Tabby’s cousin

Tabby’s cousin

“Why did I decide to take this dumb subject!” Steve exclaimed, letting the text book he was consulting fall into his lap as he took the opportunity to glance at Tabby again.

Hello all ISS fans. This is Abhishek Singh, a 18 years old boy from Delhi. I have written many stories in ISS from past one year. But from few weeks I have been quite for some personal reasons. But know there will be some blast from the past by me. Now I will write only insect stories in ISS and I am sure that u will enjoy too much. This story starts from here. It had been a long hot day. The two teenage college students sat close together on the white plastic loungers by the glistening swimming pool. A small round table between the loungers contained a mess of books and papers. The tall brunette was stretched out on her white lounger, her body dressed in a black bikini top and a pair of tight fitting white shorts. She rested a large book on her tanned belly, leaning forward reading through her dark glasses.

In the lounger next to her Steve sat more up-right. He was dressed in a pair of baggy cotton surf shorts, his t-shirt was draped over the back of the lounger. His lounger was angled just so he could keep an eye on the slender curves of Tabby lying out next to him. He was more restless in his study as the hot afternoon sun beamed down on them. The two cousins had grown up together, now at 18 years old they were nearing the end of their first year at college. They had always been close. Steve lived less than five minutes drive from Tabby and the two related families had shared a lot together over the years. It was their mothers who were sisters. It seemed that everyone got on really well together all the time. Neither Steve nor Tabby could ever remember there being a falling out between any member of either family.

“Why did I decide to take this dumb subject!” Steve exclaimed, letting the text book he was consulting fall into his lap as he took the opportunity to glance at Tabby again.

“Cause you wanted to be close to me, that’s why Steve,” Tabby giggled, raising her dark glasses to sit them in her long shiny dark hair.

“Oh yeah,” Steve said sarcastically.

“Well, I think it is…you know a sex goddess when you see one,” Tabby teased, placing the glasses back on her face.

Steve mused with this idea. He had never thought of Tabby as anything else. To him she was the ideal woman, her tall slender body well proportioned. So ok her breasts were a little on the small size, but they were firm and nicely balanced. Her face was absolutely perfect, nice angles, dark innocent eyes and that long silky black hair was stunning. He felt his cock twitch in the baggy shorts.

“Man it’s getting hot out here,” Steve said, putting the text book on his lap to cover his hardening manhood.

“Yeah, it is very warm today. Hard to believe summer hasn’t really started yet,” Tabby said lowering her own book. “Shall we take a break from the books and get a drink? Mom is going to be at the mall for ages.”

“Sounds like a good idea by me,” Steve agreed. “We deserve a break.”

“Ok, there is some lemonade in the refrigerator. Where shall we have it, inside or out here?” Tabby asked.

“Let’s go in for a while, it’s so hot,” Steve suggested.

Tabby stood up, putting the large textbook on the table, covering some of the papers. Steve watched as her tight butt swung past him toward the ranch slider door. He felt a flush of blood going to his cock as his mind ticked over. She turned to smile at him as she opened the long heavy door.

“Well, are you coming?” She asked. His eyes swept up and down he long body. The brilliant white shorts standing out against her dark tanned skin and the little triangles of black lira covering her firm little breasts.

“Ummm…yes…Tabby, how about we watch a video for a break?” Steve suggested, his mouth going slightly dry as he spoke.

“I don’t think we should break for a whole movie Steve, after all there is a lot of work to get through. Maybe we could watch half a film,” Tabby replied, pushing the glasses back up into her hair.

“Sure, I have a movie in my bag we could watch, it isn’t very long,” Steve said eagerly. He had come prepared and had hoped for this opportunity.

“I think we have Master and Commander if you want to watch Russell Crow. I think he is a real man,” Tabby teased, winking at her cousin.

“Ho, ho, I think I will stick with my own tastes thanks,” Steve laughed. He waited until Tabby had turned to walk inside before quickly putting his book down and grabbing the video from his bag.

He cold hear Tabby putting the ice in two glasses as he slipped through into the lounge and pushed the tape into the video player. Everything was set.

Moments later Tabby walked into the room carrying two tall glasses of cool lemonade. Steve was sitting on the couch, hi legs crossed to conceal his now partially deflated cock, the television remote in his hands. Tabby handed him a glass without noticing his aroused state before sitting beside him.

“Well, are we going to watch this movie. Hey haven’t you got it running already?” She stated, looking over at the red light and tape indicator.

“Yeah, just the credits and all that shit,” Steve said. “Enjoy a sip of your drink.”

Tabby took his advice. “What is this movie anyway? You seem awful anxious for me to see it.”

“Just wait cousin. You will like it I think,” he said, then added in a whisper. “I hope.”

“Come on Steve, what kind of shit is it? Some stupid Sci-Fi crap I suppose,” Tabby smiled. “Just don’t trick me into any of your usual rubbish.”

“Would I do that?” Steve said taking another sip of the cool drink before leaning forward to place the glass on the coffee table. As he lent back he clicked on the remote.

The television burst into life. Tabby gave a gasp and placed a hand over her mouth, at the same time her whole face went very red.

“Steve! This is…is…porn,” Tabby gasped. “My God, look at those people….God.”

Even as she spoke she couldn’t take her eyes away from the scene before her. A big black man was towering over a thin blonde, his huge black cock sticking out from his naked body. The blonde was on all fours, also naked, licking her lips as the cock moved toward her lips.

“Yes,” Steve said, a sound of triumph in his voice as he watched his cousin gazing at the screen.

“God, she’s going to suck his cock…it’s huge…man, how is she going to do it?” Tabby was mesmerized by the action on the television. Steve sighed and relaxed back on the couch. “She won’t be able to get all that cock in her mouth.”

“Don’t you believe it babe,” Steve informed her as the blonde slowly took the cock deeper and deeper in her mouth.

“Jesus Christ…this is impossible,” Tabby said, moving her but a little to sit right on the edge of the couch. “Wow, look at that.”

“I am, I am,” Steve reassured her. In fact he was watching the young sexy body sitting next to him. His heart was racing and his cock was nearly bursting.

The scene progressed as the blonde played with the black man’s balls and sucked his cock up and down the shaft. Her red lips glistened with spittle and pre-cum. Tabby continued to be transfixed by the whole thing, she moved her butt again, obviously starting to be turned on herself. Despite his racing heart and throbbing cock Steve was not going to blow things now by moving too fast. Tabby was getting hotter and hotter, he could feel her inner tension as she sat beside him. He placed a hand on his own cock, rubbing it slowly as Tabby wriggled again. There were moans coming from the television now. Steve had slowly increased the volume as the scene had built. Now the black man was fucking at the blonde’s mouth, shoving his cock in and out as she tried to keep up. He had a big black hand gripping her hair like a mane, holding her on his cock.

Tabby slipped her hand inside her shorts as the black man pulled his glistening wet cock from her mouth to stroke in his hand, letting her hold the base and run her tongue over the head. The top button of the white shorts popped open just as the black man exploded. A huge stream of sticky cum shot up and out over the blonde’s face, a second shot across her cheek, catching her long hair. Soon there were close-ups of the blonde taking his creamy mixture in her mouth, letting it bubble up over her lips and chin. Then the scene faded out. As it finished Tabby quickly pulled her hand from her shorts, a sweet smell of pussy filled the air, and she went red and sipped her lemonade, which was still griped firmly in the other hand.

“Steve, should we be watching this sort of thing? I mean it’s pretty racy….” Tabby said, looking over where Steve was making no attempt now to hide his huge hard-on, tenting his shorts.

“Come on Tabby, you have always been pretty liberal about this sort of thing. You have to admit its hot stuff. Look at this scene for instance.” He pointed to the screen.

A young black girl in white lace stockings was being fucked by two white lifeguard types. She was bent over a chair and one of the men was busy rubbing his cock up and down her fine slit while another man was having his big pink cock sucked.

“Far out!!!” Tabby exclaimed. “Two guys!”

“Enjoy cousin, enjoy,” Steve whispered, moving a little closer to the teenager. Tabby didn’t notice, her eyes stayed fixed on the two guys giving the little black girl a cock in either end. She wasn’t even aware that Steve took her lemonade glass from her hand and placed it on the table next to his.

“Jesus, these guys are really going for it,” Tabby said in a low voice as she watched a close up of the white cock sliding in and out of the little black pussy. The black girl was moaning in a low sensual voice as the men grunted with each thrust. “Fuck, this is hot.” Once more her hand snaked into the shorts.

Sensing her total commitment to the film Steve rested a hand on Tabby’s shoulder. He lent down to kiss her soft skin. Tabby didn’t react. He ran his hand slowly over her shoulder, pulling away her long hair, revealing the bow at the op of her bikini top. Once more he kissed her shoulder, this time holding his lips there and at the same time slipping the bow open. The top sunk but did not fall.

“I think the guy in her mouth is going to cum,” Tabby said, leaning a little further forward. The black cups fell away from her breasts. At that point Steve put his arm right around he shoulders and turned the dark haired beauty to kiss fully on the lips.

Now his heart was really racing as he kissed her fully. Tabby just responded, her mouth opening, her tongue searching out his. Slowly he guided her back to the couch, at the same time undoing the other tie on the bikini top. It slipped away from Tabby’s body, her taut young breasts pressing into Steve’s bare chest. He could feel the hard little nipples against his skin. The kiss continued, Tabby seemed oblivious to the missing top.

“I don’t think we should stay down here,” Tabby whispered as she pulled back from his face. “Come on.” She stood and held out a hand to her cousin.

Steve’s mouth dropped as he hesitated, letting his eyes take in the vision of beauty that stood before him. Her fine, soft mounds were standing erect with the red nipples defining the points. Her skin was tanned perfectly all over indicating a little topless sunbathing. There was no point in denying the tent rising from his shorts, it was too obvious.

He reached up for her outstretched hand as she smiled down at him. She started to walk toward the door that led to the stairs. She let his hand fall from her as she walked with a sexy sway to the doorway. The button of the shorts was still undone, and the zipper had slipped a couple of inches down. Steve was surprised to note that the bikini bottoms weren’t present, the top of a pair of lace white panties were just revealed under the white shorts.

“Come on,” she urged.

“Just a minute,” Steve cautioned. “Better not leave this going.” He clicked the television off and as he passed the video player, ejected the tape. “Let’s go.”

The teenagers bound up the stairs. Steve followed Tabby, watching her sweet butt disappear ahead of him, her breasts bouncing a little. He knew exactly where she was heading, her bedroom. The third door on the right.

It was a lovely room, especially with the late afternoon sun streaming in to naturally heat it. Tabby had a large single bed with a light blue cover and frilly white pillows with little light blue flowers. The walls were also a light blue with posters of various pop heroes and Russell Crow, Steve noted as he flicked the door shut with his foot. There were some clothes scattered on the floor, but not so many as to make the large room messy.

Tabby reached the edge of the bed first and didn’t wait for him. She quickly peeled the white shorts down her tanned legs, flicking them from her elegant long feet. She let herself fall back on the bed, still in her white lace panties.

Steve wasn’t waiting for any preliminaries either, he simply tugged the baggy shorts down and off. The purple head of his huge cock was showing above the waistband of his jockey’s. Tabby licked her lips as he pushed the grey cotton underpants down, his cock flicking out to attention.

“Come on Steve, fuck me with that cock,” Tabby breathed, holding her hands out, spreading her legs.

The 18-year-old needed no other excuse. He moved toward the bed with the huge cock waving in his hand. A broad grin spread on his face as he looked up the length of his tall cousin, up the long slim legs, across the white lace covered mound to the gentle curve of her belly and the fine mounds of her breasts, finally up her neck to the lovely smiling face framed by the long dark hair.

He knelt at the end of the bed running a hand up each leg, feeling the soft texture of Tabby’s skin. His hands were gentle as fast, passing up over her knees to her shapely thighs. His tongue rested against her thigh as his hands reached the base of her panties. Tabby shivered.

She parted her legs a little more as he slide the tongue along the length of her thigh. Tabby watched and gasped as Steve quietly tugged aside the crotch of her panties to lick up the centre of her already wet pussy. His tongue flicked at her clit a couple of times, Tabby responded with a groan and a wiggle of her hips each time.

“You are so hot Tabby, so fucking hot,” Steve whispered lifting his head. “I don’t need to do this do I?”

Tabby just shook her head. She knew what she wanted and that hung between his legs. Steve just smiled as he climbed on the bed between her outstretched legs. He was still holding her panties to one side as he began to guide the purple head toward her opening.

“Ohhh…Steve…yes…ohhh.,” Tabby moaned as the head rested in the opening of her dripping wet pussy. She brought her knees up to allow him better access. Steve held it there, rubbing the soft pink folds with his head before letting it slip in. Tabby groaned and rotated her hips a little to make his entry easier.

Inch by inch his cock slid into the soft pussy. Tabby watched as it disappeared, feeling her pussy expanding as it slipped in. Her groans became louder. She was ready to cum now. One last push he was in, and she was over the top. Tabby grabbed her cousin’s broad shoulders and hugged him close as her orgasm flowed, shuddering over his cock.

“Jesus Tabby, that was sudden,” Steve smiled.

“God…Steve…I want you to fuck me so bad,” the brunette said, falling back to the bed. “Fuck me hard…I want to feel that again.”

“What ever you want babe,” he smiled, pulling his cock back, admiring the long glistening hard rod. Tabby was still shuddering a little. Then he slid it back, sliding it up into the warmth of her soaked pussy.

Back and forth, past the white lace crotch of her panties he pushed his cock, holding back before sliding it a little deeper and little deeper. Tabby was breathing in short sharp breaths now as he penetrated into her hot wet pussy. He was still being very gentle, slipping his cock deeper and deeper. Finally he reached his limit, the big hard cock pushing up into her. Steve hooked a hand under each of Tabby’s bent knees and pulled her legs up over his shoulders. She gripped his back, pulling him down onto her. They kissed, long and wet as his cock gained more depth. Still he was slow in his rhythm letting the full-length pull back before slipping it forward again, making sure every ridge rubbed the swollen red clit. Tabby was shuddering again as the feelings built. She held him tight, her legs around his back and arms around his neck. They kissed and hugged as he slowly increased his tempo. Then he thrust in hard and fast. Tabby gave a loud shout of surprise followed by a low sensual moan. Steve started to really thrust into her, his balls slapping her butt as his cock buried itself deep. She was so wet and hot he couldn’t stop now.

“Ohhh…yes….yes…ohhh…fuck me, fuck me,” Tabby called out as she felt herself letting go again. “Please…ohhh yes…fill me with your cock…do it.”

“Ohhh yes babe…ohhh,” Steve responded.

Tabby felt her whole body shudder and shake. His cock was stuck deep in her as her pussy contracted hard on it. She gripped Steve with her hands, holding him close as the wave of pleasure passed over her.

As the wave passed and her legs felt weak she thought she heard a noise, a distinct click, but it soon faded from her mind as Steve resumed his heavy thrusts into her body.

“Ohh…fuck yes, ohhh…I’m going to cum babe…I’m going to cum deep in your hot cunt,” Steve called out, his body tensing. He gave an enormous thrust as he spurted his cum deep into the young brunette. “Ohhh…fuck…ohhh…yes. Take it….take my jism…ojhhhh.” He arched his back, sitting back, forcing his cock in and letting Tabby’s legs fall from his shoulders.

It was then that Tabby remembered the click. “OH GOD, MOM!” She called out as Steve kept pumping his hot seed into her.

“I hope that you have some protection Tabby,” her mother said calmly.

Tabby pushed against Steve’s arms, sliding her body away. He was still cumming and the last of his sticky liquid spilled onto the front of her white panties as she pulled out from under her cousin.

“You guys are cousins! Obviously that doesn’t matter,” the 40-year-old mother said looking down on the bed.

Steve rolled off the bed, his semi-hard cock dragging a stream of sticky cum across the bedspread. He shuffled back so he was standing off to one side of the enraged housewife. His face was one of shock and concern; concern of how he was going to get out of this one.

“I’m sorry Mom,” Tabby had started to cry, bringing her legs up under her chin.

“Well, did you have any protection Tabby, cause I see he didn’t?” She raged, pointing to Steve without even looking at him.

“No…no,” Tabby admitted very quietly, looking down. Steve shot a more worried glance toward his cousin.

“You stupid girl,” her mother said. “That doesn’t excuse you.” She turned her fury onto her nephew. “What did you think you were up to? I should have known when I found this downstairs.” She tossed the black bikini top onto the floor. “Both of you have some explaining to do.”

“Now, now, Aunt Di,” Steve said, moving forward to put a hand on her shoulder.

Diane, Tabby’s Mom, was a slender older version of her daughter. She wore her hair short, in a classical cut. The light summer dress she was wearing was very sexy as it clung to her 36C breasts.

“Don’t you now, now me,” she tried to shrug his hand off.

“But Aunty Di, we were hot…and well, you know how it is on these hot summer days,” Steve went on. He had always been a sweet talker and now he was making the most of the temperature and the situation. Tabby knew him well and knew what he was aiming at. “We were overcome…I’m sure it won’t happen again.” He was letting his warm breath travel over her fine pale neck as he spoke.

“Yes, I am sure that is how it is,” Diane said sarcastically. “You have just had sex with your cousin.”

“I know Aunty Di, but I couldn’t help it. Tabby is such a young hot girl,” Steve winked at Tabby. The brunette seemed to know exactly what to do. She moved her legs down, straight on the bed, then slowly parted them. “You have to agree, I mean how would any hot blooded male not be able to resist that?” He pointed over her shoulder to the seductively spread Tabby, at the same time allowing his now rock hard cock to bump her leg at the hem of her summer dress.

“Tabby…I…I…would expect you to resist these…these temptations,” her mother stuttered, the heat in her own body rising slowly.

“But Mom, Steve is such a hunk…you know what I mean,” Tabby searched for words, she wasn’t as gifted in this line as her cousin. She lay back, cupping a hand under her breast and licking her lips. “He’s just so hot Mom, I think you can appreciate that.”

“Don’t tell me…” Diane started to say. Then she felt a hand on hers, wrapping her long slender fingers around a hard thick cock. Lips caressed her neck as Steve placed a hand at her waist and shoulder.

“Come on Aunt Di, you can feel it…feel the heat…how warm it is today…the heat is in the air…you know what the tensions are like,” Steve pulled his cock through her fingers, so she could feel the sticky residue from Tabby’s hot, wet pussy. “Hot and sticky,” he emphasized as he kissed her neck again.

“Steve…you know how…well…you…” she was smiling now, lost for words.

“Do you want to feel that release Aunt Di? Want to feel that warmth…just like Tabby did?” he asked in a soft sultry voice. “Do you need that release? To feel the passion of the moment?”

“Steve, you are….so…bad,” Diane still had her nephew’s cock firmly in her hand.

“Hmmm…yes Aunty Di…” Steve whispered, lowering the hand that held her waist to the hem of the summer dress. There was no resistance as he edged the material up to her waist. Her soft rounded butt was hidden by light pink cotton panties. He moved a finger in, up under one leg to probe at her wet pussy. Diane moaned as he pushed his finger into her.

“Ohhh…Mom,” Tabby moaned as she watched her mother’s face go red with desire. The young girl placed a finger at her own crotch, touching the sticky opening through the white lace panties.

“Do you want me Aunty Di, want my manhood deep in your pussy?” Steve asked as he slowly hooked the pink panties down.

“Ohhh…Steve…I shouldn’t…I mean,” Diane moaned, leaning forward as the panties slid to her knees.

Steve didn’t wait for any further answer he positioned his cock at her pink entrance from behind, forcing Diane to grip the edge of the bed near Tabby’s outstretched legs. He wasn’t as gentle as he had been with Tabby. One thrust shot his cock in the older woman’s hot pussy.

“Ohhh..yeah,” Steve yelped as he found how tight she was.

Diane shot forward. Tabby reached up to steady her Mom. As she did her Mom’s face fell forward into the brunette’s crotch, the sticky cum deposited earlier wiping off on her nose. Tabby expected her Mom to be horrified, instead she saw a broad smile of satisfaction appear as Steve started to pump into her.

As she was fucked from behind by her young nephew Diane slipped a finger into the corner of Tabby’s panties. Quietly she tugged the crotch aside and rubbed her tongue along the sticky slit. Tabby gave a squeal of delight as she felt her mother lick across her clit. The young girl could feel the rhythm of the fucking as her mother’s mouth sucked at her cum-filled young pussy.

“Ohhh..yes, yes, yes,” Diane called out as she felt her body respond to the strong thrusts Steve inflicted. “God, fuck me.”

“Mom…ohhh,” Tabby added as she held her mother’s face against her pussy.

Steve reached around Diane’s body to cup her full 36C breast in his hand, feeling it through the light material of her dress. The nipple was large and hard against the soft cotton. He was thrusting his hips into her, forcing his cock deeper and deeper as Diane licked and sucked at Tabby’s fresh, sweet pussy.

It was Diane who shuddered to a massive orgasm first. The flesh around her hips wobbled as she shook with wave after wave of pleasure. Steve continued to thrust up into her, holding her bare hips. His balls slapped at her butt as she shock, her face flushing.

“Ohhh…Steve…Steve…ohhh…yes, yes,” she called out, lifting her head from her daughters crotch.

Then Steve pushed in, holding her butt tightly back against his crotch as he exploded deep in her womb. Huge strings of sticky hot cum shot up into her as Steve groaned.

“Ohhh…ohhh,” he moaned, falling on her back as he let his body twitch, the last of his cum firing into her.

A sticky dribble oozed from her, sliding down her leg to lodge in her panties as he slipped his deflating cock from his Aunt. They were both breathing heavily as Tabby continued to finger her pussy.

Finally Steve moved back letting Diane stand. Tabby closed the crotch of her panties, leaving her wet pussy ready for Steve.

“Umm…I…I…don’t know what to say,” Diane said after a long pause.

“Say it was fun,” Tabby suggested.

“Tabby, it is wrong…you should know that,” Diane protested.

“But it didn’t stop it happening and you didn’t have any protection,” Tabby pointed out. “I know you don’t take the pill since Dad had the operation.”

“Tabby!” Her mother exclaimed. Then she went very red.

“And you sure looked like you were enjoying my…pussy,” Tabby smiled.

“You could have stopped me any time you wanted Aunty Di,” Steve chimed in.

Diane hurriedly pulled up her sticky panties. “Well, I suppose…” she started to grin again, the memory of the orgasm coming back. “Let’s hope nothing comes of this little episode. Steve, promise you won’t say anything?”

“Sure Aunt Di,” he grinned.


“Sure Mom, whatever you say,” Tabby smiled. “Can Steve and I stay up here until dinner though?”

“I…suppose so…you will find somewhere else to do it otherwise and I am better off knowing where you are,” she paused for a moment then continued. “I am just going to prepare dinner. It will take about half an hour. So make sure there is room for me then. You better get cleaned up by 5.30 otherwise your father will have a fit.”

“Thanks Mom,” Tabby jumped up and kissed her mother on the cheek.

Steve grinned, stroking his sticky cock to another enormous erection. His Aunt licked her lips as she slipped out the door. Tabby slipped the white lace panties to the floor and climbed on the bed. Steve climbed up behind her, grabbing her hips and thrusting his hard cock into her at the same time.


Both mother and daughter exchanged nervous glances as they glared at the pregnancy test strips. There was no doubt as to why they had both been missing their periods over the last three months and why tabby in particular had not been feeling all that well. They had decided to take the test one day, just before Steve was due to arrive with his parents. Now they were not sure what kind of family dinner was in store. Tabby wasn’t sure if should cry or not. Tabby had had sex with Steve a total of four times that evening, not counting the anal sex. Diane had only had his big sexy cock twice. Now they were paying the price for their casual attitude.

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