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October 18, 2018


Me, Dad, Mom, Grand Dad And Others

Hi guys this is RAMYA, age 26 and size 34 30 36.Im having two kids, one is boy and other is girl. When im 10 years old I came to puberty. Granddad, dad and mom was happy for that. Actually girl of that age wont get puberty so soon. Since dad was a doctor he use to give hormone injection to me and brother Rahul from 8 years only. When I came to puberty I had small breast. Dad and grand dad (dad’s father) love me too much.

Dad, Me and My Husbands

Slowly I got addicted to it. My dad who is hardly 28 yrs then, also enjoyed touching the cherry of his own daughter. He used to smile at me and ask, darling do u want rubbing section now? Slowly my little pussy and tender pussy leaves becoming mature. Once during rubbing section, I got bleeding and da told that I am matured (Mensus). My mother got surprise. She was asking my dad, she is hardly 10yrs old and became ready for sex. My mother also told she got her first bleed at the age of 13yrs. But dad and me only know the reason for my early puberty. After two months, luckily I had seen dad fucking padmaja. That night I too was sleeping along with them. They thought that I am in deep sleep and started fucking section.


“And what do YOU think should happen to YOU for whatever I had done?” He’d asked leaning against the back of my door. “Hmm, maybe I should be grounded?” I asked praying what I replied was enough to satisfy his question. “And how long do you think that you should be grounded YOUNG man?” “Hmm, one day?” I would exclaim remembering to look at him because if I didn’t while responding he’d order me to stare into his eyes replying to his question. “A day, one day eh!” He’d utter staring me down. “TWO?” I’d ask with my voice squeaking when he didn‘t respond. “And no TV for how long would you say?” He’d usually ask. “Hmm, one day?” “That sounds, hmm, hmm, hmm, how long?” He’d ask rubbing his chin or tugging his neatly trimmed goatee if he didn‘t care for my reply. “Okay Dad, no TV for two days!” “That’s better,” he’d reply opening my bedroom door with one hand behind his back. “Just a thought Yuvraj,” dad would whisper backing out of my room. “Yes Dad?” “If we don’t learn from our mistakes what happens?” He asked. “We are given stricter punishments!” “That’s a good thing to keep in mind,” he’d reply closing my bedroom door.

Dad, Once Again

Now let me come to the main episode. That evening at about 7 pm i received a phone call from my dad that by 8 pm he will be with me and asked me to put on geyser as he is coming from a long journey and is very tired. At that time i was preparing dinner for my husband who is supposed leave for his office at 9 pm as he has night shift from 10 pm to 6 am next morning. After the call i immediately i kept two three beer bottles in the chiller, took chicken from the frig and prepared chicken 65.

Dad, Daughter And Tinder

Since then her dad was her world. And when she reached her puberty she started fantasizing about her dad and frequently saw him bathing during which she got a glimpse of his cock. According to her, he had a monster cock of 9 inches which she constantly thirsted to taste. On the contrary, his father was a very colourful man. He had affair with his secretary, advisor, his junior’s wife, his mother in law, clients and even his maid. He hid all his affairs so well that nobody ever caught him and he enjoyed his life. He often used tinder when all his girls were not available. So this is the time before Riya met rudr . Then she used to fantasize about her dad and no other boy would be so manly other than him. So she switched to tinder to find such guys. Obviously, she couldn’t risk her identity so she chose rima as her alias. What she didn’t know was her dad was also present on tinder by the name dino.