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December 15, 2018


Aunt, my guide, philosopher.

Then I entered the bathroom and saw her, she was sitting wearing only her bra and panty. I have not seen her b4 in 2piece. I felt very shy and slowly went inside. My aunt ordered me to first start with her hair. I washed her hair and soaked it and wrapped it with a towel on top. She said now cm down. My First touch was on her shoulder and the temperature of my body increased suddenly. She asked me come and sit in front of her so that she will balance her hand on me because it should not get wet. Her bra and panties was fully wet and was seen thru clearly including her nipples. I immediately had a hard on after seeing it. I started applying soap leaving her boobs I directly came to her belly then to the legs. Then I asked her if u could turn back and stand so that I will apply soap on your back. She said not necessary u can apply in this position and she casually asked why u left my Brest. I was shocked and not able to ans. She said remove my bra it is already wet and seen thru fully, moreover only u r there. I stood up to unhook her bra such that her breath was exhausting in my stomach. By this time she should have seen my hard on which became larger and larger. I removed her bra and started applying soap on her boobs. It was extra ordinary soft like a baby skin and with the softness of soap it was like skidding on an ice. Her breath increased slowly. Suddenly I stopped and said it is over and I am moving to your back. The I was finished with the back and came to her back thigh. She asked me to wait and she stood up and said now u will feel comfortable. I applied the soap on her thighs and I inserted my hand in to her panties to apply soap on her ass. After completing I said now u can sit down. She asked me why u have left my frontal area without any panic in her voice too. I was thinking how to do that and asked her how? She said as u did in the back. I took some soap and inserted my hand inside her panties. I felt there was some hair and I went a little more inside. I heard a slight moan from her and retracted my hand back. She asked me in a shocked manner what happened. I got scared and asked her did I hurt u? She laughed at me and said u poor boy go ahead on your job and she removed her panties. She said come on take it off. I simply obeyed her. She asked me how is your brother. I was a bit confused. Then she touched my hard on and said this is your brother. She ordered me to remove my under garment. I simply obeyed her. My brother sprung out like a released spring.

Aunt, Daughter & Me

I made her to sit on my lap. She sat hesitatingly and felt my rod and said”Mama, unga pantla ena rod sorikittu vanthigala”. I told ” naan unaku pambu kaata than eduthutu vanthean but unoda kissukey athu rod a mariruchu”.. She then kissed me and asked ” inaiku mattum un rodla velaiydata..??” I replied ” enoda wifeku ilama vera yaaru athu…” then I loosened my pant and took my 6” cock out . She was caressing in her hand “wow. What a feeling”. I told her to take in her mouth. She readily obeyed and gave a nice blow job for 15 mins. Then I took her to bedroom without locking I removed her top. Asked her to remove her pant she told “pussy only after marriage.. enjoy my boobs”…. I then removed her bra and licked my darling boobs.” Mama…. Nallla………. Dei …. Amuthu da….

Aunt, Daughter & Me Night Session

Suddenly I ejacted my cum into her mouth, she swallowed it. Kavi was hell of shock seeing myself calling her mom by name and her mom giving a blowjob. Arasi then told Kavi about what we spoke about in the afternoon and that fucking session and told her that” am here to teach you sex”. Kavi smiled and again gave me a sweet blow job.

Aunt, My Girlfriend

Things started to change for me when I changed my job. I use to be full time occupied with my work or hanging around with my new colleagues and off late was not able to see Sanjana. One evening it so happened that I was about to move out to meet my friends, my doorbell rang when I opened the door I saw Sanjana standing in front of me.

Colony I Bhabhi Ki Jab Hui Kripa

Hello mera naam Rahul h. Mein Noida se hu aur ISS ka regular reader hu. Meri bhi kai kahaniyan h bat kabhi share nahi kar paya. Aaj socha apni ek kahani aap k saamne kahu.
Aap sabhi ko jyada bor na karte hue mein seedhe kahani par aata hu. Ye kahani aaj se 6 saal pehle December ki h. Me apne daily routeen ki tarah subah ghar se 9 baje nikla to on the way meri nazar meri hi colony ki ek Bhabhi par gai. Wo apne hubby k saath bike pe kahi ja rahi thi. Wo baar baar peeche mud k mujhe smile de rahi th. Usne blue colour ki saari pahni hui thi kya kayamat lag rahi thi. Maine bhi kuch dur unka peecha kiya fir wo apne ghar pahuch gae aur mein waha se chala gaya.