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October 20, 2018

Shyam, Savita Bhabhi And Kajal Part 5

Shyam, Savita Bhabhi And Kajal Part 5

As the summer progressed, Shyam’s small kitchen became ever hotter in the afternoons. The small table fan he’d recently bought was proving to be of little help. Then one day, Shyam had a brainwave. On his way home after eating lunch at a restaurant, he bought a large slab of ice from a roadside vendor and hauled it up to his apartment. He placed it on the cooking platform and arranged the table fan so it blew air across the ice slab. Water dripping off the melting ice drained into the sink at one end of the platform. The effect was immediately noticeable and the temperature inside the little kitchen became much more bearable. The slab was big enough to cool the kitchen for several hours. Shyam was pleased with himself. Savita opened her door as Shyam knocked on it. Kajal was standing right behind her.

“Bhabi, aaiye, aapko kuchh dikhana hai.”

Bhabi, come, I want to show you something.” Shyam said.

Kajal held back, thinking that Shyam wanted to be with Savita that day. Shyam however had other ideas.

“Kajal, tum bhi aao.”

“Kajal, you can come too.” He said.

As they entered Shyam’s living room, he switched on the TV and set the volume a bit high.

“Kajal, tum yahin ruko. Agar by chance kissine darwaza khatkhataya to samhal lena.”

“Kajal, please wait here. If by chance anyone knocks the door, deal with him.” Shyam instructed her.

He then beckoned Savita to follow him and went inside, carelessly confident that she would obey. Kajal pretended not to notice his gesture to Savita, studiously concentrating her attention on the TV. Savita was stunned at Shyam’s sheer crudeness and impudence in expecting her to follow him inside even as her younger sister looked on. This was getting a bit too much; she thought and for a moment considered defying him and walking out. Then she changed her mind and decided to confront him there and then. She wrapped her pallu tightly around her shoulders and marched in, seething with anger. Kajal observed Savita’s reactions through the corner of her eyes and knew that a confrontation was going to happen. She waited with bated breath…

“Shyam Bhai, besharmi ki bhi koi hadd hoti hai. Yeh aapne kaise samajh liya ke meri chhoti behen ke saamne mai aapke peeche peeche chali aoongi? Aap kya mujhe kathputli samajhte hain ya apni rakhail jo aapke isharon par nachegi? Mai aisi beizzati katai nahi sahoongi.”

“Shyam Bhai, there has to be a limit even to your brazenness. How dare you think that I’d follow you under the very eyes of my younger sister? Do you think I am a puppet or your mistress who will dance to your tune? I will never tolerate such an insult!” Savita spat out, her bosom heaving and eyes flashing in anger.

Shyam was taken aback. He immediately realized that he’d unthinkingly made a mistake. However, now that he had put himself in a pickle, he decided to brazen it out.

“Oh oh ho! Savita Bhabi, aap toh ekdum naraz ho gayi! Lekin aisi bhi kya baat hui hai? Kajal achhi tarah janti hai ki hum dono andar kiss liye aaye hain aur woh bhi koi pahli baar nahi. Woh merey ghar mein baithe ya aapke ghar mein iss se kya farak padta hai? Usne yahin baithna jyada achha hai kyonki agar koi aira gaira galti se aa hi gaya toh woh usse nipat sakegi. Hai na?”

“Oh oh ho! Savita Bhabi, why are you so upset? What’s the matter? After all, Kajal knows very well why we’ve come in here and that too not for the first time. What difference does it make whether she waits in my apartment or yours? In fact it’s better if she waits here since if per chance a stranger intrudes, she’ll be better able to deal with him here. Don’t you agree?” Shyam asked coolly.

This so enraged Savita that words failed her and she just spluttered incoherently. She raised her hand and swung it hard, wanting to slap Shyam. He was too quick for her and caught her flying wrist, breaking a couple of glass bangles she wore.

“Baap re! Itna gussa! Lekin Bhabi, aap gusse mein aur bhi sundar lagti hain. Sach bataiye, kya aap mujh par gussa hain ya apne aap par?”

“My God! What a temper! But you know Bhabi; you look even more beautiful when you are angry. Tell me truthfully, who are you angry with, me or you?”

While he spoke, he slowly twisted her arm and turned her around so that she faced away from him. Savita felt a sharp pain as he strong armed her, and then it subsided into a dull throb as he held her arm pinned behind her. She felt angry, helpless and frustrated as she struggled to free herself, finally giving up when she realized that he was too strong for her. Tears streamed out and she sobbed as she felt the fight slowly ebb out of her. She suddenly became conscious of his close proximity just behind her and felt a twitch in her pussy as her nostrils flared and registered his strong male scent.

“Zara dekiye Bhabi, garmi par maat karne ke liye itna mast bandobast kiya hai aur aap uska mazaa lene ke bajai jhagadna chahti hain! Thandi hawa ko apne badan par jhel kar uska mazaa lootiye!”

“Look Bhabi, I’ve rigged up such a nice arrangement to beat the heat, and you want to fight instead of enjoying it! C’mon, relax and enjoy the cool breeze blow over your body.” He said.

He let go of her arm and made her stand right in line with the air blowing off the ice slab. Savita closed her eyes and let the breeze dry off her sweat, occasional sobs still wracking her body. Shyam stood close behind, without touching her. He gently nudged her pallu off her shoulders, so that the cool air blew directly on the expanse of her bosom showing through the large neck opening. The blouse had a large, low opening at the back too, through which her well padded shoulder blades were visible. He started massaging and caressing the bare skin of her back. Her sobs slowly subsided and she finally let out a long sigh. She knew then that she was beaten and would never be able to defy him.

His erect cock tented his pajamas and fleetingly brushed Savita’s ass as he moved closer. Savita moved her ass back a little, once again seeking contact with his cock. He again allowed his cock to brush her and drew back. They continued their little game for a while, their arousal mounting, not making any contact between their bodies except for the fleeting brush of his cock against her ass. He leaned forward and licked the bare expanse of her back, savoring the salty taste of dried sweat. Then he reached around her, unbuttoned her front opening blouse and released the clasp of her bra. He pushed her blouse and bra off her body so that her large, bare, slightly sagging bosom was directly exposed to the cool breeze. Savita’s nipples immediately tightened and her aureole puckered up.

“Bhabi, apne haath sar par rakhiye.”

“Bhabi, place your hands over your head.” He instructed and she complied, all thoughts of rebellion completely forgotten.

He ran his fingers through her thick armpit hair, then bent and smelled them, savoring her feminine musk. He rubbed his palms against her breasts and lightly pinched her nipples. Savita moaned under her breath. His hands traveled downwards and caressed her soft belly, soothing the stretch marks left by her pregnancy. He steadied her hips with one hand and deliberately rubbed his swollen cock against her. With his other hand he pulled out her sari and undid the knot of her petticoat. Her sari and petticoat fell and pooled around her feet and soon, her panties followed, rendering her completely naked. His hands now roamed all over her thighs and belly, his fingers occasionally rubbing along her wet slit while his cock ground into her ass from behind. He stepped back a bit and stripped off his kurta and pajamas.

“Haan, toh aaj meri rakhail peeche se apni choot marwana chahegi?”

“Would my mistress like to get her cunt fucked from behind today?” He asked, deliberately employing the word “rakhail” (mistress) that she had herself used a short while ago, to emphasize his domination over her.

By that time, Savita was so aroused, ready and waiting for his cock that it hardly mattered to her whether he took her from the front or behind as long as he quickly got on with it. She grunted her assent. Shyam placed the pillow on the table and made Savita lean over and rest her shoulders on it, her head cradled in her arms. He nudged her legs apart and Savita on her part raised her hips as far as she could, positioning herself to receive his cock. Her pussy was wide open now and he could see her juices trickle out. He stood behind her, held her by her hips, lined up and eased his cock in. Her pussy was hot and well lubricated, offering little resistance. He started thrusting in and out of her cunt from behind, slowly increasing the tempo. As his frenzy built up, he leaned forward and kissed the back of her neck, hands reaching down and grabbing her breasts. Savita too abandoned herself to the waves of pleasure washing over her and became oblivious to the grunts escaping her own lips and the creaking and scraping sound of the table as it bore the brunt of Shyam’s vigorous thrusts. In a few minutes, Shyam blew his load deep inside Savita, who had already experienced several orgasms during that time. He collapsed against her, resting his head on her sweaty bare back till they both recovered their breath.

“Bhabi, aapko peeche se chodne mein kuchh alag hi maza aaya. Kya aapko bhi aaya?”

“Bhabi, doing you from behind was something else! Did you enjoy it too?” He asked. She nodded. That was another thing he’d never done with Renu.

“Pata hai, kal Kajal ki choot ka parda phatate phatate bach gaya. Sachhi, woh bilkul diwani ho gayi thi mera lund apni choot mein ghuswane ke liye. Lekin maine uspar qaboo kar liya.”

“You know, yesterday Kajal almost lost her virginity. She was desperate to get my cock into her cunt, but I managed to control her.” He told her, while his hands roamed over her naked body. He then proceeded to narrate the whole incident, re-igniting their passions. Savita was barely able to keep her mind on his narration.

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