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December 15, 2018


Me, Dad, Mom, Grand Dad And Others

Hi guys this is RAMYA, age 26 and size 34 30 36.Im having two kids, one is boy and other is girl. When im 10 years old I came to puberty. Granddad, dad and mom was happy for that. Actually girl of that age wont get puberty so soon. Since dad was a doctor he use to give hormone injection to me and brother Rahul from 8 years only. When I came to puberty I had small breast. Dad and grand dad (dad’s father) love me too much.

Mom,son and daughter

I laughed at both of then and say that today i am going to teach you advanced biology.. But remember don’t teach it to anyone else…and ordered both of them to undress theirseves. I also undressed myself. After seeing my huge melons my sons cock started to become rock hard. My daughter look at his cock and asked me again what is happening to his cock? I answered her that it is being ready to learn advanced biology sweety, now lets just see what we do and then you try to do the same thing. O.k??

She agreed, i tell my son to speep on bed and i come upwards him and targeted his cock toward my pussy and slowly i sat down on his cock his cock was fully inside of me and now i started enjoying myself. A small tone of moaning comes out of my mouth my daughter feared again, i realesed her saying it is natural thin baby let see other, my son also started slowly stroking me. I increesed my speed and my moaning become larger, my son also start moaning b’cause his cock was still new in this game, his cock started bleeding but he was enjoying and we don’t stop after few minutes he squarted his load in my pussy, i was not satisfied but i don’t show it, i called my daughter and asked her to suck his cock hardly till it gets ready again to fuck. She started to suck. I slowly put my middle finger on her pussy and started to rub first she refused but then she started enjoying. I was looking for chance i tell her to have full cock in mouth. As soon as she did it i inserted my two fingers in her pussy. She hurted but could not cry loudly b’cause of cock in mouth, i fastly started masturbate her and in two minutes she forgot the pain and started to enjoy masturbation. Thus my sons cock stands again this time i positioned my daughter sleeped on bed and my son having strike from the end side of the bed. He slowly inserted hi scock half in her love hole and she started crying to not to do that, it hurts to much, suddenly i placed my pussy on her mouth and ask her for suck it and she started to suck it, my boy completes his mission in second strike and started to give strokes to her, she also now started to enjoy. After few minutes both ejected their cum, i licked both of them and we three go to the bath together. Next day i arranged some blue film cd’s and watch them together now my both son and daughter are professional in satisfing each other and their mom.. My son fucks me two times in day and five times in night. I have forced him to join a jym and collect some body to fuck her mother more strongly, my daughters boyfriend also included in us. He provide us bliefilms cd’s. And increase our desire….this is my sweet and sexy family..


We sat in the rickshaw and arrived at a posh colony. My mother said we have to meet someone there. It was a huge house. We rang the bell and were shown in immediately by a man. We sat in the living room and this guy went in to inform the owner I guess. The owner came out, he was just putting on his shirt and had a towel wrapped around him, I didn’t like his looks at all. The man who showed us in was his friend. The owner greeted us and sat beside my mom. He sat a little too close. Till then the friend had got some snacks so I got busy in that.

Mom, A Sleeping Beauty – Part I

My family consists of 3 members. Me , My dad Ramesh, is working abroad, and my mom Nitu who is a home maker. So it’s just me and mom at home. Mom is a beautiful lady with decent structure. We were very friendly and i loved to hangout with her a lot. As a teenager, I used to masturbate a lot and had done it a couple of times thinking of my own mom, but the guilt feeling made me stop thinking of her in that way.

Mom, A Sleeping Beauty – Part II

It was the morning after i fucked my mom Nitu, in her deep sleep. I opened my eyes and saw that Light was streaming in my Mom’s bedroom window and I was lying naked on the bed beside my mom. The events of the night before flooded back. First came the pleasurable memories of our sex together, then, as I looked across at her peacefully sleeping form, I was overcome with guilt.

Mom, Aunt And My Cousin – Part I

To say about my cousin she has attended age at 12 and her mom, my aunt is afraid to how to explain good and bad things to her. She was not thought what were good and bad till now so I thought I can use that easily. In between one day I was seeing tv at home sitting on a sofa. And my cousin came and sat on my lap. As she don’t know anything . I was in dhoti veshti in tamil. I din wear anything in side. My cousin din have the habit of wearing panty at home. My mom and her sis was sitting at the opposite. They too do not have the habit of wearing panty at home as it was hot.

Mom, Sister And Grandpa

Lemme start d start the story as soon as possible….On my grandpa’s 60th birthday we thought to have a small get to together within the family…I and my innocent dad went to market bought the items and were arranging for the party…As my father need to go to the office and made me go to home with all the items…

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