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October 19, 2018

Sexperience With My Wife’s Ex Colleague

Sexperience With My Wife’s Ex Colleague


Hello everyone..m Mayank again with another story of my recent experience with an ex-colleague of my wife. As you all know about me . I’m a 26 yrs old married guy from Gurgaon. And this story is about how I cheated on my wife with one of her ex-colleagues.

So coming to the story let me tell u a little background of the story. My wife worked in a different school before marriage and we were dating back then. I once visited her school for an annual function and met many colleagues of her.


Some of them were very beautiful and hot. But my eyes were fixed on only one of them. She was a matured lady in her mid-30s with a very fair skin, short height and a tattoo on the back of her neck! She had a very nice figure and was wearing a beautiful white saree !! Her eyes were small and her lips were the sexiest !! As the function got over a huge crush got developed for her !! So after talking to my then girlfriend, I got to know a lot of things about her and one of them was that she is not in a happy marriage and was considering to leave her husband. Though I had a huge crush on her but knowing this could be very risky I didn’t go beyond just masturbating my self .. this crush got over soon and I got a news that she even left the school .. now two years later after I got married to my girlfriend and while going through her phone I found Madhu’s pics on her FB page and kept going through them and in no time developed a hardon !! As my wife had also changed her school and so did Madhu I thought it would be safe to contact her now!


So I made a fake FB account and messaged her.


N to my surprise the very next day I received a reply from her. At first, I told her I’m just a big admirer of her and husband of one of her ex-colleague. She wasn’t much interested in talking to me but I kept pleading and went for a conversation with her. We had a nice chat and got to know many things about her. One of them being that she has shifted to Faridabad and has now separated from her husband and is living on her own with her daughter! We chatted next day too and when I got her in confidence I told her about myself! She was surprised. and was a little hesitant to talk further. I tried to make her comfortable and asked her if she liked me or not. Her answer was yes she liked me but didn’t know if it is correct or not. I tried to reason her out and asked her to please be comfortable with me and carry on chatting without her relation with my wife coming in between.

She finally agreed and we both continued chatting. I continued flirting with her and finally, we made plans to meet, she had to submit her CV in some organizations and I offered to help her in the same. I reached her place around 9 in the morning and picked her up, to visit some organizations.


I drive her around her city for an hr till she was finally satisfied. I asked her if now all her work has been done we can go and sit somewhere. As we were confused where to go I asked her one of my friend’s flat is empty and we can go there. And after some further persuasion, she finally agreed to it.His place was an hr drive from where we were so I tried to become more open with her.

During the change of gear, I touched her hand sometimes. And as she didn’t move her hand or objected, I placed my hand over her and started feeling her hands.. she too held my hand and smiled. I told her she has very soft hands and felt her hands rubbed her wrist to which she blushed. I pulled her a little closer and gave a peck on her cheeks.


To this, she turned her face and we kissed each other’s lips! oh wow her lips were as soft as silk. I pushed my lips further in and we smooched !! have never seen a better kisser than her, she kissed my like mad. We had to break the kiss as I was driving but all through out the way my hands never left her pussy I kept rubbing her over her clothes. We finally reached my friend’s flat and entered his bedroom


It was a small room, I didn’t switch on the lights as there was a little sunlight coming through the window. I made her sit by my side on the bed and kissed her lips. she kissed me back and we got smooching each other. I pulled her closer and kept smooching her, she was a wonderful kisser and sucked my tongue so well!! My hands by now were on her big breasts and pressing them over her clothes. I quickly removed her kurta and made her lie on the bed. I kept kissing her cheeks, lips allover her face, she looked so sexy in that bra, which I didn’t let control her boobs anymore I pulled them out and started sucking them. Her big melons were in my hands and I sucked on them. Her nipples were big too. My hands by now had removed her bra completely and were down to her pyjama, I untied the knot and started removing it..my hands reached between her legs..oh she was soo soft her thighs was milky white my hand was rubbing her clit over her panty.. this made her go crazy.


She- Fuck me Mayank, please fuck me!

N that’s what-what I wanted to hear.. I pulled down her panty and got on her top. My cock was just touching her wet vagina, I pushed it inside her.. and in just one push I was half inside her wet pussy.. oh it felt so good, my cock was sliding inside her pussy .. I pushed it further in! Aaahhh! It felt awesome


I was full inside her and fucking her hard .. her big boobs were tempting and my hands were all over them !! I was pressing them hard ohh yes .. aahhhh I was very close

Me- oh Madhu I’m gonna cum

She- take it out and cum over me …..!!


I pulled it out and sprayed all over her face .. she licked all the cum from her face and also my cock! Wow, she was soo horny !! She sucked me again to hardness, and we enjoyed another session of sex before she left from there!


We met many times after that, about those experiences I ‘ll share in next parts.

Till then please leave ur comments on my email id or contact me on hangout [email protected]




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