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December 15, 2018



Phir usne apni bra kholi aur mai uske bablo(Boobs) ko chusne laga ahista ahista uske bablo ko chossne ka mujhe aur usse maza aane laga wo aaaaaahhhhh uuhhhh iiihhh ki awaz nikal rahi thi phir maine uski panty ke uper se uski bur (Chut) ko chatne laga aur bad me uske thighs ko bhi chatne laga ahista ahishta maine uski panty bhi utar di. Wo mera underwear uttar rahi thi us ne mujhe zor se pakkad rakha tha wo keh rahi thi ke aaj meri sari payas bhuja do mujhe aur bhi bahut se ladkon ne fasana chaha lekin mai start se hi tumhe chaha aur tumhi ko hi sex karne doongi yesa mann me than liya tha aaj wo sab kuch pura ho raha hai.

Sister In Law

Terri is about 5’ 6” tall and probably 170 lbs. So she’s a big girl but her curves are fun to watch. She had gotten naked and then she proceeded to brush her teeth. With the camera set up so it could see the mirror as well as her standing in front of it I was granted a view of her front above the waste and all of her glorious backside. When she bent over to spit in the sink I thought my cock would burst out of my pants by itself so I released it through my zipper and slowly started to rub it up and down while enjoying the events taking place not twenty feet away in the room next to my camper. It was like being able to look through the window and see inside. She then got the water running and stepped inside and closed the sliding doors. The shower was able to be seen in the reflection in the mirror but the doors are not completely see through so all I could see was her shape doing the things a woman does in the shower. My cock wilted somewhat then as all I could do was wait until she exited the shower for the show to continue. She emerged again in about ten minutes wet and clean. She started to dry herself off and had her back to the camera. When she bent over to dry her feet her secret was opened for me to see. My cock was already at full erection then but at this point I started to leak and I knew that I would have to finish it off before it would ever fit comfortably in my shorts again. I stroked it up and down while watching my Sister in Law dry off.

Sister-in-law, Showed Heaven And Felt Guilty – Part 1

This is a true life event, which occurred in my life from my teenage and ended up in 2013, please forgive me if there are any mistake and if it is lengthy as it is my first time. The story revolves around my sister-in-law and me. Let her name be Pooja (privacy purpose). Pooja is married and settled with her husband now and doesn’t want me to disturb her anymore and I respect her feelings.