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October 20, 2018

Shyam, Savita Bhabhi And Kajal Part 6

Shyam, Savita Bhabhi And Kajal Part 6

Savita and Kajal who were always close, grew even closer as their illicit relationship with their neighbor Shyam progressed. Sharing their bodies with the same man somehow engendered a camaraderie that they had never felt before. Even so, some curious shared inhibition didn’t allow them to talk about it with each other. Although there was not a trace of jealousy between them, that didn’t mean that there wasn’t a bit of friendly rivalry for Shyam’s attention, particularly on Kajal’s part, and that sometimes drove her to do unusual things…


The layout of Savita’s apartment was a bit different from Shyam’s. The entrance opened into the living room. There was a door leading to the balcony straight ahead. The balcony looked out onto the main street below. Off a bit to the right of the living room was a small kitchen. The kitchen was open, with only a waist high partition running between it and the living room. The cooking platform ran along the outer wall of the kitchen. To the right was a small passage leading straight to the single bedroom. On the left side of the main passage was a little side passage. A tiny wash basin was accommodated in there. Also located in the side passage were two doors, one leading to the bathroom and the other to the loo. There was no toilet attached to the bedroom. A person looking in through the steel grilled security door at the entrance could see the entire living room and kitchen, but the passage and bedroom entrance were not visible. A person working at the cooking platform would have her back to the apartment and would have to turn to look at persons sitting in the living room or at the tiny dining table placed right behind the platform. However the passage or bedroom door was not visible to a person working at the cooking platform.

One day, around 8:30 in the morning, Shyam was sipping a cup of tea in Savita’s apartment, sitting at the dining table. This happened only occasionally, since normally he would be keen to shower and go to bed as soon as he could upon returning from work. Savita being the lady of the house had been up early and bustled about with her chores while keeping up a conversation with Shyam. Kajal and the baby were nowhere to be seen, presumably still asleep in the bedroom. (Whenever Kantibhai, Savita’s hubby was away on tour, Kajal slept in the bedroom with Savita and the baby. Otherwise, she would sleep in the living room, where old Ba too slept). Ba as usual was sitting in the living room, busy with her prayer beads, oblivious to her surroundings.

After a while, Shyam heard a stirring from the bedroom. He looked to his right and saw Kajal who had just woken up and was standing at the bedroom door, rubbing sleep out of her eyes. Kajal too spotted him at the same time and suddenly her sleep vanished. She smiled at Shyam and gestured at him to keep quiet. She didn’t yet want Savita to know that she was up. She continued to stand at the bedroom door, stretching and yawning. She wore a comfortable cotton house coat, a modest, loose, cover all garment reaching all the way down to her ankles. The half sleeved housecoat probably belonged to Savita, since it had buttons running down the front up to the navel, making it convenient for her to open it to breast feed her baby. It was amazing how sexy Kajal managed to look even in a house coat, one of the dowdiest garments ever invented.

Shyam continued to chat with Savita, stealing an occasional glance at the bedroom door. The moment Kajal caught his attention; she puckered her lips and leaned forward a little, inviting a kiss. He immediately looked away, trying his best to ignore Kajal and continue his conversation with Savita. Soon, his eyes again wandered towards the bedroom door. By then Kajal had undone the top two buttons of the house coat and her fingers were on the third. She licked her lips suggestively as Shyam looked at her. He once again looked away, his cock rapidly hardening. He tried to catch the thread of his conversation with Savita again, but she sensed that his attention had wandered.

“Shyam Bhai, neend aa rahi hai kya?”

“Shyam Bhai, are you sleepy?” Savita asked.

“Nahi nahi. Aisi koi baat nahi.”

“No, no. It’s nothing.” Shyam said, readjusting his position to accommodate his stiff cock.

When he looked again, Kajal had undone four buttons and her hand was inside the housecoat, lightly massaging a breast. She smiled wickedly at Shyam. Then she slowly pulled one side of the house coat open, gradually baring her plump, pretty shoulder and then paused. Shyam couldn’t take his eyes off her and swallowed nervously as he tried to conceal his arousal, his heart beating fast and blood rushing to his face. Kajal waited and enjoyed Shyam’s discomfiture. Then she slowly resumed peeling the housecoat down until a full, round breast was completely bared. She wasn’t wearing a bra underneath and Shyam could see that her nipple was engorged, no doubt because in trying to arouse Shyam, she had also aroused herself.

“Hey Bhagwan, yeh ladki ab tak jagi nahi hai! Kajal! Chal uth, aur kitni soyegi? Kal shaadi hone ke baad aise soyegi toh sasural wale kya kahenge?”

“Oh God! Hasn’t this girl woken up yet? Kajal!! Rise and shine! If you sleep like this after your marriage, what’ll your in-laws say?” Savita shouted at Kajal when she realized that it was almost 9 O’clock in the morning.

“Ji Didi, mein kab ki jag uthi hoon. Bus abhi taiyar ho kar aati hoon.”

“Yes Didi, I’ve been awake for a while. I’ll be ready and out in a jiffy.” Kajal called out, quickly buttoning up the house coat and winking at Shyam.

Kajal then emerged from the bedroom and stood at the washbasin, brushing her teeth. Every once in a while she puckered her lips at Shyam, offering him a foamy, toothpasty kiss. In reply, Shyam shook a fist at her when Savita wasn’t looking.

“Bhabi, ab main chalta hoon. Zara aram kar loon.”

“Bhabi, I’ll leave now. I need to rest.” Shyam said.

“Bhaiya merey liye do minute rukiye na. Main abhi bahar aa rahi hoon.”

“Bhaiya, please wait a couple of minutes for me. I’m just getting ready.” Kajal called out.

So Shyam waited, not wanting to appear churlish. Kajal hadn’t finished torturing him yet. She again went into the bedroom and stood at the door, facing him. As he looked on hypnotized, she slowly gathered up the house coat with her hands, raising the hem to her knees, then up her thighs and then a further few tantalizing inches till her hairy, triangular pubis was revealed in all its glory. She lewdly thrust her hips out at him, then straightened, turned around and bent forward to bare her plump round buttocks. She once again straightened and pulled the house coat off. For a fleeting moment, she stood completely naked, her back towards him, before disappearing inside the bedroom. A few minutes later she emerged, dressed in a salwar kameez, a dupatta demurely wrapped around her shoulders, her face fresh and innocent.

She sat down at the table beside Shyam and Savita served steaming cups of tea to them both. Shyam protested that he’d already had enough and wouldn’t be able to sleep if he had another cup of tea, but Savita and Kajal would have none of it and finally he had to acquiesce. As Kajal made innocent small talk with Savita and Shyam, her hand wandered under the table on to Shyam’s thigh, slowly moving to his crotch. For a while, he kept perfectly still, even holding his breath as her fingers brushed the bulge in his trousers. Then he abruptly got up, made his excuses and hurried back to his apartment, hoping that nobody had noticed the bulge in his trousers. Although he was highly aroused, he decided not to wank off. He wanted to preserve his energy for later in the day, to teach Kajal a lesson she wouldn’t forget in a hurry. The image of her bare, sexy round rump kept recurring before his eyes…


Once again, after finishing lunch Shyam hauled up a slab of ice to his apartment and set it up on the kitchen platform. He removed the butter suppositories from the freezer and placed them on the ice slab, within easy reach. He also arranged a pillow and a pancha (coarse, thin cotton towel) in the kitchen. He knocked on Savita’s door and invited both sisters into his apartment. This time, both were ready and waiting for him to call, dressed in their best clothes and wearing light makeup. He also caught a whiff of light floral perfume. Kajal carried the sleeping baby in her arms while Savita brought in trays filled with spices. Like all good Gujarati housewives, she too bought a year’s supply in summer. Since Shyam’s balcony faced due west and caught the sun in the afternoons, she had decided to use it to dry the spices while they were in his apartment. It added a nice homely touch too, she thought.

“Kajal chal, ab tujhe agla sabak sikhayen.”

“Kajal come, let’s teach you the next lesson.” He said as Savita went into the balcony to spread the spices out to dry. Kajal could never have suspected what lesson he was about to teach her.

Kajal placed the sleeping baby on the divan and switched on the TV. She glanced surreptitiously at Savita who was out on the balcony, before following Shyam into the kitchen. The dining table and chairs had been restored to their places in the kitchen and the table fan blowing over the ice slab had cooled down the air quite a bit. Shyam stood leaning against the cooking platform. He was still in his street clothes; he hadn’t even taken off his shoes yet, something that he usually did immediately upon coming home. She rushed to him but he stopped her in her tracks with a gesture of his hand.

“Jaao, pehle dono darwaze bandh kar ke aao.”

“First go and close both doors.” He commanded, referring to the door between the living room & passage and the door to the kitchen. She was a bit puzzled by this, but nevertheless complied.

“Kyon Kajal, aaj subah tujhe kya ho gaya tha? Kaisi besharmi se bartav kar rahi thi!”

“Kajal, what was the matter with you in the morning? You were behaving so shamelessly!” Shyam scolded her upon her return.

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