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The lady is a sex desparate and a sex bomb.she need sex as her hubby was always out of home as he is working out side.but the lady need sex frequently.but due to the social status she can’t talk abt that .so one evening i send one formal sms wishing good evening .i got response.then me send a friends request and she accepted it gladly.

Sex, Lies And Consequences Part 5

Sex, Lies And Consequences Part 5 Sonali made attempts to speak with me about my divorce. She had remained close to Menka and was giving her whatever support she could. I quite calmly but emphatically told her that it was a topic that I didn’t want to talk about. She got the message and dropped […]

Sex, Lies And Consequences Part 4

Sex, Lies And Consequences Part 4 I slipped behind the wheel of my car and headed out to the highways. I had timed the drive so that I would arrive at the Guest House about 4:30 p.m. I parked my car near the guest house and I looked around as I entered the lobby. The […]

Sex, Lies And Consequences Part 3

Sex, Lies And Consequences Part 3 I left the house early on Monday; I was gone before Menka was out of bed. I just couldn’t bring myself to face her again. I got to the office early, make myself some coffee and sat at my desk and waited. People began to drift in, but since […]

Sex, Lies And Consequences Part 2

Sex, Lies And Consequences Part 2 It was with a sense of relief that I went into the office on Monday morning. I was sitting at my desk, just staring out of the window, when Sonali walked in. “Okay, Sunil. What’s the problem? I know you well enough to know when’s something’s gnawing at you. […]

Sex, Lies And Consequences Part 1

Sex, Lies And Consequences Part 1 “Mr. and Mrs. Choudhury” the nurse called. “The doctor will see you now. This way, please.” We followed her into Prakash’s office, me admiring the sway of her trim hips, Menka poking me in the ribs as she saw my gaze. “Sunil, Menka, please, have a seat,” said Dr. […]

Bhabhi ki virgin gaand Part 2

Oh! She was so tight that my lund felt slight pain due to tightness of her gand. She screamed and cry in a loud voice “ooooeeeeeeeee oooeeeeee oh oh oee maa hi main mer gayee. ooeeee meri bund (gand) phat gayee oo oo hi maa oee meri bund (gand) phat gayee.” Her voice was so high that I afraid her neighbours may not heard. I tried to place my hand on her mouth but she buried her face deep in cushions and kept crying and saying “meri bund pharr dee, ooeeee meri bund phat gayee, bahar nikalo nahin to main merr jaoon gee” I slowly squeezed her huge boobs with both hands they were very hard and her nipples were erected. Then I bowed down and kissed on her neck. My lund was feeling her hard shit inside her gand. She again requested “please bahar nikalo warna main merr jaoon gee” I pressed her boobs a little hard and while licking on her ears said “main tumhay mernay nahin doongha, bus thorri derr may theek ho jayaega”
She brought her left hand towards her gand and touched my lund and said “uff yeh bohat motta hay, iss nay meri bund phar dee hay” I squeezed her boobs more tightly and licked on her ears and said “kiya bohat motta hay?” She said “yeh jo appnae un der daal diya hay” I said “yeh kiya hay, iss ko kiya kehtay hain” She said while touching my balls with her hand “mujay nahin patta, app ko patta ho gaa” I moved my lund slighty in her gand and said “mujay too patta hay lakin main tumharay muun se sunana chahta hun” “oh no please hiloo nahin mujay dard ho raha hay, bus aram se un der dall ker rakhain” I said “ok, pahlay yehhbatao kay iss ko kiya kahtay hain” she squeezed my balls and said “app bohat baysharram hain, meray say gandi baatain kurna chahtay hain” I said “haan main tumharay say gandi baatain kerna chahta hun, tum bhi baysharam ho jaoo”