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December 15, 2018


Me,My wife and her friend

Could not believe it , in all these years of married life I never thought my wife would want to lick a pussy. I was not waverse to it, in fact I was beginning to like what was happening. Sangeetha gave Manju’s pussy a good licking while I went in behind her and did her doggy style. We all came in a grand style moaning loudly. Exhausted we all just lay there, waiting for daybreak.In the morning Manju was too shy to even look us in the eye. When I went to the living room I saw her and Sangeetha talking in hushed tones. Seeing me Manju said sorry bhaiya I was too drunk I guess. This should not have happened. Sangeetha told her that she should stop all this crap and see reality. She had orgasm so many times at night and now she was saying it is wrong. I too joined in and told Manju that I really like her and it was wonderful for me and I would love to have her again and again and again as long as I could.Manju was dumbfounded and slowly said that she too liked it but was afraid what we would think of her and broke out laughing .As the ice was broken we all started planning our next time. Sangeetha said she wanted another Big cock for herself too next time. It was music to hear my sweet wife say all this. Lets see what we all can manage the next time over. Girls,and cpls can share there fantasize with us. Anybody can have fun with us mail to [email protected]

Me, My Male Boss And His Father

After two months, I had to accompany him to Hyderabad by flight. On flight, I somehow felt that he was trying to touch me with his shoulder. I ignored given his image at office. We attended a meeting that day and in the evening, we were out of the meeting hall. He offered, “Ranjana! why dont you come to my house?” Hyderabad is my native and you can have a nice dinner with us”. I just could not say No and went home with him. He was very friendly at home and I was very comfortable. In his house, I saw his father and I learnt that his mother passed away 6 years back. Before dinner, my boss came to me and said that, I look very pretty and he is damn attracted to me.

Me, My Wife And My Sister-in-law – Part ll

Usually, in the afternoons, my wife does not sleep. But my sister in law retires to her room. My wife thought that she sleeps in the afternoon and would not want to disturb her. One day, in the afternoon, my wife had to get a bucket from my sister in law’s bathroom. She did not knock the door as she felt that it may disturb her sleep. She just opened the door and was surprised to see my sister in law masturbating looking at a video. Both of them looked at each other as the moment of shock. Immediately my sister in law was the first to recover. She called my wife and asked what she wanted. My wife, being speechless, did not respond for a moment. After what seemed an eternity, she came back to her senses and said she wanted the bucket in her bathroom and apologized for the intrusion and quickly took the bucket and left. This was later described to me in my bedroom by my wife. Imagine how i would have felt! And i did not even think on any lines leading to this as i have great respect for my brother. After a week, my wife wanted to talk to me about something. I started to get a little apprehensive as you all know how it is with women, when they say ‘i want to talk!’

Me, My Neighbor Aunty And Maid – Part 1

Actually I was enjoying this because her boobs were pressed to my hands while she was lying on my shoulder. It was a great feeling and I had an instant hard on. So immediately after reaching her home, I didn’t think about anything,asked her that I wanted to go to bathroom and I masturbated in her bathroom. After this situation, gradually her behavior towards me changed. Usually, she was a little reserved type as she would wear her dress properly and won’t talk to me too much. But now things changed. She often calls me to her home to have a chat, started to wear deep neck maxis and blouses inside home when I was at home. She now sits close to me, even touches my thighs, cheeks and all. All this while, I will be suffering to hide my hard on, which has become so often.

Me, My Uncle And Cross Dressing

At that time i wasn’t aware of sex. The only thing i knew about sex is that it is a part of reproduction nothing much. At that age i was experiencing nightfall in every one or two weeks. There was no one with whom i can share this. Then i told this to my uncle as he was my only friend. He told me that its common and do not to worry.

Me, my wife and my friend

So, I took his hands and slowly made him touch her back. And slowly I took his hands and laid on one of her breasts. He was holding one breast and I was holding one. He was still pretending to sleep. But as if I don’t understand. Then, when I put my hand on his hand, I could feel that he is trying to press it and move it slowly. (Please see all of us are pretending to be asleep but everybody knows what is happening.) Then I left him feel my gf’s full body. He was moving his hands on her body whole freely and slowly. He pressed her boobs as and how he wants, touched her stomach, naval then here pussy, then slowly he put his legs on her with his fly open. My GF is enjoying everything but pretending to be asleep. I thought I’ll put on the light and wake both of them up and have a 3some. Then I thought I might spoil everyone’s mood. And kept quiet. Then, she acted like she just woke up and seeing his hands on her, woke me up and told me to make him sleep in the hall. Unwanted I had to wake him and move him to the hall. Anyway, after all these I decided to marry her so that I can satisfy all my fantasies. I always fantasize some body else having sex with my wife. She also wants that but we don’t talk about it openly. But she loves to expose a lot. And we have spoken about this. I have told her openly that I like her exposing when someone is there etc. Later I lost track of Ravi, he got a job else where and we don’t speak about him now. I hope you liked this incident.

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