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December 15, 2018


Kiss, Foreplay And Finally Sex With Aunty

As I describe I made sex relation with younger Bhabhi and we had sex many times including anal sex, some time we spend whole day in sex. But due to transfer of younger brother, they sifted to lucknow. Then it was very difficult for me to keep relation with younger Bhabhi, because it was time consuming whole day got wasted to go lucknow and fuck Bhabhi and came back, then I decided to search another lady. Some time to make sexual satisfied, I used to masturbate.

How my friends babhi had sex with me

Hi readers ,this is Arun back with yet another story of me and my
friends brothers wife.let me tell you about her,her name is Shilpa,
medium color,34/30/34 very rich but very humble. This story is of the
year 2013 when my friend was suffering from cancer and his treatment
was going on.initially we ded not have any such intention.my friend
got operated and after that we( me and my one more friend) used to
meet and then slowly he recovered and thing’s were normal.suddenly
after few months he developed some complications and that got us all
in to concern.ten started my story.

Hot mother of Varun

Varun and I were best friends since 10th standard. We were friends, but one of the main reasons I hang around with him so much was because of his mother, Kamana. Kamana was 20 years older than Iwas, but I was in love with her from the day I first met her.