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October 17, 2018

Swatilekha: A Romantic Story-2

Swatilekha: A Romantic Story-2

I murmured with a deep voice — “Swatilekha, …… “
—“Do not say anything! I am feeling something in deep down”
She raised her chin, her lips quivering in some forbidden thirst.
I stooped down and met my lips with hers, deeply pressing on those soft rose buds as she wrapped my torso in her arms. Time flew or may be it stood still with the unison of two lovelorn person seeking solace in each other arms.
As the kiss broke, I pulled her head on my chest to which she obeyed and cooed like a nightingale — “Love you forever”
Saying so she freed herself from my hold and ran towards the busstop.
I stood in the dark corner, dumbfounded as I saw her boarding the bus and I was even unable to say goodbye to her.

So on that rainy day, when Swatilekha came to uncle’s house, I was really amused. I was unable to contact her for the past few months. All these sweet and sour reminiscent were running in my brain as I sat on the sofa of the drawing room, looking at the ceiling. The overhead fan turned and twisted, the sounds of the fan whirling was like a distant cry. I was totally emerged in those thoughts how I lost my nightingale.
Time flew of which I had lost the count. Suddenly scent of jasmine filled my brain and I felt two soft hands from behind on my head.
I heard my name written on a sweet voice — “Abhimanyu, how are you?”
I held her hand and pulled her in front me. She stood with arms stretched as I held hers.
She was looking very seductive in Mamoni’s pink satin robe. Those deep dark eyes as if digging inside me. Her hairs well knitted in a bun on her head. A lazy lock ran down over her beautiful rosy cheek.
—“I am doing fine. I know you are furious on me for not contacting you”
—“No things are not like that, dear. I could not muster myself up-to the situation that happened on that day”
As she stood in-front of my feasting eyes, she asked — “Why are you looking at me like that?”
—“Swatilekha, I am totally smitten by your beauty. You look so beautiful in this satin robe. Oh!! My goodness, the fragrance of jasmine just driving me mad.” Saying so, I pulled her beside me on sofa.
—“Naughty again, Abhi, as usual.” She giggled. As a stream jostled around the rocks to find it way, and she jumped on to sofa.

What a look of the siren. As she looked towards me, I fathomed the longing ness deep inside her eyes.
The belt tied at her narrow waist. The robe had no button and I could observe that she has only her inner garments inside. V of her robe flew open, her creamy globes peeped out. I put my arms around her to pull her more on me. She kneeled down on sofa, facing me with my face in her palms. My head near her heaving opulent bossom. Soft sweet fragrance of jasmine now grew strong.
“Now what!” I asked her.
—“Nothing dear. That kiss, was very beautiful one, you remember?”
—“Oh!! Sure, the sweetness of your lips is still on mine and the fragrance of your palms is still on my chest.”
—“Very naughty again” as she pulled up my face and brought her nose over mine. She rubbed her nose tips over mine. My arms involuntarily wrapped around her slender waist pulled her more towards me.
Now we could feel the warmth of each-other bodies entwined in a love lock.
—“Lekha! I am sorry that I did not contact you after that. I love you very much.”
—“Abhi, after that day till today, I was longing to meet you but could not muster myself up. I am sorry for what all happened. I was bit skeptical of the thought that what you are thinking. All went as a strike of thunder in that day”

—“Not really dear, I really felt deep down somewhere that I love you, but I was skeptical about you. What would Mamoni think.”
The rain was pouring hard on the window panes. The sound of the trees jostling each-other. In the beat of heat, which was growing between us, I nuzzled my face on her shoulder and gently kissed her slender soft skin of her neck. The wet kisses on her satin smooth skin made her shiver. A chilling sensation ran down her spine.
She purred and wriggled gently in my arms, which made me to tighten my arms around her more.
“Abhi, please leave me, you naughty boy. I am unable to contain myself, dear” —Saying so she pulled my head more towards her face.
—“How can I leave you darling nightingale. Too long was the time that I wasted to be with you.”
—“Please Abhi, please do not make me mad”.
My hands were already exploring on her back, fingers playing over the depth of the spine over the satin robe. This made her bossom heaved like trough and crest of waves. Fullness of her soft bossom touched my chest. The sensation ignited a burning desire between us.
—“Lekha, love you very much my love.”

My arms tightened around my muse soft slender torso, pulling and tugging her more into me. I pulled her on my lap, as she perched comfortably on my lap. Her fleshy slender thighs parted to make way for my thighs to tuck between them. Her belly touched mine. Every inch of our front side touched each-others in that heavenly carnal unison. Only the boundary of her satin robe and my vest was between our heated torso. But I could feel the heat building up as her breath increased pace and her beautiful succulent breasts heaved.

—“Ummmmm!!! Abhi…. Say something, you naughty boy….”
The front part of the robe flew open from the belt underneath; her creamy thighs came in light. I could feel my raging hard-on thumping against her panty clad mons-veneris (soft pussy mound).

She stooped down on my face, took my lips in hers keeping her eyes closed. My tongue lashed inside her juicy mouth. She started chewing my lips like a strawberry.

My right hand dropped down to the globes of her plump round soft ass cheeks. I started pounding and kneading those soft globes like dough. I pulled the string of her robe, which came off easily.

Lekha’s warm breadth flowed over my face. Her eyes tightly closed.
As she was chewing my lips, soft purring sounds emanated from deep of her throat — “ummmmmm!!!!!!” With my free left hand (which was exactly not free) roamed and caressed all over her back over the satin robe as I pulled her slender figure more and more on to mine.
My raging hard-on thumped and was knocking hard through my pants over her soft mound.

She was responding to those thumping of mine by gently brushing her panty clad nether pubis parts over my hard-on.

She tugged and pulled my vest. In unison and fusion of heat, the vest gave away.


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