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October 18, 2018


Mother ,Son

My mother name is Shylaja, 42years old she is a typical south Indian woman with glorious beauty & she looks like 30 years ,she has a sexy figure with 36 30 38 she has round boobs ,ass & sight tummy. She always wears sarrie in house & she looks like a goddess in the sarrie she always bra & never uses a panty. My mother is like a friend for me we discuss all the matters & we both were very transparent to each other we were discuss about what kind of girl I am looking for etc..

Innocent Mom, Son, And Daughter Romance Part – 2

Then I replied, “don’t get angry, mom. Orgasm is the ultimate satisfaction of women. It’s so pleasure to feel that. I think that you don’t know about masturbation also. Since dad left us, you would not have masturbated. As I already told that I’m a boy and you are such a beautiful lady and we can satisfy ourselves. Then she replied “no son, I can’t accept what you are saying”. And I said “mom, ask Priya about that. she very much enjoyed that. Please, mom, let me explain.” Saying that I went near her and touched her hand gently. Suddenly​ she took off my hand and said: “son, just explain without​ touching me.” And I said “mom, it won’t be explained without touching.

Innocent Mom, Son, And Daughter Romance Part – 3

We get into my mom’s bedroom and I went near to my mom said, “Mom, you are the first beautiful woman to whom I lost my virginity, thank you so much, mom. I love you, mom.” Mom said, “love you too my son” and she started kissing me and we kissed for five minutes and now, she kissed my sister. My sister kissing a woman and that too her mom, for the first time. She loves it and they both kissed for ten minutes.