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December 15, 2018

My Sister

Getting Intimate With Dish, My Sister

Okay. Jab se mujhe sex ki smjh ayi tab se hee mujhe Disha ke sath sex karne ka shauq hogaya tha. Disha mujh se 2 years choti he. Oska figure itna khaas shaid nahi hai. Body petite hai oski but wo buhat gori hai. Aik din mein apne shirt ki jaib se pese nikalna bhul gaya tha to jab laundry main pese lene gaya meri nazar Disha ki used panty pr pari aur mein osko sunghne laga. Aur os din ke baad se aur zyada Disha ki muth maarne laga. Ham close thay to bahane se har baar osko touch karta specially oski legs ko. Mujhe oski legs ka buhat shauq tha. Hamare mom dad kbhi hamein akela chor ke jatay hain ghar pe. Aik din aisa hee hua.

My Reward, My Bride, My Sister!

I kissed her and whispered in front of her lips “Happy Mother’s day maa!” and with this statement, I started fucking her. Mom started moaning ‘Oh god! Jaanu fuck me on Mother’s day morning! Be the good son you are uuuuuuummm ummmmm!” I kept on pounding her for the next 15 minutes. When about to climax she moaned “Baby lets cum together alright! Cum deep inside, I want as much baby batter as you can give!” With a sex filled scream, we both climaxed together and this time I shot my load way deeper than I had shot in the night.

My Sister, My Sex Guru

One day we had to go to Gokarna to attend her friend’s marriage so we booked 2 tickets in a sleeper bus. While traveling I observed that she was looking at her phone more than usual and was looking sad. I enquired her about the issue and without hesitation she started telling me everything. I was surprised because she was never so open to anyone in our family.

My Sister, My Sex Guru Part – 2

Also to a nearby place called Apsarakonda which is a small waterfall. I told this to my sister for which she agreed instantly. We hired a cab and went to om beach first. As it was still morning there were fewer people on the beach and also it was very hot summer. We decided to spend some time near Apsarakonda waterfall.

My Sister

He had his eyes shut and was waking himself off. Mesmerized I stood watching for a while. As his tugging got faster he started to call my name. I thought he had seen me and was angry, until it became obvious that from the angle he was stood at he couldn’t see me.”Oh, Aruna. Yes, yes, suck my cock you little slut. You prick teasing whore, take my spunk in your mouth you hot bitch.”

My Sister, My Life, My Love, My Ass – Pearl

Well the story took place on 30th December, it was a very cold day, and as it was near to New Year, so there was a kind of celebration atmosphere in the house. We all members of family i.e. me, my sister, father and mother went for a dinner and come back home at around 9:30 PM. Since mummy and papa were tired, so they went to their room for sleep. I also went to my room and my sister went to her. At around 10 PM, my sister knocked the door, and after coming in says that she is feeling bored. Even I was feeling bored and was not feeling sleepy, so I asked her what to do and how to pass the time. So she came up with an idea of watching a movie together. I immediately accepted it and asked which movie? After thinking for a minute, she says that common let’s watch Titanic together, I immediately agreed, switch off the lights of my room, and went to my sister room with her.

My Sister, My Own

I use to watch sex movies from younger age onwards and i use to jerk off almost daily a tleast once and i dint have any intention on my sister till a day, and first i will tel you about my sister , she is fair and busty and i dono how to measure sizes and all , she has good amount of flesh at right places , huge and tender boobs and anyone would die for her structure, usually i go to college by bike and all in my house except my sis will be leaving the house by 8am in the morning and i ll be back by 3.30 pm itself that time due to some traffic issue in omr and our coll get over by 3pm and mom will come by 6and dad by 8pm. One day i cut my classes and went for a friday new release film and came back home at 1pm itself and i entered the flat with the key i have and i found a urgency in my sister face to stop tv or the player but it was not her day and the remote was not working properly and i reached near her hall and it was a xxx movie going on and i was shocked to see my sister watching a blue film and she switched off it lastly , i was stunned and i dint speak a single word and i moved to my room straight and rested my things there , and when i came out again my sister was standing at my gate with tears in eyes, i asked her to stop crying and she asked me not to tell anyone about what i have seen.

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