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October 17, 2018

Sex Chat With An ISS Reader

Sex Chat With An ISS Reader

This is a real story of one of my iss reader who pinged me at 1 am. Her name is Vidya (named changed for obvious reasons). She is one wild girl. So, this is how our conversation goes.

Hello everyone. I am Rajeev. I currently live in Pune, my age is 21 so yes I am young and very cocky, so anyone around here who want to ping for feedbacks, sex chats, secret relation, etc. Can ping at [email protected]

This is my 3rd story on iss and this is a real story. I had a lot of good responses from my previous stories. Which lead me to write this one.

This is a real story of one of my iss reader who pinged me at 1 am. Her name is Vidya (named changed for obvious reasons). She is one wild girl. So, this is how our conversation goes.

Vidya: hi

Me: hey

Vidya: I read your story. I wanted to give my feedback.

Me: yeah? Tell me, you liked my story? If so, what did you like about it?

Vidya: I loved it. Especially the wild part. (I could imagine her biting her lips while typing this)

Me: good to hear. Glad you liked it. Hope it got you all hot and wet.

Vidya: oh yes! I just couldn’t help but get wet

Me: something tells me that your one wild babe.

Vidya: really? Hehe. Stop teasing me.

Me: so tell me, where are you from?

Vidya: I am from Karnataka. Work in an it company. You?

Me: I am from Kerala. Currently pursuing my postgraduate degree in Pune.By the way, your profile pic, is that your legs?

Vidya: yes, it is.

Me: it’s so pretty. Makes me wonder how you look like. You must be hot.

Vidya: I consider myself normal though.Do you smoke up?

Me: not always, sometimes

Vidya: oh you should try it. It’s so much fun. I am so high right now. It brings your creative and wild side

Me: sounds great. Maybe next time we can smoke up together when we meet that is. So tell me, what can I do for a pretty lady like you?

Vidya: you know what it is

Me: I know what you mean. And I would love to be your storyteller tonight. Shall we begin?

Vidya: yes.

Me: I imagine you and me in a room. I lay there on the bed. I see you in front of me, removing your clothes. Slowly coming up to me

Vidya: but you have never seen me, how will you imagine?

Me: yeah unless you send a pic that is. And I send mine of course. Fairtrade

Vidya: ok

*we exchange photos*

Vidya: you look cool. Nice beard. My highness days that you are hot. Lol.

Me: really? Thanks. You look hot and sexy yourself. Now I really wish I was with you

Vidya: maybe when we meet, baby. Let’s continue.

Me: yeah. As I lay there. Waiting. Only wearing my boxers on. You slowly make your way towards me
Sexily removing your lingerie. A black and red. You stare at me. Seducing me with those beautiful eyes. You climb on my chest. And turn around. Showing your marvellous beauty of a pussy. While you aim for my member

Vidya: hmm, yeah.

Me: you hold on to my dick. And squeeze them. I can smell your sweet pussy. Oozing out pre-cum. It’s making me so hard. I am in love all over again. I slowly bring my lips to your pussy

Vidya: ya I like to be fucked

Me: wait, baby. Need to tease you more. And I gently rub against the lips. While you swallow my dick. And start sucking it

Vidya: I love giving a blowjob. Keep going baby.

Me: slowly increasing your pace. While I increase mine. The room is filled. With our moans. You have to sweetest moans I have ever heard. Steadily. Driving us. To finally climax. You swallow my cum. And I taste yours. You turn around and we kiss. Passionately. Exchanging our juices

Vidya: yeah… You should fuck me great. Come on baby. I like where this is going.

Me: and we get into the missionary position. And I plug your pussy with one hard thrust. You moan like you never moaned before. My dick. Getting all your right spots. Giving you pleasure out of pleasure. I move faster.

Vidya: oh yeah! I am getting wetter by the second.

Me: I move faster, until you feel my balls, push up against the bottom of your ass and keep
Spanking you there.

Vidya: fuck

Me: then I lift one of your legs up and throw it over my shoulder before pulling my dick almost all the way back out. And then sliding it back in. A little faster and harder this time. I give a slight spank while I ride you. And then straddle your other leg. And turn you on your side. Just a bit. And start pumping your sopping wet pussy.

Vidya: yes dear. Fuck me. Fuck me hard!!!!

Me: you moan, so sexily. I get harder every time. And I got your pleasure spots every time. I lift you up and you cross your legs around my waist. And I hit you against the wall. At the same time. Inserting my dick hard into you. I pump really hard in you. While you scratch my back in pure ecstasy and moaning controllably.

Vidya: yeah baby. I love this. More

Me: I kiss your neck. I pump my dick hard into you. With your back against the wall. Your weight completely on my dick

Vidya: wow!!

Me: pushing my dick. Deeper in you. The tip of my dick kisses the entrance of your womb. You feel a surge of pleasure move through your entire body. Like an electric wave. And finally, I release my sperm into you.

Vidya: aaah!!!

Me: you orgasm at the same time. And let out a loud moan. Your pussy begins to drip in cum and pussy juice.

Vidya: ooooh! So wet!!!!

Me: I slowly lay on the bed. With you on top. I whisper it’s not over yet baby. To your ears. You feel my dick, still inside you, grow hard again. Along with my fresh warm cum in you. You move up and sit cowboy position. I place my hands on your beautiful breasts. And start posting with them. It turns you on. You start moving up and down. While I squeeze your breasts, pinching your nipples. You so sexy. You keep moaning. And then I thrust from below.
Moving deeper in you. I hug you. While burying my face in your chest and loving your hands. You’re unable to move. I thrust faster. Harder. Sending you pleasure waves all over your body. And with one hard thrust. I once again unload on you. You scream in ecstasy. And we fall back to bed. Your head reading on my chest. With my dick still in you. My cum struggling to come out of your overfilled pussy

Vidya: fuckkkkk! Baby, this is so good. I came!!

Me: what to do you think baby?

Vidya: loved it! We should do this again sometime. You’re so awesome, baby.

Me: definitely.

Vidya: never been this wet in a long time. I really want in real life and eat you.

Me: when I come to Karnataka, we will definitely have fun.

And of course, I got her permission to write this story. She is one wild girl, let me tell you. Let me know what you think of the story. Ladies, you are free to ping me at [email protected] Both email and hangouts. All feedback is welcome. I wouldn’t have made another story if it wasn’t for my dear readers. Thank you all



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