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October 20, 2018

She Requested, I Obliged

She Requested, I Obliged

I can be reached at [email protected], general queries are welcome but please no queries regarding the identity of women or partnerships etc.

This story is being published on the request of one of my indian sex stories dot net clients. Names and places are changed for the protection of privacy. If you don’t want to read about me, you may wanna skip 2 – 3 paras.

About me, I am a professional male escort based in India, I travel to places on request of my clients. I accompany them for parties, get-togethers, gym sessions, shopping, and sight-seeing. I have a very small and exclusive list of clients. New joinings are either based on referrals or me meeting them on a trip somewhere. My client base includes business women, management professionals, and other women that are part of A-list.

I can be reached at [email protected], general queries are welcome but please no queries regarding the identity of women or partnerships etc.

How it started:

I was meeting her for the first time, she was referral joinee though had chatted with her over mail and then WhatsApp but this was going to be the first face to face encounter. From her chats, I had asserted that she was the one who loved authority. As a standard procedure, she had already told her preferences. Quite an elaborate list, “few hairs on chest, light stubble, shaved pubic area, white t-shirt formal navy pants …” I usually prepare for like 2 – 3 weeks before meeting a client to set everything up perfectly.

So the day arrived, I had already received tickets and reservations of a hotel in Mumbai, I landed at around 11 in the morning and headed to my hotel. After checking in I went out to a salon got myself all dapped, returned to the hotel took a shower and came out, got dressed up and went to the restaurant at around 2. She was supposed to arrive at 2:30. So in the restaurant, I requested a corner table ordered a fine red wine and started to wait for her. After a while she arrived, I got up greeted her by bending down and kissing her fingertips and then knuckles. She looked beautiful in her exquisite one A-line dress. Then I held the chair while she sat and then I sat down. I looked deep in her eyes and gave a little smile (guys do this always) and she also reciprocated.

She was in finance industry so I had brushed myself up with the current scenario of the financial world to talk to her. I mean you cannot expect a woman saying let’s just go to bed. Well, there are a few occasions like that too but for the first time, you should make her comfortable. So, I asked her about work and she told about how she handles investments for her clients which are based in energy sector so I put up question about VITOL. And she got surprised I just smiled and said will u have some wine. She also smiled and there on our conversation started and she was laughing and giggling and arguing on various opinions etc. in short time I made sure she gets comfortable.

Main Action:

Well till that time we were half bottle down and feeling tipsy. So, I suggested to get to the room she readily agreed and we started walking with me holding her back till we reached the room. And just sat on the bed and I held her hand gently and started to give her light massage then her wrist and arms. I suggested her that u may lie on the bed and she did. I was just looking at her eyes while I was massaging her arms and hands. Then I reached over to her shoulders and pressed them gently and gave a soft moan. I just kissed her forehead and continued my hand moment to her neck then her back. Now and then mmmms and ahaaas from her now echoing in the room. Then I reached for her feet. I let go of her sandals and kissed soles of her feet and then kissed her toes while I looked in her eyes. And there was contempt, the satisfaction of love and that’s what I aim for always. I kept moving forward to her knees, kissing every inch and massaging gently till I reached or her thighs. I moved my hands from knees to all the way to her love triangle and I could see her eyes get closed as she arched her back.

I started to kiss and give small bites on her thighs and he was just moaning and moving her fingers in my hairs with her eyes closed. And I reached for her black panty I just kissed her love hole over her panty that was completely drenched in her love juices and a loud moan escaped from her mouth. I stood up but she was pulling me down so I put my fingers on her pussy over her panty and started to massage it. While I went up to kiss her. I took a chocolate that I had brought and put it in my mouth and then put my lips on hers. And the chocolaty smooch stared while my fingers were rubbing her clits and pussy over her panty. Her hands were now just pulling off buttons of the shirt so I pulled it out and again smooched her. This I pulled her close to me and lifted her to sit on my lap as I smooched her I started to take her dress off.

And there she was in her perfect glory. Her 34d boobs trapped in Victoria’s Secret bra I gave a deep kiss on her cleavage and then gave a love bite near right boob she got furious due to that and dig her nails into my back. And I gave her a tight smooch pulling her lips with mine. As our bodies rub each other. I let go of her bra hooks and hug her. Her nipples start to poke my chest and a current start to flow in our bodies. I then pin her to bed and start to lick her one boob and encircle her nipples with my tongue while my one hand is reaching for other and other grabbing her ass cheeks and pulling them a bit. So, then I go down to her navel. And tongue fucks her there … while my hands grab the sides of her panty and pull it down. She opens her legs for me then and pushed my face down with her hands. I get hold of her thighs look in her eyes and put my have into her love triangle. I lick each bit of it leaving the pussy intentionally. I could sense she is getting very excited and angry at the same time so starts to raise her hips to force her pussy in my face.

So being a gentleman I oblige to her need and part her clits with my tongue and start to lick her deep. There were lots and lots of juices and I was a happy man drinking all and she was in bliss shaking her head and raising her hips that were the pleasure she was seeking. My hands were just moving on her thighs and stretching her ass cheeks and then she gasped. Her body started to shake and the barrier of pleasure was broken as she ushered into the blissful state of orgasm. My whole face was filled with her juices. I drank all I could but it was unending. And she calmed down after that she pulled me up and gave me a hug and I kissed her neck. As she had told she doesn’t like tasting her own juice so I quickly cleaned my face and then gave her another chocolaty smooch. As she kept her head on my chest and passed out and I kissed her forehead lie just next to her.

And it was just the start of a long long night.

Will post what all happened next, how we did in the on the pool table, in the balcony and the hotel parking in her car if I get a good response and my client likes it.


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