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October 17, 2018


Bang, Bang With Seduction – Incest Angle

Sujata is a happily married middle aged woman with two grown up, beautiful children. Husband Ramesh is a senior Vice President and had been living in Flights, Airport lounges and Hotels more than at home for last couple of years. She found she was also becoming irritable; her food was getting over burnt, undercooked or over boiled. She knew, at least, what was her problem. Ramesh was always tired, sleepy and had almost stopped banging her. She tried masturbation with cucumber, carrot and Brinjal and found some relief but that relief was not lasting long.

Bang, Bang With Teenage And Middle-Age Cocks

After Henry, the South African giant with 14 inch cock fucked and ravaged my and Mother in law Bhakti’s cunts, we were both limping, when Varun returned from his tour after two days. He did not find anything odd that his wife and Mom were suffering from same maladies; both were limping and both wincing when sitting. He mouthed some sympathetic words, enquired about creams and medicines….and that’s all, no suspicion whatever.

Bang, Bang With Teenage Cocks

My father-in-law and Rajiv, the neighbor’s teenager boy fulfilled my fantasy of getting fucked by two cocks in my cunt. My Mother-in-law, Bhakti, told me that in her entire married life, she had not seen her husband come home early from Office consecutively for so many days. He also avoided going on tours.