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October 24, 2018

Sexy encounter with Bangalore aunt

Sexy encounter with Bangalore aunt

Hi, I am vikram from Bangalore. This doc has come out with a great influence, courage and inspiration after reading so many blogs here. Well to describe me, I am 33yrs, 5.7 tall and weigh around 64kgs. Medium built, not so fair and not a mirror cracking material. I mostly attract the opposite through my great sense of humour and oneliner.

This story is about the encounter with my aunt who had visited our place for a family function gathering at around 12 years back when I was 21yrs. To describe my aunt, she is very fair, 5.2 tall and little bulky of boobs size 36, but sexually attracted. This happened few days after their visit, wherein we were forced to sleep like a sheep yard where in it was difficult to arrange rooms for so many.

Few of us were bit late to go for sleep as we had gathered for some singing and discussions after our late night dinner. Till this time I had no intentions towards her. It was a casual approach in anything. That day, it so happened luckily that I was forced to sleep beside her without any intentions.

Most of them were fast asleep and I was suffering from the space problem and was finding difficult to turn aside and around and not getting sleep even after an hour. During this time, my aunt was in deep sleep. Something happened and my hand went around her waist. Felt something cushioning and later realized it was her stomach.

Current passed through my body and was bit scared that something happen and thought my aunt is going to shout. No reply came from her. By this time, I was sexually aroused. Now, my cruel intentions started. I thought of one more try to see my luck and was in courage that, if at all something happened, it would be unintentional in sleep.

So, continued my hand movement little up where in the boobs touched a bit. Surprisingly, no reply came. By this time it becomes obvious that she is co-operating. My hand moved the other way till it touched both the boobs simultaneously. No response. My only worry is, whether somebody is watching. I was so blind here that, I didn’t care of anybody at that time.

Now, I tried to enter my hand inside the blouse. I went further till I touched nipples. No response. I fondled around her boobs, pinched her nipples, by this time, I was sure that even she was enjoying this and was co-operating. After playing for few seconds, I made my mind to explore another area that is bottom.

I took my hand away and acted as if everything happened in the sleep and was relaxing a bit for few minutes. Then I again turned around and again put my hand on the lower area and continued till the cunt area step by step. Here the problem aroused. Her reaction showed that she didn’t want this action to happen and removed my hand and turned aside.

Even here, I acted as if this is being done in sleep mode. I stopped and thanked myself that this much happened at the very first approach. Days passed and during holidays, I visited their place. This time, I cannot expect the same thing happen because there is no chance for us to sleep together.

But, whenever I could get the chance, I used to touch, scrub and do whatever possible whenever I was passing by or whenever I was helping her in her household work. Time came, when one fine day, luck tapped and helped a lot in satisfying with her. My uncle was out for work. Her children were out for school.

I had finished my late breakfast and was sitting in sofa and watching some adult song coming in TV. She happened to cross by and said what are you doing? I said it’s a interview of some director. Now another song came of the same quality. This time, I made a reason that I have some headache and asked if she can apply some balm and said no need of any massage, but prefer a sleep.

She came shouting at me saying, at this age if you are seeing such stuff, this is the result you will get and started applying balm from behind the sofa which I was sitting. During this, she was parallelly watching the song while scrubbing balm. I raised my head till it touched her body no matter where.

I started moaning by saying haaaa, oooh, very cool for the way she was massaging my head. I said, I didn’t want massage but if you are doing it this way, you can continue. She said, why not. Don’t worry your headache will vanish if I continue for another 10 minutes. She asked if I can lay down. I removed my shirt intentionally saying it’s a bit hot inside room.

She applied and was about to leave. I said, anyhow you have to wash your hands, why not apply the same remaining balm for my back. She smiled and told me to turn around. She massaged for another 10 minutes. Then she asked where else. I said, if this is the result, I need the massage for entire body. She scolded me in a sarcastic way and went away.

I was scolding myself for my luck. But later it went other way. She came back after washing her hands and asked whether to tie a cloth around my head. I said that the head ache is mild and will vanish in few minutes if you can chat with me. Since, she had finished all her work, she came and sat with me. By this time, my pant had a projection.

I don’t know she observed, but she sat beside me and was asking me about my college life, my studies, my friends. It went deep in discussion and she took out girlfriends’ topic. I said, I have. After few questions about her, she asked whether I am virgin. I was surprised by this question. I asked her what sort of questions you are asking.

She said, you never know about the students studying in city. I said NO intentionally, so that I can make some move here. She asked what happened. I narrated a small story which ended with sex. By this time even she was aroused and said, I got to know when you were watching TV. I don’t know what happened, I held her hand and asked her not to tell this story to anyone.

Here, she made a move by loosely massaging my hand. It slowly came upwards till my shoulder. I was totally out of control and pulled her towards me. She took a deep breath near me and said what is this. I said, this is what I wanted from so many days. She said, I knew and was waiting for this opportunity.

I pulled her further so that she can sleep fully beside me. She laid straight and I went above her and took out her pallu. I kissed as much as possible and started to unbutton her hooks of blouse. She was slowly passing her hand all over my back. I didn’t had so much of patience to unhook her bra. I pulled it down and was sucking her boobs like a cone icecream.

Her hand went to my penis. She was squeezing as much as possible. I turned her opposite and started biting her back. She forcefully turned front. I took a bottle of water which was beside bed and took a cap full of water and poured on navel region. I started drinking it. Here I could here some moaning sound from her. This aroused further.

I pulled her saree which was locked to petticoat. I untied petticoat and pulled it down along with panty. Here it is. A deep unexplored jungle. I was embarrassing her about her unshaven pussy. She said, this is the inexperience and unexplored. You guys don’t agree if I say that at this point of time I came down from bed and went out to bring scissors and razer.

This move has another reason. Somebody advised me to stop and start method of having sex for long lasting sex. I started removing her public hair and neatly finished my job. Now she is neat and clean. I got fresh and came back again and saw she was wearing nighty. I asked what was the reason, anyhow I am going to remove it. She said, its time for your uncle to come home for lunch.

Since my uncle’s office is very close to their house, he visits one time in afternoon for lunch and relax for half an hour. Both of us relaxed, had our lunch and were waiting for my uncle to go back. At around 2, he went back. This is the time we didn’t want to miss. She finished all her house work and came to room. I was acting as if I was asleep.

She asked whether I don’t need? I acted and said, I am getting sleep and she can do whatever she likes with my body. Guys try this, you will enjoy. She came over me, removed my pyjama along with undi and saw my cock ready to be rocked. She took it in her hand started masturbating and asked whether I am still getting sleep. I kept quite.

She started sucking it and the precum was oozing out. She left my cock and was searching for a piece of cloth to wipe it. I said, why don’t you try tasting it. She said, is it the item to be tasted. I pitied her innocence and advised her to have a taste of it. She hesitated a bit, but once she started, she was sucking like anything. I didn’t want to cum at this point of time so soon!

I stopped and stood up and asked her to lie down. Made her comfortable and started licking her cunt. She was surprised by this action since these were new moves she has never faced with her husband. She enjoyed. I said if she requires we shall stop for a while and give some tips of the entire range of steps. I never counted no of steps I knew till this time.

As I finished tutorials she was more anxious in all the steps. I said I will try maximum steps. Now I started fingering her. It was difficult for me to insert though she was excited. Her cunt was supposed to be lose. I don’t know, but continued, then inserted two then three, now she began to cum. it was a fabulous taste of strawberry since she had strawberry icecream before foreplay.

I asked her permission for trying till my all 5 fingers enter. She was bit scared, said NO and I left it. Now I wanted to try 69 position. As we readied ourself, her phone alarm started ringing. I asked what it was. She said she had put ON for the safer side. It is an hour left for her husband return. Then we wanted to hurry.

We enjoyed that position for a while and came to regular position to finish it off. She was bit worried and said not to finish in hurry since we had another 35 minutes. I entered my cock into hers and there the excitement of moaning comes. She started screaming for to & fro motion. I said her to control and did it slowly.

I held her boobs in one hand and put one finger into her mouth so that she can bite it when in pain. Even I enjoyed d pain. Now I asked her to turn around and said her to bend. I entered from back and could feel that I have touched her end. She requested me to slow down. I didn’t want to finish here. I lied down and she was on top and made her to fuck me.

She tried for a while and couldn’t. Each time she was taking position, she failed. Now I made her laid down in the std position and inserted her. Made her leg lift and put it on my shoulders. I did it for 5 mins and lowered her legs and with pens inside and told her to turn sideways. My god what a lovely feeling it was for both of us. She was surprised by my stamina.

I said that its all because of yoga and start and stop method that is helping me to last so much. Now there is 1 more position which I m a master but I knew I cannot try on her since she was bit fat. The position is first insert penis and lift her completely and position her on waist. I tried but failed. She objected it, because if she falls it will be an issue.

Now its time to finish. I came back to position and made her mentally prepare to receive juice. I started, I increased the speed. She was shouting vikram, ahhhhhhh, fuck me, innu, bega, (still, fast). Hearing this at the climax even I shouted aunty aunty aunty aunty ha ha haaaaaaaa. There it is. EXPLODED.

My god! What a session it was. Fuck! I slept on her for a while. Then removed it and went to bathroom and took bath. I came out and she went to get fresh. That’s it friends. Here the story began and till now we had 2 sessions in 12 yrs. We lack secured place and time. But smooch, fondle her boobs, hit her ass whenever wherever.

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