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December 15, 2018



One day I was alone in my home with my Amma Fatima. After she made me breakfast, she told me that she was going to take bath. This caused some excitement in my body, but something prevented me telling me that it was not correct. I never thought anything sexual about my Amma Fatima until that day. She was 44 at that time and 5ft medium fair beautiful woman with voluptuous body.

Incest, Taboo And Abnormal – Part 3 (Concluding Part)

As mou loves to takes her husband cock in mouth and to suck his jism to drink as health protein similarly Rajesh loves Honey cunt lapping nectar.After the birth of child both the females cunt depth has expanded and become loose and now Rupa their daughter and sister is pregnant for four months due to some gynae problem so both sister cum MIL and Mom cum SIL comes to Karan bed for his sex satisfaction other-wise Karan makes too much trouble and wants to fuck in her pregnant condition.But this two ladies saving Rupa from Karan’s sex torture.