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Love, Sex And Video Tapes With Mother In Law – Part II

But one fine day I sat next to her made her folded in my arms. Started to lick her neck and then her lips. All of a sudden she pulled back and asked whether I will be able to share her with other women. I told her let’s try, if not liked we will drop it. See told that she cannot share me with her wife on the same bed. So who will be our 3rd partner? I told her that it would be of her choice. She said that there are no women in her idea with whom she can get comfortable. I asked whether can I call a call girl, she laughed and said where would I get her. I told her that I have made a call girl convinced for it on the net.

Love, Sex Aur Dhoka

Relationship main 3 saal tak rahanekey baad usney mujhe shadi ka propose kiya. Main zhat se mangayi. Main bhi toh tadaprahi thi . 22 saal ki umar main meri shadi amresh patil sey hua. Shuhaagraat main merey pati ney mujh pey jagli janwaar ki tara chada.Mujhe vi majja aaya lekin kyuki main virgin thi toh mujhe bohot dard huwa main royi usey rukney ko kaha aaraam sey karney ko kaha lekin usney meri ek nahi suni bass janwaar ki tarah mujhe nochata hi raha .Suhaagraat main hi meri pati ney meri sab chedo ko puri tarah sey kholdiya tha. Shadi key 6 month toh badi masti sey kata woh karib har rojj mujh pey toot partey laaga shadi key baad toh pyaar aur gahra hogaya . Fir dhirey dhirey amresh main changes aaney laga , main ney pucha bhi toh usney kaha aisa kuch nahi wo mujsey bohhot pyaar kartey hai. Mainey vi socha sex roj roj nahi toh kya huwa pyar may toh kami hui naa.. Main kush thi.

love,fear and gratitude or simple fate

love,fear and gratitude or simple fate This is my life story since 30 years. I was from a marginal family. mother managing house with what ever is available. We were 3 sisters all 5 years apart. Parents tried for a boy and finally ended up in this. Father was a man conducting poojas ansd marriages […]