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October 20, 2018

Srinivas Uncle And Rani Aunty

Srinivas Uncle And Rani Aunty

Uncle: Hai pradeep and Padma, Sorry I spoiled your party.
Me: sorry uncle. we will do this again.

Hi ISS readers. my name is pradeep and I am from Hyderabad. This story is about a group sex that me and my girl friend had for the first time. when I was 17 years old we were living in a gated community out side of city. there were only few houses in the colony and our house was at the rare end of the colony and it was very isolated place. in the next house there was a beautiful girl padma she was years old. slowly we became friends and one day I proposed her and she immediately accepted that. we used to sit in a isolated place and talk for hours. We became very close and one day I kissed since then I used to kiss her when ever we meet. slowly I stated touching her boobs and pussy. with in a mouth we started doing oral sex. padma used to suck my cock and in return I used to suck her boobs and lick her pussy. We were very cautious that no one will see us doing all this outdoor.

One day when we were deeply involved in the oral sex. padma was sucking my cock like a bitch and I was enjoying that with my eyes closed. suddenly I felt that some ones presence I opened my eyes and I was shocked to see Srinivas uncle. We pulled our dress in hurry and were standing there without knowing what to say. He came near us and said

Uncle: Hai pradeep and Padma, Sorry I spoiled your party.
Me: sorry uncle. we will do this again.

Padma started crying. Uncle said its ok I will not tell this to any one. Its common in this age, everyone will do this. so dont worry. I got relieved when I heard that from srinivas uncle. He then told padma to leave, she left. He then told me that he used to see us doing oral sex every day from his terrace and its not safe place to do all this things in outdoor. If my parents see then I will be a big problem. He invited me to come to his house tomorrow and told me to bring padma along with me.

Srinivas uncle is around 60 years retired from service and he stays with his wife rani aunty who is around 35 years. people say that she is her second wife. She was very sexy lady with 36D boobs. I have seen her cleavage many times. Their children have settled abroad so they both live alone. next day we went to his house rani aunty opened the door and welcomed us inside. From her expression we understood that uncle told her every thing that happened yesterday. uncle was sitting in the sofa. we also sat in the sofa. padma was not looking at there face as she was feeling shy about yesterdays incident. aunty brought us cool drink and we started drinking. Uncle and Aunty asked about our affair when it started, who proposed first etc.

Aunty: you should not do this in the out door its very dangerous.
Me: what to do aunty. we do not have any safe place to meet.

Aunty: you can come here any time and meet. no one will doubt if you come here. If any one ask then tell them that I am helping you in your studies.

I thought I was a nice idea. so I thanked uncle and aunty. next day I went to uncles house with some books and after some time padma also came there with some books in her hand as planned. Uncle said they have arranged a room for us and showed us the room. we went inside it was nice room with a double cot bed. He told us to enjoy and closed the door. I was like in seventh heaven. I hugged padma and kissed her. That day I saw her completely nude with out any clothes on her. we did oral sex for about an hour. She made me cum twice. we opened the door and came out uncle and aunty were watching TV, they looked at us with a naughty smile.

Uncle and aunty were now very friendly to us and we were talking to them openly about sex and what we do inside the room. This went on for about one week. One day Uncle asked me you guys only do oral sex dont want to fuck each other? I hesitantly said that what i am dying to fuck her but she is not allowing me to fuck her. why padma? why are you not allowing him to fuck you? aunty asked. padma did said It will pain if he insert his cock inside my pussy thats why I am afraid of fucking. Aunty convinced padma that it will not pain and she said Pradeep tomorrow you have to fuck padma. If needed we will help you.

Next day we went to uncles house. I was very exited about my fucking. uncle and aunty took us to the room. Uncle said See padma I can understand your fear, what I will do is I will fuck rani so that you both can learn how to fuck. Uncle then went near rani aunty and started removing her saree. Then he removed her blouse and petticoat. she was standing in front of us in bra and panty. She removed uncles pant and shirt. they hugged each other, uncle was pressing her big boobs with his hands. He then removed her bra and hold her boobs from behind and showed it to us. now uncle removed her panty and showed her clean shaved pussy. I was looking at rani with my mouth wide open. She pulled uncles underwear down and took his cock in her hand and started pumping it.

Padma was looking at uncles cock. Uncle made aunty to lye on the bed and started licking her pussy. My cock was rock hard now I took it out and asked padma to pump it. He licked her for 5 mins and then aunty took his cock and started sucking it. Then uncle put his cock inside her pussy and fucked her when He was putting his cock inside her pussy He called both of us near the bed. We climbed the bed and were sitting next to aunty. Uncle told padma to see how he is inserting his cock inside auntys pussy. He then started stroking aunty. within some time he pulled his cock out and pored his cum on her stomach.

We both were very exited after seeing uncle and aunty fuck. Now aunty told us to do the same way. I started kissing padma and undress her. she was little shy to show her boobs in front of uncle. aunty said its ok and made her remove her bra I sucked her boobs and then started licking her pussy. Then she started sucking my cock. while we were doing doing this uncle and aunty were lying next to us naked and watching us. then I made padma lye on her back and then started inserting in her pussy aunty came near us and took my cock in her hand and said dont worry padma I will insert his cock slowly inside your pussy It will not heart you. aunty started stroking my cock slowly and said nice cock pradeep. My cock doubled its size on her touch. she then slowly rubbed my cock on padma’s pussy and then slowly inserted it inside her pussy she told me to press it inside i slowly pressed it inside. Padma was moaning with pleasure when my entire cock went inside her pussy. I stated stroking her pussy. uncle asked padma how do you feel now? she smiled and closed her eyes. I fucked her faster and released my cum on her stomach.

we both were exhausted and laid there on bed naked. now it was very common for me to fuck padma in front of uncle and aunty. One day when we were starting our fucking session aunty asked padama I want to get fucked by pradeep do you have any problem. I was surprised as I was dyeing for such an offer, padma looked at me and I pleaded her please. she said ok I started sucking aunties big boobs and pressing them. uncle went near padma, both of them were standing naked and looking at us. Uncle then put his hand around padma’s shoulder and started talking some thing. With in no time I saw uncle pressing padma’s boobs and she was stroking his cock. I could not believe what I was seeing but I did not react as I was enjoying aunties pussy.

Uncle made padma lay beside aunty and started sucking her pushing. then Padma took uncles cock and was sucking it. Me and Uncle fucked both aunty and padma repeatedly until all four of us were exhausted. after that day I fucked aunty and padma every day.

If any aunties or couples (not only uncles) interested in group sex with me and my girlfriend please mail me [email protected] I will love to visit there place and have fun.



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