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October 19, 2018

Summer Vacations – Part 1

Summer Vacations – Part 1

We decided that we’ll first visit Vatsal’s home for vacations, soon we were packed and ready to leave. Vatsal’s family lived in Pune, ever since he could remember. His family included his father Harsh Shah, mother Grishma Shah, elder sister Ishani and a younger sister Divya. His grandparents(paternal) were also visiting them in Pune a week after us he told me. All in all, I was about to meet his entire family. We left for Pune in the second week of March which is when our vacations started officially. We had booked our ticket on Mahalaxmi express from CSMT to Pune so we could get aboard comfortably by 8 p.m, but thanks to Mumbai traffic and to its local trains we were at Mahim Jn even at 8:15 pm. We decided to board the train at Dadar, even so, we were just in time to get at Dadar that we had to make a run to safely get aboard. The train started moving just a second after we were onboard. I looked out of the door feeling the air on my face which dried the sweat on it, thanking God we didn’t miss the train and then turned back to Vatsal. Searching for our seats we began heaving the luggage.



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