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December 14, 2018

Mother And Son

Mother and son..

She said forget about others what about you did you to go mad looking at me I said ohh aunt you are always mine why should I go mad even now you are in my arms and I know people might be cursing me for dancing with such a sexy lady on that aunt said do you think I am sexy I said of course aunt you are I cant see any lady as sexy as you in this party no one will say linda is yr daughter the one who doesn’t know must be thinking you both are sisters my comments made her really proud and she came more close to me as we were dancing her breast were almost pressing my chest, slowly I started taking a chance and move my hand towards her ass and started dancing and while dancing I started pressing her ass very softly first I taught she dint realize but after some time she looked into my eyes and said do you like my ass I was shocked but took it easy and said forget about your ass aunt I like you she smiled and by the time music stopped and we returned then we had dinner and we left home by 11.30 by the time I dropped aunt and her daughter and reached home it was almost 12.30am as we entered in mom said so how was ravinas ass I looked towards mom and she smiled and said I know what was going on I was watching you both while dancing so you like ravina now not me right on that I said mom don’t say this ever you are always mine and I am yours and I love you a lot and will always do on that she smiled and hugged me and we both started kissing and soon we both were nude and ended up with lovely sex after that I said mom I want to try ravina aunt at least once on that mom said no problem you can infact you don’t worry I will help you as I know she is a horny bitch and even she is dying for a good fuck well you get ready for tomorrow I will call her and you both can have fun I was very happy I said thanks mom and kissed her and we both slept nude in each other arms.

Mother And Son, A Tale Of Forbidden Love – Part 2

Dev with both his hands spread apart her labia and brought his lips to his mother’s sacred hole. At the first contact, Priya gasped. Dev entered his tongue into her canal and began teasing her cunt walls. Priya enjoyed the new sensations. Her warm pussy responded to his invasion by sending copious amount of precum.
“lick there honey, ya right there….yes…harder honey, harder…oh yessssss!!hmmmm mmmf aaaahhh baby, that’s the spot….aaah ahhh faseter…uffffffff” priya wiggled as her first waves of orgasm spread through her being.