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October 18, 2018


Fuck, Lick & Suck

Shocked to see those white round boobs which was exposed I saw my aunty masturbating before taking bath I watched the whole episode and unknowingly rubbed my penis and discharged and I liked it very much. After this I would rub my hands on the triangle when ever I slept on her lap and whenever I got the opportunity I would rub the boobs to which my aunty never objected but we lived as if nothing is happening between us and continued in this manner. For almost two months and after my exams were over I planned to go further in this matter and now I would ask her to read some romantic stories and some bad jokes from the books to which she objected first saying that it is not for boys of my age and our rubbing continued.

Chacha fucked by mother

My name is Arun. I would like to tell you a story. actually it happened with my own mother. So first let me tell you about my mother first. She is around 38 years old. very fair lady. With 5′ 3” height she is bit fattier her boobs are quit big. She wears a 34 size bra. Her buttocks are dam good even I have heard on road boys commenting on it. My father most of the time remain on tour.

Mere dost ki behan aur bhabhi

My real story which happen with me in last december now i am a 22 yrs old guy and before that i was truely virgin. But that experience of mine change my whole life and thinking towards gals.and here my true experience among you all if u like then pls convey me . It was a month of december and i have to go to lahore for my friends sister’s marriage . he call me one week before the marriage for some help to him and i went to lahore (i am basically from Karachi, city of lakes)when i reached there all welcomed me there are only 4 persons in his family he, his mother, wife and his sister, his father died two yr. before. and my real story starts from here.