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October 19, 2018

Sex play with Prabha aunty

Sex play with Prabha aunty

I am Harish from calicut. Congrats to the web masters of Human Digest to be bold to publish a website like this where we can share the secret experiences with each other. It gives a lot of pleasure reading the experiences of various kind of people around the world.

I would like to share such an experience. I am 30 now and planning for my marriage. It happened when I was 20. I was living with my parents. As my mother was having some heart problem, she asked the help of her cousin Prabha (Name changed).

She was 32 then and was not married and has a charming physique. She was wheatish in color and beautiful eyes. She has long and thick hairs which he oiled and cared a lot. Her boobs were conical in shape and she had a ‘V’ shaped hip.

She often wares maxi which closely expressed her ups and downs. My aunt was very sincere and she helped my mother in house hold jobs. Aunt used to sleep near to my bedroom. I used to sit and study late night and prabha aunty gave me black coffee during that time.

The event happened in 1997 December. There was a house warming ceremony of my uncles house on December 24th. We – I, mom, and dad- went to the new house to give the presentation to my uncle in advance and there was a ritual function during night.

So dad and mom decided to stay during that night. Since I was preparing for the exam, they told me to go home and study. We reached home nearby 8.00pm. Since I have had dinner from uncles home, I told Prabha aunty to go to sleep.

She told she will sleep later after watching TV for sometime. Meanwhile I took a bath and went to my room and opened the books. It was an English movie. A seen came which was a bedroom seen. The hero and heroine removed the cloth and fucked.

I got erection on seeing that picture and I removed my under ware and massaged my cock. Suddenly Praba aunty entered my room and I suddenly covered my ‘boy’ with my lungi. After finishing the movie she switched off the TV and went to sleep.

I closed the book and switched off the light and started involved in my usual fantasies. I went to the bathroom and started masturbating. I didn’t close the doors since I thought aunty will be sleeping. At the middle of the masturbation,

I heard some sound outside the bathroom and I stopped and looked outside. I was shocked. Prabha aunty was peeping and she moved in a hurry when I saw her. I came to my room totally disturbed. I started thinking, what would be her intension?

Would she like to have sex with me? I got some courage and went to her room and sat near by her bed. She was sleeping on her chest. I slowly put my right hand on her hip. She turned up and my hand was on her stomach.

It was so soft and I was in my first time touching a female body in my life. Then I lay near by her and pushed my dick hardly to her buttock. She became erotic and turned by her side and hugged with high passion.

I was really enjoying it and I removed my lungi and became nude. She was in a cotton maxi. I felt the thrust of her breast with my hand. I slowly moved my hands downwards and pulled her maxi and uncovered her thighs. I pressed my mouth hardly to her boobs.

She whispered “Mone ninakku veno?” and unhooked her bra and put her boobs into my mouth. I sucked it and the nipple which was erect. After playing with her boobs for sometime, she removed her maxi and became nude.

I put my fingers into her pussy and moved to and fro. She made sounds like ‘Aaaaaaaaahhhhh’. ‘Ooohhhh’ and hugged and kissed on my lips. She asked me to suck her nipple. I did so. Then I sat on her stomach and put my cock in between her boobs.

I squeezed it with two boobs and moved my dick to and fro in between them. At last it came and we remained some time hugging each other and kissing on lips and cheek. It was a most pleasurable event happened in my life.

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