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October 17, 2018

Sex With Junior After Party

Sex With Junior After Party

So I asked her to come to my house so that we can have a party here without waiting she said ok.

Hi, friends, my name is Jay and I am from Hyderabad city. My email [email protected] account, my age is 20 and my height is 5 feet 11 inches body is well maintained and my cock size is 6.3 inches long and 2.5 inches thick and I am B.Tech 3rd year student in Hyderabad only. Shall we begin with the sex story?

Any mistakes, please forgive me. Without waiting let’s start the sex story. This sex story happens one year back at that time I am studying 2nd year. I am waiting for juniors. New the heroine of the story came, her name is Priya (name changed) everyone in the was watching her like that I know that everyone wants to fuck her in any cost. That day night I am not getting sleep because of her beautiful face and her body. Sry forgot to tell you her shape is 36-28-34. The main part of her body is her boobs and I like to suck boobs so much. Day’s going on after few day’s I saw her profile on FB so quickly I send her request and send message as ‘hi’ within 20 mins I got reply from her that
P-Priya and j-jay
P-hi who is this??
J-hi I am jay. I am ur senior in ur college
P-oh hi
J-you look so beautiful
P- thank u and which year u r from
J-2nd year
P-ok ok cool.
J-tomorrow meet me in college
P-ok but y?? U want to rag me ha???
J-haha I won’t rag u don’t worry
P-ok ok thank u I will meet u for sure and give me ur number I will call u when I reach to college
J-I told ok and gave her my number
P-ok bye 🙂
That day night I am not getting sleep and for every 5 mins, I see my watch. But finally next day morning I went to college and waiting for her after 10 mins Priya also reached and called to me. I got call from unknown number so I picked it’s her
P-hi where r u??
J-turn back(with out knowing her I am following her from the college gate)
P- oh hi how r u
J- I am good
Etc… Formal talks
After that, we both went to classes
In two weeks we became good friends and almost all we both sharing all topics about our life’s after that one-day evening Priya messaged me like
P-hi nice to meet u. That day, now u became my good friend to me
J- thank u and same to u
P-what u r doing???
J-nothing much what about u????
P-same feeling bore
J-if u don’t mind I will tell u something
P-ya tell me I won’t mind
J-wait I will call u
(in call)
J-hi Priya
P-hi what happen? tell me
J-I told to my friends that you r my girlfriend like that because if I tell them like that means they won’t disturb you
P-ha (shocking)
(she didn’t speak for a min)
J- I told sorry to her if I do anything wrong
P- no no it’s ok
J- u r not getting angry on me?
P-no no I have no problem in that
J- thank u
After that, she became very close to me. She is sharing all types of stuff. One day my parent’s went to the village for some work and they return after one week.

So I asked her to come to my house so that we can have a party here without waiting she said ok.

My parents went off at 4 o’clock then I call to Priya and told her to come at 6 o’clock in evening she was like pick me up. So I went to her room (forgot to tell u all she lives in room with her friends) when she came down in white top and blue jeans and looking too hot in that dress I was looking at her like that for 5 mins she came near me and
She said hello is everything ok?

Ya ya, so I started my car and went to my house.

J: -I already prepared for parties like drinks and food
P: – very good then let’s start 🙂
So I told first u then Priya started with shots.
Finally, both r done with that and Priya is too high and I asked her to play truth r dare she said ok. Then
J: -do u have any boyfriend before? ?
P: -no no. Wt about you does u have any??
J:- no no
P:- but y u r looking good y u not having anyone
J: – I want a girl like u 😉
P:- oh so u like me
J- of course I like u very much
P- blushing
J:- now ur turn
P”- dare
J- kiss me
She without thinking she came near me and started kissing. We kissed for 30 mins at the same time I started pressing her boobs so hard and she started making sounds and that kiss changed our mind’s we both feeling so honey and I take her to my bedroom. And I slowly removing her dress one my one and she to doing same finally she came to her knee and give me a great blowjob for 20 min’s after that I take her to bed and started kissing for and one hand is on bobs and other is on my sweet pussy slowly.

I went near her nipples and sucked it very hard for 20 min’s while doing that I inserted my middle finger into her pussy and moving it. Her honey juice is coming out started. Slowly I went to her pussy and sucked it for 10 mins. After that, I inserted my rod in her pussy but it is not going because she is virgin. I took some oil and applied to my rod and inserted it in a force but only half goes in blood is started to come out and she is shouting for pain like plz take it out plz but I didn’t care her words and slowly started to and fro motion finally full rod inserted now she started to make sounds like aaaaa ya ya ya come fuck me hard don’t leave me, to do whatever you want etc..

I fucked her for 30 mins in between she came two times finally I came in her pussy only and then I slept like that my rod inside her pussy for 40 mins after I wakeup she is licking my rod and again started next season. She called to her roommate and told her thati came to my relatives house so I come tomorrow night so I feel so happy about that for that one week we daily have 2 seasons. As I told to my friends that she is my girlfriend like that now she became as my friends-with-benefits. Up to now we are enjoying our relation whenever we get a chance.

If anyone(girls/aunty/women ) wanna to have fun with me can contact me and send me ur feedback on [email protected] thank you and waiting for ur feedback and hot emails



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