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December 15, 2018

Sexual Fantasy For A Fan – Part 1

Sexual Fantasy For A Fan – Part 1

So we started emailing back and forth, and I couldn’t get enough of it. This was one of the sexiest women I have personally come across, but she was yet to realize just how sexy she was.

Hi friends, this story is in response to one of my favorite fans who reached out to me on email looking for a good time. Almond, this is for you. Any women looking for an experience may contact me at [email protected]

After writing my sex story about my experience with Lisa, a fellow ISS reader reached out to me. “Hi! I read your story and I really wanted to get to know you,” she said.

So we started emailing back and forth, and I couldn’t get enough of it. This was one of the sexiest women I have personally come across, but she was yet to realize just how sexy she was.

Let me tell you a little about her; keeping her marital and professional status aside because she deserves her privacy. Her body was absolute drop-dead gorgeous. All the curves were in the right places. Her hair was long and magnificent, and the eyes and a smile that could disarm even the most ruthless villain on the planet. Her skin was the perfect blend of brown that can take your breath away. I couldn’t believe that I was talking to such a perfect woman for the first few weeks.

After months of chatting and trading pictures, she invited me over to her place. Like a gentleman, I approached her apartment with a box of chocolates, a bouquet of roses and a bottle of wine. Because she’s sexy and she’s definitely got a body worth fighting for.

She opened the door in a cute floral dress with her hair tied and her glasses on. Holy crap! I almost dropped everything I was holding. She smiled and invited me in with the cutest smile I’ve ever seen and I stepped into her apartment.

The ride to her place was exhausting and I needed to gather my strength for what was to come. So I excused myself to the bathroom to freshen up. She offered me a towel, and I had some fresh clothes in my car because we had decided I was spending the night with her.

Almond was shy, so she was trying hard maintaining a minimum distance. I didn’t want to startle her by being too aggressive so I moved along to the rhythm she wished to establish by not pushing the moment too hard because I knew it would happen eventually.

The buildup was just as important as the climax anyway. I offered to undress in front of her while I headed to the bathroom. She smiled shyly at the thought. I stepped a bit closer to her, and she watched me out of the corner of her eye as I inched my way closer.

I laid a gentle hand on her face and brought her face closer to mine. She didn’t resist, and so I locked in the kiss that we’ve both been yearning for. The moment our lips touched, she dropped the towel and embraced me. She wrapped her arms around my neck and pulled me in for the most satisfying kiss I’ve ever had in my life. Just then the doorbell rang.

“It’s the kids that I teach,” she said. “I wasn’t expecting you till later, so I didn’t cancel the session,” she continued. Almond did have two small kids that lived upstairs come in to learn how to read.

I nudged her to go do her thing and with one final kiss, I headed for the bathroom. I couldn’t concentrate on much in the shower because I was completely turned on by her. Her intoxicating smell that washed over me as we kissed, the taste of her lips and the feel of her body against mine. However, she was busy for the next few moments, so I took the time I had in the shower to cool off and freshen up.

I changed into the clothes I brought and got myself ready for the long night ahead. Once I was ready, I headed back to the living room. I could hear the sound of her voice giggling along with two little girls.

Even her laugh was a turn on, but I had to behave. I walked into the living room to see that the girls had braided her hair into two sides, and it was hilarious to look at. She saw me watching her and she passed a shy smile in my direction. “All right girls. time to go!” She said as she got up to escort them to their apartment.

“Miss, who is that?” the older one asked.

“He’s an old student of mine, dear. He came to study,” she said as quickly as she heard the question. I grinned at her and waved at the kids as Almond rushed them upstairs to their home.

When she came back down, she rushed in and bolted the door, then turned around to face me slowly.

“Old student?” I asked with mischief in my eyes. She blushed. “I like that. Well, what will you teach me today, Ms. Almond?” I asked.

She came close to me. She brought her lips very close to mine, and then she stopped and asked, “How about some dinner first?”

“You can try and cook if you want, but expect me to be distracting,” I said with a wink. She smiled and headed to the kitchen. She was getting something out of the fridge to warm up. I cut her off at the stove, but she shoved me playfully out of the way.

I responded by slowly edging myself closer to her as she cooked. She didn’t resist. I brought my nose in to rest on her neck. She exposed her neck to me and breathed a sigh of anticipation.

I laid a slow, wet kiss on her neck and she inhaled sharply. I let my tongue run up the side of her neck until I reached the bottom of her chin. She had enough. She turned the flame off and grabbed me in another passionate embrace.

Almond grabbed my neck and wrapped her arms around me and pulled me in close. Our lips tugged at one another with fire and her sweet taste was beginning to overwhelm me. I wrapped my arms tightly around her waist and picked her up and brought her closer towards me.

We began to breathe hard, and her breath was warm and sweet to the taste. She pulled me close inhaling sharply, and I could tell her lust was building to a crescendo. I didn’t want her to release her hold on me, so I gave into her hot embrace and brought myself in completely.

Our lips continued to make contact in the midst of our fierce and passionate connection, and she pulled me in. My cock was rock hard in my shorts, and it rested on her thigh as I stood with her seated on the counter.

Almond moaned as I lightly slammed my hips into her groin. She exhaled and released her hold on me. I took my chance to slowly lick her neck from below the chin down to her sexy clavicle. She gasped and exhaled her hot breath on my face as we turned up the heat once more.

“You’re naughty!” She exclaimed. Almond pulled me in once more and moaned hard. I grabbed her around the waist and inched her sexy frame closer to my hips. She gave in and I started to lightly pound her body into mine.

I positioned my penis, so that she could grind against it, and the heat of her pussy against my cock was so high we both had to stop and watch with excitement as her wet panties rubbed against the bulge in my shorts.

I grabbed her dress and pulled it up to expose her panties. She looked so sexy half undressed like that. I pulled her panties off and told her to hold her dress up so I can look at her half nude like that. She got off the counter and turned around then slowly pulled up her dress exposing her ass to me and she moaned while saying, “Take me baby! Take me now!”

I pulled her dress up higher, still covering her tits and slammed my body into her back. I ran my hands down the sides of her ribcage, grabbed her hips, she moaned and then gasped in anticipation as my arms traveled lower and caressed her thighs gently.

She grabbed my head and pulled me closer into her back and her fingers clutched the button of my jeans and fought to undo them, but I stopped her and grabbed both hands and fastened them behind her.

I used my free hand to grab her thigh and lift it onto the countertop. She was as exposed as she could be while half undressed, and she loved it. Almond grunted and moaned in urgency, she was begging me to touch her more!

I still had her hands fastened behind her. I instructed her to not make any sudden moves, and I stuck her panties in her mouth as I did so. She arched her back inviting me to take whatever I wanted from her sweet body, and that was what I intended to do. I stuck my tongue in her ear and she let a muffled gasp escape her gagged mouth, so I spanked her repeatedly and watched her ass turn bright red.

“You like that?” I whispered in her ear. She nodded her head while she looked at me. I grabbed her ponytails and pulled her head back. She loved that! I then let go and crouched down to greet her pussy at eye level.

I grabbed her thighs and pulled them apart even farther to watch her pussy stretch. “Enough foreplay! I want your cum on my face,” I said as I gave her moist pussy and swift lick. The pleasure was so sudden that the gag fell out of her mouth and into the sink. She grinded her pussy on my tongue, but I was just getting started.

“You want more, Almond?” I asked.

“Yes! Don’t fucking stop! Harder!” She grunted, her eyes forced shut from the pleasure she was experiencing. I got up and pulled her ass wider.

Then I stuck my finger in her mouth and let her lick it as she moaned from my rubbing of her sweet pussy. I took my finger and rubbed her spit over the rim of her asshole before I let it slide in slow. Almond inhaled sharply and spread out over the counter for support. She let me finger fuck her hard, undulating her hips into my hand, “Faster! Faster! I’m close!” She yelled at me to keep the momentum going and soon I felt her back arch upwards, and I felt her cum running down my fingers down to my elbow!

I gave her a moment to recover. She lay on the counter, her body still convulsing from her orgasm, and she struggled to catch her breath. While she regained her strength, I undid my jeans and stepped out of them and grabbed my beautiful mistress from behind. Her body was starting to get moist and I liked it. I love fucking sweaty in the heat! She got up still trying to catch her breath as I slipped her floral dress off her neck and threw it on the ground next to my jeans. She moaned as I came closer and embraced her. Breathing with exhaustion as I kissed her neck and attempted to get her started again.

I let my lips touch hers and she stuck her tongue out. I opened my mouth and our tongues danced entwined before our mouths closed around them in a passionate embrace. She grabbed my shirt and guided it off my body as our lips stayed connected. She didn’t want to break the kiss, but the shirt wouldn’t come off. That’s when I feel her dig her nails into my shirt and rip it! Damn!

She chuckled and so did I, and she placed her palm on the side of my face and slowly grabbed onto my hair and pulled on it. I let my palm grab her sweaty waist and slowly ran my fingers up her spine as I kissed her. Then I pushed her head down slightly, and she looked at me, understanding that it was time for her to swallow my cock!

Almond grabbed my cock in her hand, and looked at me defiantly. She squeezed it in her palm and dragged me by the cock as she walked to her room. Such fire! How could I resist?

She threw me onto the bed and laid her body on top of mine, and her naked frame fought with mine till her thighs were parted, my cock resting in between them, and her chest on mine. She stuck her tongue in my mouth and moaned with pleasure before kissing my chest and my waist and finally set her sights on my throbbing cock.

She gave me a naughty look before she parted her sexy long hair to one side and kissed my cock with those soft lips. I sighed. She smiled, and then she opened her mouth real slow and swallowed me whole.

This was wonderful! I could feel her tongue running circles around my cock, and her head moved up and down giving me intense pleasure. I grabbed her hair and held it out of the way. She was sweating and some of the hair still stuck to her body, so gorgeous! I couldn’t hold it anymore. I was going to cum!

Almond could sense I was close by my grunts, and she stroked my cock while her other hand played with my balls and she continued to lick the tip. She brought her tits up and placed them on my cock and I came all over those gorgeous brown tits of hers.

We were both panting hard. Almond used her dress to clean her tits and then she came and lay on top of me. I could feel her sweat on my skin and it turned me on even more! “How about some dinner after this appetizer? And then you can have me for desert,” she said.

I was a bit hungry, so I agreed. She tongued me, and then got up and walked into the kitchen naked to finish cooking dinner. I spanked her and she laughed, and I watched her gorgeous hips as she leaned on the stove and continued to cook dinner.

Story to be continued. Please post your comments below.



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