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October 18, 2018

In The End

In The End, Everything Burns – Part 2 – The Chubby Kid Grew Up

He used to be this chubby cute kid who played in her lap and called her his favorite and insisted on following her around her, everywhere. Somehow, she was expecting a bigger version of that cute kid. This stud was something she hadn’t expected. She served them food and as was customary in the house waited on them till they finished eating. All the while, she kept stealing glances at Shyam. He was muscular, not like gym enthusiasts but more like people who did real hard labor. Only farmers and labourers could have such muscles. Completely flat stomach just like what Subhash had when they got married. Now, he had a pauch, big one.

In The End, Everything Burns – Part 3 – The Loss Of Innocence

You can imagine her condition, I guess. At the same time, she was raised with the healthy dose of sanskar that she couldn’t act upon the calls of her aching body. Every bit of her skin was burning and her heart was beating out of control. Her fear made it impossible for her to make the first move. What if she was imagining stuff? What would happen if he tells on her? She decided it’d be best to try and sleep. She lay down, turned away from the TV and slept with her back towards Shyam’s bed. She was wide awake and although there was no way for her to be sure, she felt Shyam was staring at her. Or maybe she was imagining that but it wasn’t going to let her sleep. She though that if she feigned sleep, maybe Shyam may just feel encouraged to do something and if he doesn’t, maybe she can help herself with a vegtable in the bathroom!

In The End, Everything Burns – Part 4 – Exploring The Virgin

Shyam stood there frozen. The animal part of his brain knew what was going on and knew what was required. That is why his cock had swollen on its own. It stood upright, all nine inches of it and made a massive tent in his shorts. His face was flushed and his ears burning and the air had a scent that he hadn’t smelled before. It was coming from Anandi and it was hypnotising. His veins were throbbing and his heart was racing. He broke into a cold sweat but maybe he was just shocked by what had happened within a day. He just stood there and stared at her.

In The End, Everything Burns – Part 5 – The Animal Within

Drawn by instinct, he pulled off his clothes in a jiffy and moved closer to Anandi. His eyes were half closed and his veins were throbbing. With a display of raw animal strength, he bent down and picked Anandi up and threw her on the bed. He held her ankles with his hands firmly and in a single movement pulled her ass to the edge of the bed and straightened her legs in the air. Then he looked her in the eyes.

In The End, Everything Burns – Part 6 – All Her Holes

She started recalling the fuck that they had just had and then she realised that her pussy was burning, paining a bit. She touched it and winced in pain, it had become so tender. She realised her arms and legs hurt from all the pinned down struggle. With the awareness of all the pain in the body also came the awareness of the sweet tingling in her anus. The rim felt weird. She wasn’t sure if it was a good or a bad feeling but she sure wanted to touch it.

In The End, Everything Burns – Part 7 – The Blackmail

It was almost 1 years old story when she called me to her house. Her kids are small and contraction work was going in her house. She wanted to help me in her renovation. I was monitoring her construction work and was doing needful buying for raw material. It was summer time. One day, aunty’s kid went to her grand father house. Only aunty and i was at home. One evening, rain started heavily. All the labour went to their home. I had feed the animals and tied them inside the house.