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October 20, 2018

Sex With My Trainee

Sex With My Trainee

Let me tell you this incident that happened to me at work. This happened with one my Trainee named RITU. her age ight be 30 or 31.


Hello everyone. This is my first story on ISS. My Name is John. Well built, tall and Fair. I am 29.

Let me tell you this incident that happened to me at work. This happened with one my Trainee named RITU. her age ight be 30 or 31.

I am a Trainer in a big BPO. This happened with one of my trainee in the batch. I was training a new batch of about 15 trainees in which 4 females and 11 male trainees were there. Out of the 4 females 2 females were very fair and their figure was also very sexy. This story happened with one of the female out of the 2 sexy females, her name is RITU. On the first day of training i shared my phone number with the class so that if there is any problem they can call me and inform me about the same. I could feel that the girls in the class are getting attracted to me and RITU would always smile when i looked at her.

My Office is in Mumbai and in our office if our shift ends after 10.30pm the company provides us a home-drop. And luckily even RITU used to live on the same route where i use to live. so while going home she was in the same drop in which i use to be. she use to wait for me to check which cab do i sit and then she use to sit in the same cab. Her figure was absolutely awesome. She might be around 5ft2inches. Very fair, big round Boobs and nice round ass. Everyday we use to get home drop and while coming to work, we use to get pickup from the station. During pick up as well RITU would wait for me and than we use to go in the same Bus.

She knew i would look at her Boobs and feel good, so she also use to not cover her Boobs for me, i could clearly see her cleavage. She was not so good in the training so she was trying to get close to me so that i could clear her in the final test. Training use to go very well. One day while we were returning home in the home drop, it was like a 30 minutes drive for Ritu’s destination and then another 10 minutes for my. Ritu was sitting next to me and she said she is feeling sleepy and kept her head on my shoulder and her hand on my thighs. after sometime she started to move her hand close to my dick and she was also pressing her Boobs on my hand. we were the only two in the drop. She told me if she can put her head on my lap so she an atleast get around 20 minutes sleep. I had a hard on by her moving her hand close to my dick. I said ok and she kept her head on my lap.

She kept her hand directly on my dick and her head on her hand. She started pressing my dick, even i got a little bold and started pressing her Boobs and after about 5 minutes i told her to get up for a minute. i removed my dick and now asked her to sleep in my lap. Instead of sleeping she started giving me blow job. i was keeping an eye on the driver if he was looking back but he was busy driving. As ritu’s house was nearing she told me if i can come to her house, i said ok and we both got down near ritu’s house. went into her flat and she was so horny that she without changing her clothes directly ask me to fuck her. i said please complete what u were doing in the cab. she unzipped my jeans and removed my pants and underwear. Looking at my dick she said wow its so thick . she said she wants to eat my dick, i said go on baby suck it, its all yours and she started to suck..

I was pressing her boobs and she was sucking y dick. after about 1 minutes i asked her to remove her clothes and even i removed my t-shirt. she was slowly slowly removing her clothes just like a porn star. Fuck what big boobs and what an ass. She got naked and slept on the bed, rubbing her pussy. I started licking her pussy and kept on licking and licking. she was moaning loudly. she said she has never experienced such pleasure. i licked her pussy for around 20-25 minutes, she was moaning loudly and said John i am cumming, yes yes i am cuing and she with a big moan came all the juice in my mouth. i would bite her pussy slowly and tease her. she was all wet. i slowly started to move my dick in her pussy and she was experiencing pain. she said john u have a very big dick please go slow. i said yes baby and started pushing my dick inside her pussy, slowly my dick was in her pussy fully and i started fucking her hard. She was like yes john you are so great. fuck me fuck me fuck me.

Both her legs were on my shoulder and i was ramming her pussy. she wanted more and even i wanted more. i made her in doggy style and was fucking her from behind. i could see her asshole and it was beautiful. not too small just the perfect asshole. i started fingering her asshole while fucking. and she said john i have never tried in my ass. i have had sex quiet a few times but not in my ass. i told her i will give u the pleasure. i applied a lot of saliva on her ass and slowly started inserting my dick she was feeling the pain but was ready to have my dick in her ass, slowly slowly i was trying to insert my dick in her ass but she was finding it very thick. my dick head was in her ass and i applied some ore saliva on my dick and gave a strong push and half of my dick was in her ass, she had a big scream oh john slow please its hurting and i slowly started moving my dick,

After sometime i pushed it even further and my dick was in her ass. She was enjoying my fuck and it was one than 1 hour that i was fucking her, she was just loving it and i was also loving to fuck her. she was absolutely a perfect fuck. it was more than 1 and a half hour. i was about to cumm, i asked her where would she want my cumm and she was quick to reply in my mouth. i took my dick out of her ass and gave her a taste of her ass. she was sucking my dick like a pro. felt as if i was fucking a pornstar. and then i came with a loud moan. i could see my semen drop out of her mouth. she drank my cum and was very pleased and happy. she said she never had a fuck like this and it was the same for me as well. i had never had a fuck like RITU. i slept at her place in her arms and while leaving in the morning, RITU introduced me to her MOM, wow she was an absolutely grorgeous beauty, and while shaking hands with her MOM my eyes were struck on her Boobs.

I left her House with the thought of fucking her Mom once and after a few weeks i got that opportunity which i will tell u in the net story.

Guys this was my first and real experience. This was a completely real story not like others describing a fake story.

Please post your comments so i could share my other experiences. i will share all my experiences with you people. please give your comments and feedback to improve my style of writing. any females who would like to see me and my dick can surely get in touch with me on my email

My email id for females is [email protected]




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