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December 14, 2018

My Wife

My Wife

Bijal ka ek college friend tha, Jigar patel. Jo kaafi samay se London tha aur wo India aaya hua tha. Bijal ki aur meri shadi ho gai thi to wo humey milke wish karna chahta tha. Maine Bijal ko kaha ki thhik hai Jigar ko ghar par hi bula lo.

Seema, My Wife!

Her name is Seema. 19 years old. Well i’m not going to give her stupid descriptions here. I can say she have a body to die for! Totally addictive! Cute face, beautiful eyes, shoulder length hair with curls, sexy lips, good amount of fat on her breast, flat belly, shapely buttocks, fine legs and lot more! In short she is a package of RDX & TNT combined.

My Aunty, My Wife

Uncle was always touring as his job demanded to tour all over India and some times he had to go abroad for seminars. Since Aunty used to be alone with her 2 year old kid, many times I was asked to give her a company during my uncle’s absence.

My Wife, Her Brother And Myself

We usually sleep down, since there is not enough space on the bed to sleep altogether. One day, I told my wife that I will be coming late due to month end work in the office but could not finish my work until late night, my wife called me around 11 pm. I told her that I might come only tomorrow morning since I will take at least 2 hours to complete the work and transport will not be available after the late night.

My Wife, Her Brother And Myself – Part 2

We used to have general chat, once we were about to have sex, she had mentioned since her brother is newly married her parents coming to the city, I just said in joking why can’t you ask your father to join us? For which she laughed and said her parents are not so open-minded as we are, I asked what about your mother? She replied, my mother, still ok, not like father, then she asked why? Do you want to try on her? I responded she is very old and she will not be good to enjoy, my wife responded she is fair inside and still good without any wrinkles on the skin but she is out of shape because of age.