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December 15, 2018

My Elder Sister

My Elder Sister, Her Friend And Me – Part I

My second elder sister always used to tease me, fight with me. She was kind of trouble maker in our home. Her name is Nikki and my story is related to her and her friend Usha. There was nothing to worry about as my parents were well earning. So we have a bungalow and two cars, and people to work in our home. Nikki has a best friend Usha, moreover they both hang around everywhere. Nikki has only two things to do in this world; one is to hang around with her friend and the other is teasing me.

My Elder Sister

My Elder Sister My elder sister Chitra, 26 of age, was oddly attractive and fair complexioned. I addressed her: Didi. She had been a bright student right from the beginning and had taken up computer education courses after graduation. After a few years, she had started teaching at the computer education centre. Didi was very

My Elder Sister

After one year her boyfriend went to Canada to her parents and she became alone. She use to be very sad those days and I use to feel sorry about her getting ditched. I tried to convince her many times by saying, look you are a beautiful girl and you can get many good guys for you, but all this made her more sad. Now sandhya is a real beauty. She is 34-30-36 with fair color and damm sexy looks. Guys would die for a second look of her sexy butt. So I dint find any reason why she was so upset for losing just one guy. My father is a senior engineer in a big business establishment, so he frequently goes abroad on tour and mother is a social woman. She spends her time with social clubs and parties more than home. So it leaves me and Sandhya with our togetherness and closeness.

My Princess, My Elder Sister

When she came to Delhi for her 2 months training, I was overwhelmed and had many plans in mind,however, those 2 months of seducing didn’t bear any fruit, my countless plans flopped continuously, and finally after completing her training she went back to her home, and I was left with just some memories of her ..

My Elder Sister, Her Friend And Me – Part II

Vikky’s construction site was nearer to that amusement park, so he told that he would drop us there. He was an architect in DLF. We reached amusement park and we had a nice time. Usha was with me all over. I sat on Usha and we explored the water slides and it was nice. Usha was chubby, so her swim trunks were soaked in water and they were attached to her skin tightly. Anybody could make out her bra and panties inner lining. Her bumps were huge and were shaking when she walked. Her ass was oscillating. Her nipples were hard, maybe because of cold water. Nikki was all wet, she has a sexy body with nice curves. She maintains it well.