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October 20, 2018

My Sister

Kreethika, My Sister

I and my sister are like friends, we share everything, we share our room, bed, she used to wear my clothes sometime also I wear her t-shirt and shorts. We do not have any secret. She used to tell me about her proposals, friends etc. She doesn’t love anyone and I myself too do not have any love. We know each other’s, friends. She loves to bike ride, so I used to take her for late night rides and also for long road trips with our common friends.

Nandhini, My Sister

She normally used to wear sarees during the morning and uniform chudidhar while going for the Job, at night she will be in a nighty. I don’t have any bad feelings towards her and love her as my Akka. But the fate resulted in making love with her. I haven’t seen her nude or masturbated thinking her.

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