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Classmates To Sexmates

Taking you back to the time when I was 16, a nerd and a very social person. This was when the new academic session began and there were many new admissions in our school. We were all seated in our class when the bell rang and we were all ready for the first class. The class teacher entered and started taking attendence. This girl comes running and enters the class. ‘sorry ma’am I got late I wasn’t aware about the timing’. “What is your name ?”, “Priyanshi “, she replied.
Now this girl is totally different from all the other girls in my class, she was an absolute beauty, with a tempting ass and good sized melons. I saw her for a moment, but didn’t care much about her- I didn’t want to stare at her or creep her out just like my friends.
As she is late she takes the last seat next to my row. She was sitting alone and had no partner yet. I didn’t care to initiate a conversation – I was more interested in the new book I was reading and plus I didn’t have the guts to.