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October 20, 2018

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Making My Ex Wife My Sex Slave

Madhuri and I had a divorce last summer, ending a romance that began in college and a fabulous twenty-five-year marriage that produced two wonderful children. At the end, something happened and I didn’t know what. All I knew was she insisted we divorce and I had no choice except to agree.


Dear friends I’m swan morgan from karnataka . I have been reading
stories here for years but this is my first attempt to write one of my
experience out of many . I would continue writing if I get good
response . Firstly something about myself currently I’m pursuing BSc
from a reputed college in karnataka .I have a nice thick dick of an
average lenght to fullfill all desires of women and .I’m a Independent
male escort ( gigolo) from karnataka and I’m ready to travel anywhere
for giving service .( fullfill yours all desires ) making you full
satisafied :(My email id is swanmorganindependentgigolo@gmail.com and
swanmorganpersonal@gmail.com )And I’m waiting for your comments and
reply to my email id .k Now coming to the story I would like to
narrate one on sex with my client.I would already did sex with her so
she loves me very much and she is so close to me and we did sex chat
everyday till late night.So one day she called me to come to her home
and said that she wants me very badly . So I”ll go to her house one
nice lovely morning , she already waiting for me in her house door and
she feels so happy to see me and she give s a tight hug to me . She
wears black top and blue jeans and she looks very hot and sexy in
black top and blue jeans we enter her house in the condition of hug
only and we enter her house and she asked if I want some juice .I said
yes and she started preparing mixed fruit juice . She asked me to get
ice cubes if I want some. I brought the tray and put an ice cube
inside her black top . She struggled to take it out . Then finally I
myself helped her to take it out .Then she put an ice cube in my T-
shirt .It fell down as I was not tucking mt shirt in . I picked that
ice cube and I was threatening to put it inside her again . This play
led me to corner her at one side of the kitchen and I closed in on her
. I hugged her and kept looking at her cute face . Suddenly her hand
was on my dick. But my dick was still not erect . I pulled her jeans
and put the ice cube near her pussy and pressed the ice cube over her
jeans onto her pussy . That aroused her very much . She started to
kiss me passionately . I started to kiss me passionately.I started to
squeeze her tits with my left hand . While my right hand was still
pressing the ice cube on her pussy . She was smooching me feroclously.
We were tongue kissing for a while . She kissed my upper and lower
lips and I did the same to her . Our mouths exchanged each others’s
saliva . She stopped when the ice got melted . Half of our faces were
covered by each other’s saliva. We laughed looking at that . Then she
was totally wet down . She removed her jeans . Her black underwear was
wet with water . I touched it and it was quite slippery . which means
it was wet with her juices too. I took off her sexy black top. Her
white bra was not in proper position . Since I had squeezed her so
much. I took it off and she removed her underwear too . Now she was
totally nude . She went to continue her juice making . I was staring
at her private parts as she was pressing juice . I stopped her and
took a half – cut orange in my hand I squeezed the orange on her boobs
and said ”I want this kind of juice .” . She happily pulled my face
on her tits and made me lick it . Then she took a banana and she
pulled my dick out of my jeans . She held both in either hands and
smiled at me . She ate the banana once and bit my dick once. It was
time for me to take off my clothes . She took another banana and tried
putting in my ass hole . My sweet aunt ate them on my ass .Then she
sqeezed melon on my chext and licked my chest and abs . I made her lie
on the dining table and grabbed some already cut pieces of apple . My
sweet aunt held her legs straight to the apple pieces contained amidst
her legs near her pussy . I ate the apple pieces touching her pussy
with my tounge each time I went for a bite . The same thing was done
on her ass with melon pieces . She lied on her back and put a grape on
her belly button. I licked her belly area and then bit her belly to
take the grape in my mouth. She placed one more grape with my teeth
and the grape juices accross her belly area . I savored it . Then I
held a grape between my teeth and asked her to have a bite . She ate
the grape and as you might have expected . We started kissing . She
pulled me onto her over the dining table Again a long sexy wild
passionate kissing session was steaming up. Our hands ran all over our
frity bodies. The kiss was much tastier this time with lot of fruits.
By this time . We had licked each and every corner of each other’s
body. She suddenly got up from the table table and went near the
fridge. She opened the freezer and grabbed a strawberry family pack
ice cream. She came near me and poured all of it on my body . I’ll
continue my next part if I got good response. Contact me widowes,
unsatisfied aunties of all over india for My service , Age doesn’t
matter for me so any ages womens can contact me for your sexual
satisfaction my mail id is – swanmorganindependentgigolo@gmail.com and
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service to all my clients . Your secrets is safe with me always ladies
so don’t feel shy to contact me so feel free with me . I’m expert in
Roleplay , Squiet expert . and pussy licking .I can make you fully
satisfied and show heaven to you

Hot steamy rainy day

This happened on a rainy day in mumbai when the rain gods were on full song and I was at work. All the offices were asked to close and while returning my mother asked me to pay a visit to my aunt’s place since she was alone at home and uncle was on his business trip.

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