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December 15, 2018

Bang Bang With Doolittle

Bang Bang With Doolittle, Swap Angle – Part VII

And Vinay said beaming ” Here is your birthday gift …” gesturing to Vikas…………………
I was shocked and paralyzed, rooted to the spot. Before I could recover and run back to room, Vinay grabbed me ,lifted me in a Bear like hug by crossing his arms under my buttocks . He carried me to the sofa and dumped me in the sofa. Then both of them sat beside me with their thighs brushing mine. Vikas’s hairy thigh was tingling me. I recovered at last and crossed my arms across chest, realized my pussy was unprotected (the thin fabric of nightie was meant not to conceal) and shifted my palm to cover my pubic mound.

Bang Bang With Doolittle, Swap Angle – Part I

Not that I am complaining. I don’t know how Dr.Doolittle managed to live with continuous chatter and cacophony. I gave up trying to find a reason and learnt to live with it. My vague suspicion is that when my wavelength or frequency matches with that of that particular animal at that moment,I can understand their language. Only I was judicious enough never to boast or discuss about this, even with wife, Suma.

Bang Bang With Doolittle, Swap Angle – Part IV

Jaya laughed ” No, he left, his lady boss wanted some files urgently”
Suma also laughed. ” What do you know, may be the boss has opened her thighs like a book and he may be reading files inside there”.
Jaya said nothing. Silence reigned for few minutes.
Suma asked hesitantly ” Jaya, don’t mind my asking, but I get the feeling that you are not new to 3 sums and 4 sums. Am I right ?”
Jaya said ” Promise me our friendship will not be affected if I tell the truth” and Suma promised.

Bang Bang With Doolittle, Swap Angle – Part III

She was still agile like a cat, arching her back, moving hips in circular grinding motion and milking my cock with her pulsating pussy muscles. My eyes travelled to the wall . I could see Charlie banging Lillee on the wall behind Suma. So they had a quick brunch and hurried back. After jumping some more, Suma started moaning and gasping. She whispered ” Finish in doggy style, I know we didn’t bang for long time, so you will shoot load fast first time.”
She got up , bent on the bed with arms resting on bed. She put two pillows for height and spread her legs. I positioned myself behind her, parted her pussy lips and slowly pushed my cock, I was surprised by the smoothness with which my cock entered her flowing pussy, almost like a hot knife cutting butter. I grabbed her coconut sized boobs and started banging with such force ,breath was forced from her lungs in jerks. She was right .After ten strokes I filled up her pussy with my lava and clung to her.

Bang Bang With Doolittle, Swap Angle – Part V

Then on the dot after 2 hours, door bell chimed. I put on a see through banian which showed contours of muscles and tracksuit and knew Jaya would be the visitor. Suma opened the door and Jaya came in like a whirl wind, hugged Suma and did not notice my presence and asked her.
“Why are you hushing me? What do you mean keep quiet?” then she saw me.