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Me,Swetha & Manasa

Hello friend’s hope you all are having a nice sexy times. I and my cousin Swetha are good friends. We use to go out and enjoy. We use to play games and I use to press her boobs as and when I get chance. This continued, one day Swetha told me that she is going to her friend’s house in Mumbai. And told me to joined her. I said I can’t come, because it was at the time of New Year I enjoyed my Christmas with nice party with my friends and don’t want to celebrate my New year with a unknown person and unknown city. But she asked permission from my parents that she is leaving alone and want him to joined her. My parents also agreed. I was not in a mood to go because the tour was from 28th Dec to 5th Jan I will miss my New Year celebration still then I agreed for Swetha. So her father arranged ticket in Chennai Mail to Mumbai and that too in 1st class couch. The departure time of the train is at 11.15 p.m. we reached station at 10.45 p.m. as we entered our cabin there were on one found so checked the chart and found that a family is joining us at Renigunta. So I asked my uncle at what time we will reach Renigunta, uncle said it will be around 3 to 4 p.m. so I decided to play a game in train itself. As the train moved I went near Swetha and said the other passenger will join us in Renigunta, by the time our train reach Renigunta we will have a good session. She was very happy to hear this she told she change to her night. I told her that I will find were the TC is so that he may not disturb us. So went out of the cabin to see the TC I found the TC and checked the ticket with and said that other passenger will joined us from Renigunta. He said ok and Good Night to me. I rushed to my cabin.

Me, my wife and her boy friends

Our sex life was a bit dull after our son was born. It was once she regained her shape, i started to take her seriously for sex allover again. Otherwise, i used to be pretty much in masturbation mode, usually fantasizing her younger sister and sometimes my own mother-in-law too. In order to spice up our sex life, i introduced fantasy and role play. Usually i’d make priti gulp a drink or two and then have wild and steamy sex by fantasizing men for her and women for myself. This was extremely gratifying for me personally, as i had always wanted to see her to be loved by other men, an idea she rather wanted to imagine than make it real, until one day something happened which i am going to narrate now.

Me, Kritika And Her Sister Mehak

At this point I would like to tell you about Kriti’s sister, Mehak (Pet Name) of sizes 32D -28-36. Mehak is IAS officer and married 2 years back. Her husband is also a IAS officer and both of them are working in Bihar Cader. Her husband met with accident in bathroom just on second day of the marriage. From that time on words he lost his erection and count not fuck. But he loves Mehak very much. Mehak’s in-laws don’t know that and are conservative. They want grandchildren. How?

Me, My Wife & My Siister-In-Law – Part I

My wife suggested that we take a double bedroom house and share it with her as it would not only reduce the costs for all of us, but also make sure that they have each other’s company. I was initially hesitating because I was not sure how it might work out and that I did not want any kind of misunderstandings within my family and I objected to it. My wife, as u all knows how wives generally are ;), took the upper hand and discussed it with my brother-in-law and my sister-in-law. They also readily agreed to it and my brother called me and told me to look for a double bedroom house so that we could stay together. Also, he said that he may have to travel on long periods on sea voyage and you being there would help. I could not refuse this. And moreover, he said that he will be in town only for a month and then would be leaving for a sea voyage. I started hunting for a double bedroom house instead of a single bedroom. My wife selected one nice apartment and we closed the deal. My brother and I shared the advance and all the expenses.

Me, My Mom And My Best Friend

Describing her she has 36 boob size and wears saree all time without bra in home,white skin tone mixes with her very well. Her boobs are perfect with brown nipples.I used to see her nude daily from window in hallway to backside of house where my mom used to take bath. One day my neighbourhood friend came to my home for playing during summer.My mom started preparing for bath.

Me, Dad And His Colleague’s Wife – Part 1

It had been a week since mom went and Sheeja aunty used to come once in a while and help us. One day, she and my dad were in the kitchen. I went to the dining room to get something. From the corner of my eye, I could see that he was hugging her from behind. She was feeling shy and was nudging him. He was tightly hugging her and then, he put his hand on her left breast and gave it a gentle squeeze. She let out a very soft moan. He was telling her” Ahh. You like it honey “. She was nervous and asked what if someone finds out. He said no one would ever know and that he was really horny now and wanted to screw her. She said even she was horny.