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My First Encounter With Madam

He worked for a family in HSR, and he has a daily routine. The family consists of a husband, wife and they have a boy kid around age of 10. Both hus and wife are senior executives in multi national companies ( I don’t know what exactly meant by this, but I know they are at quite high level) and husband most of the time will be in travel. My uncle need to drop the kid early morning to school and pick him back around evening after he complete school plus other sports activities.. After dropping kid he also need to drop madam to her office in MG road. She normally finish her office job by noon, and he need to take her back to home. For the rest of the day she will be working from home. Since she will be alone at home from noon to evening ( till kid is back) uncle also stay at their house as a security as well as a helper (such as going to grocery etc.)