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December 15, 2018

My Love

Namita, my love

Now the two of us were playing with each other’s bodies, hugging and embracing each other, rolling our hands on each other’s back, as we kissed long and hard, sucking each other’s lips, and pushing our tongues into each other’s mouths. She was breathing heavily as I still kept finger fucking her. She was moving her hips in rhythm with the finger fucking as her juices kept flowing. I laid her down and came on top of her with my dick rubbing hard against her cunt. But I was not in any mood to enter right now. I was in no hurry and I always prefer indulging in hot foreplay before the real fuck. I gradually moved on to her breasts and started squeezing them, pumping them both with my two hands. I kept pressing on them as I sucked on her nipples, first the one and then the other. I rolled and flicked my tongue on the nipples and this made her feel all the more sexy as she started shivering in sheer delight. She was rolling her fingers through my hairs, scratching at them, closing her eyes and enjoying every bit of it. I kept squeezing and feeding on her breasts for a long time, sucking and biting the nipples, pinching them, teasing her to her full flow of sensuality so that she is totally aroused before I actually enter her pussy. She was moaning in pleasure…..oh shit…oooooh..aaaah..I gradually moved down and kissed her thighs and put my face on her bush of hair covering her love hole. Maybe she was not expecting this, maybe she had never had an experience like this before. In fact, she actually confessed herself that her husband never licked her pussy! This was the first time someone was doing this to her, and u can guess what sort of a feeling it must have been for her. I kissed her on her pussy lips, then I started licking her pink pussy Which was already wet due to the finger fucking she got from me, and I kept sucking up her juices that were already flowing. I pushed my tongue inside her cunt and sucked and licked as deep as I could and she was on fire now. She was tossing her head from one side to the other on the pillow and thrusting her hips upward to get more of me inside her. She pushed my head with both of her hands towards her cunt as I continued sucking and licking her pussy. Shit, what a taste she had! Foul smelling, yet so sexy! I was really enjoying it as she kept on moaning loud…”Oh please…oh shit..aaaaah….oh god…please…” She could bear it no more and shot out with a heavy orgasm as she tried to close her parted thighs, but I forced her keep them parted somewhat as I desperately wanted to drink her love juice of the first orgasm she had had thus far with me.I looked up at her and said, “How did it feel, Namita?” She had no answer, and neither did she need to give one, as the pleasure she had derived from this orgasm was written all over her face. She just closed her eyes and gave a deep sigh. “Now it’s ur turn baby”, I said as I took hold of my big fat erect dick in my own hand and pointed it towards her lip. “Suck it, my love.” She hesitated a bit and looked into my eyes. She knew it was her turn to give me some return of the pleasure she had already derived from me thus far. She took it in her hands and squeezed it. I laid down on my back and relaxed and watched this sexy bitch take control of the situation. She started masturbating me, stroking my dick up and down. I was enjoying watching her do this, but I wanted more, I wanted a blowjob. She gradually lowered her face and rubbed her lips on the head of my dick. Then she kissed it. Then she licked the head of the dick. She flicked her tongue on the pink head which was throbbing up and down in absolute excitement. I pushed my dick into her mouth and she was now more than willing to take it in, sucking and licking it through the length of my dick. She was almost gagging with the dick being pushed down her throat, but she was still willing to satisfy me and my cock with all the pleasure she could give with her lips, her tongue, and her mouth.

Garima My Roomie, My Love

I got an equally hot and interested babe for a roomie in my first year. Her name was Garima. I found Garima to be a wonderful girl to talk to in the first meet and was instantly attracted to her hotness. I found her very attractive in all senses. She was beautiful, fair complexion, charming, talkative and, most of all, full at the right places. She had these big boobs and a perfectly round ass, which she had no problem in showing to me. Well I am an exhibitionist but she was even more so. Guys lust for our bodies whenever we walk by them as we show way too much and leave way too little for imagination.

My Sister, My Life, My Love, My Ass – Pearl

Well the story took place on 30th December, it was a very cold day, and as it was near to New Year, so there was a kind of celebration atmosphere in the house. We all members of family i.e. me, my sister, father and mother went for a dinner and come back home at around 9:30 PM. Since mummy and papa were tired, so they went to their room for sleep. I also went to my room and my sister went to her. At around 10 PM, my sister knocked the door, and after coming in says that she is feeling bored. Even I was feeling bored and was not feeling sleepy, so I asked her what to do and how to pass the time. So she came up with an idea of watching a movie together. I immediately accepted it and asked which movie? After thinking for a minute, she says that common let’s watch Titanic together, I immediately agreed, switch off the lights of my room, and went to my sister room with her.

Sunita Aunty, My Love

Fir dhere se humne baat suru ki maine aunty ka number maang lia ki jab doctor aaye to main aapse confirm kar lunga .Aunty ne mumber de dia .Aunty whatsapp pe thi maine unke sath flirt karna suru kar dia.Thode days ke baad aunty bi mujhe response karne lagi humari chat bahut aage tak pauch gayi.

My Love, My Mom Sunita

1 day I entered in her bathroom without knocking the door, what a timing that is? At that time she is cleaning her pussy area full of hairs she is completely nude in front of me. O god..!! She try to cover her boobs but fails to cover both boobs and pussy so that I have seen her full naked body clearly.

My Love

My Love Hello friends, I am very happy to read the real stories especially the stories on Human Digest. I get bored for typing but I am writing this story due to u all. I am encouraged by u all for writing this story. First of all my introduction I am ALI 22, male from