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October 20, 2018

Shyam, Savita Bhabhi And Kajal Part 2

Shyam, Savita Bhabhi And Kajal Part 2

Shyam just stood in his kitchen for a while, stunned and disorientated. As he slowly recovered, he became aware of acute discomfort as his engorged cock strained against his tight shorts. He locked the door of his apartment, retreated into his bedroom, stripped and lay down. He jerked off three times within an hour, tried to do it a fourth time but although he had the urge, there was no more juice left in him. Exhausted and emotionally drained, he finally drifted off to a fitful sleep.

He woke up with a start at 7 in the evening, the events in the afternoon playing out in his mind over and over again. He felt a sharp twinge of guilt as he held himself responsible for what had happened. How could he have made such an overtly sexual advance towards young, innocent Kajal? He was after all older and more mature than her. He ought to have resisted the temptation, whatever might have been the provocation. Besides, he was a married man! He cringed at the thought of facing Savita Bhabi, who had so trustingly allowed her innocent young sister to spend time with him. He hoped she would never find out and the whole thing would quietly be forgotten, as if nothing had ever happened…

On the other hand, he was not to be blamed at all, he thought. He had never invited Kajal into his home, it had been her idea. And then, Kajal was not all that innocent after all! Hadn’t she been behaving in a most shameless manner for the past so many days? She had virtually invited him to take liberties with her… He was only human after all. Even sage Viswamitra had lost his balance when tempted by the beautiful Menaka! And so his mind raced on… But then, he was a working man with a livelihood to earn. So he eventually reached his factory and immersed himself in work, switching his mind off from the turmoil in his personal life.


On running back home, Kajal freshened up, changed, gathered her notebooks and rushed out again, pleading that she was getting late for her coaching class. She hardly spoke to Savita, responding to her questions in monosyllables and avoiding looking her in the eye. Actually, she was almost a quarter hour too early, having come back from Shyam’s place earlier than usual.

Her mind was in a whirl. Damn, damn, damn!! How could she have allowed a man to touch her like that! She thought as she walked to her class. She had been a fool to get herself into a compromising situation, forgetting the warnings and admonishments of her wise Bua, who was always telling her about the wicked ways of men, ready to pounce upon innocent young virgins like her to satisfy their lust. She cursed herself on her naiveté. On the other hand, it was Shyam Bhaiya who was really the villain, she thought. After all, he was married and she was almost like his younger sister – why, she even called him Bhaiya (brother)! How could he have done a thing like this – it was almost incest! She was really angry and stamped her foot hard a couple of times as she walked to her class, attracting the attention of curious passers-by…

Her mind continued to be in turmoil and she barely registered what was being taught in the class. As she walked back home, the events of the afternoon played themselves out again and again in her mind, in excruciating slow motion. She remembered every sound, every smell, every word uttered. She remembered in vivid detail his firm grip around her waist as he hoisted her on to the cooking platform, his fingers lightly holding her jaw, his soft, warm tongue licking up the detached eyelash…

Finally, she allowed herself to relive the moments when Shyam’s hands had actually caressed her breasts. The memory hit her like a blow. In a sort of a delayed reaction, her nipples stiffened into hard little nubs and an exquisite pain shot through them. A spark flew through her pussy and she could feel warm, sticky fluid ooze out and wet her panties. As she continued to walk home, she started feeling light headed. A pink haze appeared to have enveloped the surroundings and normal street sounds seemed muted and far away. There was a low, dull roar in her ears, like the sound of surf crashing onto a distant shore. By the time she reached home she was shivering, barely able to summon the strength to climb the stairs.


The moment Kajal returned from Shyam’s house, Savita had sensed that something was amiss. Kajal’s nervous manner, her downcast eyes and monosyllabic responses were dead giveaways. However since Kajal had rushed out almost immediately, Savita had had no time to ask questions. One look at Kajal upon her return from coaching class told her that the problem was serious. Savita touched Kajal’s forehead and found that she was running a high fever. She immediately gave her some aspirin, made her drink some milk and sent her to bed. Savita was now seriously worried, but knew that this was not the time to question Kajal. Kajal’s fever had not abated till late next morning and she was still asleep. Savita finally decided to talk to Shyam to find out what had happened.


On his way home from work, Shyam continued to mull over the previous day’s events and he finally decided what had to be done. There was no two ways about it – he had to come clean with Savita Bhabi and tell her everything. He was an upright man and was prepared to take the consequences of his actions on the chin. Within minutes of his returning home, Savita knocked on his door and came in. She could see the entrance gate to the compound of their building from her balcony, and had been waiting for Shyam to return.

“Shyam Bhai, kal dopahar Kajal ko kuchh hua kya?”

“Shyam Bhai, did something happen to Kajal yesterday afternoon?” Savita could hardly have been more direct.

“Usne aapko kya kaha?”

“What did she say to you?” Shyam queried back.

“Us se baat karne ka mauka hi nahi mila. Aapke yahan se lautnepar woh turant hi coaching class chali gayi. Jab wapas lauti to usey tez bukhar tha. Ab bhi woh so rahi hai.”

“I didn’t get an opportunity to talk to her. She went to the coaching class immediately after returning from your place. When she came home, she had high fever. She’s still asleep.” Savita explained.

“Savita Bhabi, baithiye. Mujhe aapse kuch kehna hai.”

“Please sit down, Savita Bhabi. I’ve to tell you something.” Shyam said.

Savita’s heart sank as she sat down and steeled herself to hear the worst. In a low voice, Shyam related the events of the previous afternoon, holding back nothing. Savita stared out of the window, her eyes unfocussed, as she heard Shyam out. Her face in turn registered anxiety, alarm, consternation, anger and bewilderment… There was a hint of tears in her eyes. There was a long silence after Shyam finished.

“Kya yeh sab bilkul sach hai?”

“Is this all completely true?” Savita whispered. Shyam nodded in affirmative.

Savita was stunned. She was conditioned to look upon her kid sister as a child, even after she had grown up into a pretty young woman. Besides, Kajal always had been a bit of a tomboy, never taking an interest in boys. So, even when Savita had noticed Kajal developing a crush on Shyam Bhai, she had not attached any importance to it, dismissing it with an indulgent smile. What a fool she had been! She thought. However, she knew that her question was superfluous. She felt it in her heart that he had spoken the truth. It would have been so easy for him not to tell her anything and to disclaim responsibility for the whole affair if Kajal spilled the beans, but he had not done so. For that, she felt a grudging respect for Shyam.

“Savita Bhabi, main apne kiye pe bahut sharminda hoon. Mai aapse maafi chahta hoon.”

“Savita Bhabi, I’m really ashamed of what I’ve done. I beg your forgiveness.” Shyam was contrite.

But Savita was only half listening. She had a sense of déjà vu as her mind went back a few years and remembered her own involvement with a man before her marriage… She too had fallen for a married man. It had happened while she was studying in college in Indore. He was in his thirties and was a musician at her dance class. Even at the beginning of their involvement, he had not hidden his married status from her. They had met secretly several times. Dreamy tête-à-têtes and promises of eternal love had been followed by some heavy petting, and on a couple of occasions, mutual masturbation. He had offered to take her as his second wife, provided she agreed to convert to Islam, since he happened to be a Muslim. While an infatuated and passion crazed Savita had been more than willing to go to bed with her lover, she had balked at the thought of abandoning her faith. Only her lover’s scruples had prevented her loss of virginity, a commodity so prized in the marriage market in India. As soon as Bua, her father’s sister had gotten wind of the affair, Savita had been forbidden to leave home unescorted. Her father had moved quickly, found a suitable groom and soon Savita was married and packed off to Mumbai.

Looking back dispassionately, Savita acknowledged that what her family had done had been in her best interest. She realized that after the high tide of passion had ebbed, she would have been miserable as the second wife of a poor musician. She was reasonably happy with her marriage too. Even so, she did not have any regrets on having had the affair. In fact, never had her husband aroused her to those feverish peaks of excitement that she had experienced at the skilled hands of her lover. Even now, her heart skipped a beat when she remembered those magic moments in her lover’s arms. She also owed him a debt of gratitude. She shuddered to think what might have happened if she hadn’t been able to provide visible evidence of being a virgin on her wedding night…

Savita and Kajal were quite close, in spite of a six year age difference. Savita felt fiercely protective towards her kid sister and would have been prepared to do anything for her.

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