feel. She put that up and down and licked vagina at the same time. “Ahsshheeeee…..owehhhh….shhhhh….aah. su”. We forgot that we are Christian nuns (sisters in church). We played dirty games…

Then I spread my juices she drank all. I turned her and fingered then she licked my finger without ask. I insert the bringer. She put it inside and moved up and down. Ohhhhuuuoo hm ammmm….. What aa feel, that I didn’t get from masturbation. She continued, after sometime felt a big thing came out my vagina. That was the final stage, I got Orgasm. I return back from her. And kissed to her face for getting such a beautiful time. I was relaxed sometimes. And she motivated me to do the same to her. I agreed. Before fisting I kissed her mouth, a wonderful French kiss.

And put the bringer, the same bringer used to me. My pussy juices rounded its surface. I sucked and tasted my own juices. It was little sour. I fingered two fingers first then three, the maximum limit we had. Because we are at initial stages. I inserted that to her. She hadn’t any seal. That may be already Broken when she used it before. She made orgasm after sometimes. How loud she… made loud sounds.. ahhaahhh… fuck ,, fuckkkk mariaaaa….ahaaa. I said to her to down her voice. Any staff (other Nuns in next rooms) or warden will hear her sounds.

But she never stopped. She kissed me.. and we turned off the dim light and slept. We were continued that at last we escaped from the convent. Escape means mother warden dismissed us for breaking the rule. She found we wore churidars and gone for films. We had already a warning previously that I said. In raid in our room for unveiling dresses, they found sex books and magazines photo’s… we were dismissed – Now I am free bird. Husband in UK. I doing web designing in a leading org. & I continuing my lesbian sex with my hostel friends. My old friend merry in Chennai with her husband and children..



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