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October 18, 2018

My Aunty

My aunty, bangalore

She asked me to wash my penis while she’ll wash her face n come to bed room. But still i was in full energy to fuck her. Next i followed back to her room n caught her from back pressing her breasts. She said ‘Y so urgent honey, we have so much time’, listening to this i was like heaven. She slept in the bed and asked to do wat ever i liked. I slept beside her then put my one leg upon her legs n started licking sweet lips also by touching her waist n squeezing that. Pulled her pallu n started unbuttoning her blouse. But suddenly don know wat happened to her, she kissed me very hardly hugging tight n said ‘please come n fuck me whenever its possible, i wont tel to any body dear, i want this young penis to fuck my ass’. I dint said a word n she continued tearing my lips. She was moaning ummmmmmmm ahhhhhhhhhhhh u tast very good. Then i took off her blouse n she was wearing nice tight bra. It was blue color. Then i started removing her saree n she was feeling lik heaven as i could see her closing half of her eyes n enjoying. She asked me to remove my clothes n i did it in sec as i was in hurry to pleasure her. We both were in innergarments. I slept upon her body n rubbing all over her body gently the indian style. She said “U r so good”. I then took her bra off n started sucking like anything. She held my head n pressed to her breasts tellin ahh ahhh so goooood. I came down kissed her navel n bit it then pulled her panties (tat was also blue). I could see the hairs n caressed with her hairs. She was already leaking with pre cum’s. I smelt it n it was so good. But i was scared to lick the pussy as it was first time n asked her ‘aunty, nothing wil go wrong if i lick the pussy?’. She said no honey, if u r so doubt, lick my pussy n cum’s n come kiss me so that ill eat. Now i was ready, slowly put my tongue around her vagina n tickling the clitorials. She started breathing heavily. I took my tongue inside her ass hole n started fucking by my tongue. She was pushing her towards my face while i was sucking and she started yelling out loud. Uhhhhhh ahhhhhh ahhhhhh coooommmmmmmmmme onnnn deeaaaaar, mmyyyyy honeeeey. Wher hhaaaaaaavv u beeen alllll theseee dayss. I was also tempted very much by her words. I took out my mouth to kiss her but she said not to stop until she says. I started increasing my pace n in shortwhile she squirted on my face n mouth. She was screaming. Now she asked me to pass al the fluids to her mouth. I took all the fluids from her ass hole n went kissing her. She ate all her cums n my saliva with hunger. She asked me to fuck. I removed my undy but before that she lubricated my penis with her saliva. I insterted my penis to her hole, but i was feeling pain n she noticed me. She asked me to do it slowly til it gets adjusted, i was fucking her slowly al with pain. After sometime i got adjusted n changed my speed. She was enjoying very much n i could also feel like heaven. While fucking, i used to smooch her at times which i love very much. Then i hold her breasts with my hand, squeezing them n fucking her hole. We both were lost in our world. It was time for me to cum, n i said her m cumming. She said not to stop n ejaculate al my milk into her. I yelled while i was cummin n she too was, i did al my sperms into her vagina. Then again hugged her n played with her body sometime. She then was telling me “I was having a great desire to hav sex with u. I dint thought that it will happen. Now m very happy. U look very smart.” Then i thanked her n asked, aunty ill come ur home wen i want to have sex. She agreed n we countinued kissing each other caressing.

My Aunty, My Wife

Uncle was always touring as his job demanded to tour all over India and some times he had to go abroad for seminars. Since Aunty used to be alone with her 2 year old kid, many times I was asked to give her a company during my uncle’s absence.

My Aunty

My Aunty I am 33 years old young man interested in fucking married women above my age. There is one instance. I live in chennai. I was staying in my aunty house for some time. My aunty Mrs. Pillai looks very sexy with big breast and big buttocks. She is aged 46 and she doesn’t

My Aunty

Before a year ago, My parents went to attend some relatives marriage. They are close to dad, so my parents would stay their minimum of two weeks. I didn’t attend because of my project work. So, my parents suggest me to stay in aunty’s home for two weeks.