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December 15, 2018


A Saga Of Two Friends, Love, Sex, Dhokha, Passion, Emotions And Desires

In this 4 years I had gone through every possible hell, never in my wildest dream I thought that some one specially my wife would abuse me in all possible ways be it hitting, bad words etc. It was only during the first 1 month of marriage we had sex may be 3-4 times only, from last 3.5+yrs she doesn’t even allow mi to come near her. I am totally frustrated now.. Sometimes used to think of an short term affair may b with a woman who has been deprived of these feeling just like me. I really don’t know whats is right or wrong…


Usualyy bhaiya ghar se dur rehte the business related karan.as time passed away me n her used to talk a lot about differnt things.bohot assa friend baan suke the humlog.wo muje ek din pusa kya meri girl friend he,me vi pusa usko kya sadi se pehle uski koi tha…she said yes.so like this we become more close.she told me everything about her past life,why she leave her bf and all.

Sex, Sex & Sex

My plan worked the first and the second nights, but I did not the have the will power to hold on to my evil game for the third night. I went so nuts with her cries for my cock and her body vibrating with ecstatic pleasure that I penetrated her pussy (much to her relief) and fucked her all night. I came after 4 hours of fucking her in every possible way and decided to shoot my cream deep in her mouth. The ejaculation was so powerful that it nearly gagged her. My sperm count is one of the highest in the world and it results in pure white milky cream, and a lot of it. After that we followed this routine for another one year until I had the opportunity of trying my original evil plan on two very beautiful girls.

Rabia had two sisters. Both were gorgeous young ladies. Tall, very fair, slim, hazel eyes, sharp features, with round tits and a body to die for. One year after my marriage my father-in-law had a heart stroke in karachi , and passed way. Rabia decided to bring over both her sisters to live with us.


The lady is a sex desparate and a sex bomb.she need sex as her hubby was always out of home as he is working out side.but the lady need sex frequently.but due to the social status she can’t talk abt that .so one evening i send one formal sms wishing good evening .i got response.then me send a friends request and she accepted it gladly.

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