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December 15, 2018



From that day I thought of making this sex starving lady my whore. I used to come early from my work. Every time I used to c her my cock gets erected to its fullest. This was the fifth day of my stay with Shanti and I could not ask for more. Once I came back from my work early as usual. Shanti came to me and asked whether I can take her to near mall for shopping. As I was also bored, so I knoded yes to her and took her to a nearest mall. I was fully erected and wanted to fuck at that movement but I could not. We entered the mall we went to the capsule lift to go to second floor. The mall had little rush so when we entered the lift Shanti was in front of me with her ass touching my erected cock.

Hot Bhabhi Fucking Ceremony

My first experience was with my girlfriend when I was 21, but my real good & satisfactory one was with my Mami from Gujarat. (Mother’s brother’s wife, I call her Bhabhi).I was 23 at that time & she is 6 months elder to me. She got married when she was 18 & my Mama (Mother’s brother) is 10 years elder to her.

Hot steamy rainy day

This happened on a rainy day in mumbai when the rain gods were on full song and I was at work. All the offices were asked to close and while returning my mother asked me to pay a visit to my aunt’s place since she was alone at home and uncle was on his business trip.

Pumping darling aunty

Hi all readers of HumanDigest, I am Suresh from Bangalore. I am 24, 6’1” tall, good looking and weighs 78Kg. I have been a regular visitor of this site for a long time. Now I am working in an MNC in Bangalore and going to tell the real story from my life.

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