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October 17, 2018

Sex With An Indian Wife In Presence Of Her Husband

Sex With An Indian Wife In Presence Of Her Husband

I’m open for suggestions and discrete fun. Ladies/girls mail me at [email protected] com

Hey Guys this is Nayeem and am here with my new story.

I wanted to post this story for a while now and here it is. The new readers of ISS make sure you read all my previous stories.
And again,this is Nayeem and am quite fair and decently build guy. I workout regularly and also have a tool of 6. 5.

I’m open for suggestions and discrete fun. Ladies/girls mail me at [email protected] com

Coming to the story, this happened last month when I was randomly surfing the internet and came across an app.
I would not mention the app name here though(mail me if you’re too curious). I was so bored and hence installed it.
After all the formalities of the app I was so curious and used the app regularly. It was so shocking to find a number of pretty ladies around me. I never noticed it. And obviously I started sending requests to the most attractive ones. One such lady was Suja(Name changed for her privacy).

Suja was in her early 30’s and was married. But her husband was abroad and she was all alone with her son. We just randomly started to talk and slowly our conversations started to become so intimate. We both shared our personal details and she said that she misses her husband so bad.

She was a medium fit woman with big boobs and well shaped ass. I understood by her way of talking that she was looking for some secret sex and relationship. . .

So I gathered confidence and started talking naughty to her and she responded quite well. We started to have sex chats quite often and phone calls. And one day she invited me to her place. I was so happy and was expecting for that day. She pinged her address and told me to come at 11 PM. I accepted and went to her house at 11 PM.

She had told me not to knock her house and so I called her when I reached her house. She came out and that was the first time I looked at her. Oh my God! She was really gorgeous and shining in the moonlight. I wanted to push her to the wall and smooch her but I controlled myself. She took me to her house and offered me water. We did not switch on the lights and so it was very dark. But I could see her bouncing ass and wanted to feel it really bad. She then took me to her bedroom and that was the most shocking moment. I saw her husband sleeping peacefully!!I was so shocked and asked her what she was doing!!

I asked her “What are you thinking you are doing?? What if we get caught? You told he was abroad!”Then she said “I am really very sorry. I lied to you about it. It is my fantasy to be fucked by a young guy in the presence of my husband. ” I was so shocked and could not believe the courage she had. I told her I wanted to leave as I was not ready to get into trouble. She told me that he is asleep and will not get up at all and she begged me to stay. I accepted. It was a big room and so we had enough space to have fun. She pulled me inside the room and locked it. I was praying that her husband should not wake up.

She started to kiss me everywhere and licked my lips. I gathered courage too and started pressing her boobs. We were kissing so hard continuously for 10 minutes and then I started to be so erotic and removed her dress vigorously. She undressed me. We needed to be silent too as her husband would wake up. So i started to finger fuck her pussy with my boxers in her mouth to keep her silent. Oh my god she was licking my boxers like an animal and mme eating her pussy. She was like “Fuck me so hard,you naughty boy.

My hubby is sleeping in the same room and you’re fucking me. ” I told her “Oh wow. You are certainly a sex bomb baby. . your courage is on a different level. I can’t wait to put my dick inside your pussy and tear it really hard. ” She said “Me too,Can’t wait for it. . . I wanna get fucked by you so badly. ” I then finger fucked her so fast and she became really wet. She started to scream “Ahhh. . ” and I reminded her about her husband. She was like “fuck me like a bitch,baby. Kiss my lips and eat it. ” Now it was her turn and I told her I wanted a blowjob. She said “Ahh. . . i can feel your hard cock but i will not suck it. Beg for a blowjob. . . ” I was like “ahh please baby. . please put my hard dick inside you and stroke it so fast. . “. She was still reluctant and was like
“Beg for it more baby. . . . ”

I really wanted to put my dick inside her and was like “Please,please put my dick inside you!”She replied with “Ok love,Squeeze my boobs so hard while doing it. . “I was like “Yes baby your boobs is the best thing I’ve ever seen”. She told “I love it. Keep doing. . . ” She then started to blow my cock like a real pro. I was in cloud nine. Then I wanted to fuck her. She told me that she will surely scream if she takes my monster inside her and told me to come to the bathroom.

I obliged and we went to the bathroom. I wanted to fuck her so hard on the bathroom floor and hear her scream loud. We went to the bathroom and started to kiss each other. She was like “It’s your day baby, so tear my pussy. I want to be fucked in every position. I asked her “You want it rough or smooth?” She replied with “Both. ”

I put my dick inside her and she started to scream. I closed her mouth with my hand and started to fuck her so hard. I could barely feel anything and she was crying with joy. She started to lick my shoulders and chest while I was pressing her boobs. I was about to cum and asked her where she wants it,. She told me to cum on her boobs and I did the same. Then we dressed up and I left the place.

It was the best sex experience I ever had. We met regularly after this and had fun.

That’s it and if you guys wanna place a suggestion or feedback feel free to mail me. If any girls/wives want some discrete fun, text me at [email protected] com



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