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December 15, 2018



Sister surprised at how fast she had cum resorted that she must have been close after an hour of trying gently smiled to herself sucking her fingers. Sonal opened her eyes and looked deep into her sisters eyes muttering “if this is wrong I don’t give a…” and pulled her sister to her and passionately kissed her.Their tongues met and Sonal striped the cloths from her sister’s body and pulled her naked body onto hers whispering in her ear. “I love you,” Kiran pressed her wet pussy against her sisters hearing her beautiful moans and whispers of encouragement she rolled onto her back letting her sister take control. Sonal kissed down her neck and gently nibbled her earlobes sliding her tongue out and running it all the way down her neck to her breasts. Taking a nipple into her mouth nibbling and flicking it with her tongue hearing her sister moan she was in heaven. Sonal could smell her sister, as she got closer, the scent drove her wild as she moved down kissing down her sister’s inner thighs mimicking the dreams and thoughts she desired a woman to do to her for so long. Finally she found her sisters pussy, she slid the tip of her tongue inside and slid it up and down. Moving then to her clitoris she sucked it into her mouth and flicked it with her tongue. Hearing her sister almost scream as she put a pillow over her face Sonal pushed her tongue deep inside her sister and Kiran really did scream as she dropped the pillow. Sonal stopped licking sat up lying down beside her sister sliding a finger inside her sister’s sweet wet pussy.Again the sister’s intimately pashed each other as Sonal slid her finger in and out, Kiarn moved onto her side and also put her finger deep inside Sonal. The two sisters gently fingered each other for what seemed like hours until Kiran whispered to Sonal “push your fingers up against the roof of my pussy and push that skin up… Like this” Kiran probed the top of Sonal’s pussy making let out a huge moan, Sonal mimicked and as the two began to finger each other faster and faster they kissed the second their lips touching they came so hard both screamed. As the two came down neither removed their fingers, gently closing their eyes Sonal whispered to her sister “Thank you,” Kiran smiled as Sonal thought to herself we will worry about tomorrow when tomorrow comes. Mail me at [email protected]

Honeymoon sex with Aunt

Hello every one who reads this story. I am suraj(name changed) and this is my real experiance with my aunt (deepa). i live in mumbai and am doing final year in engineering field.enough about me lets start…my aunt was a widow as my uncle died 5 years back in accident. to describe my aunt she was a bit short and had a great pair of boobs.