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October 19, 2018

Sensational sex with aunty

Sensational sex with aunty

Hi, I am guru (name changed) from gujrat. I read so many stories on  and it is a fantastic site. This is my first story which I had with my aunty and it’s a real story. My aunty name is Julie. She,s very slim about 35 years old.

She was married 10 years ago but she,s still a childless.I love to see her ass,boobs and her thighs. Firstly I had no bad intentions but my bad intentions get underway when she kisses me on my forehead,on cheeks and whenever she hugs me.

As she has no child she lives alone because her husband (My Uncle) was abroad and he used to come after 2 years.I used to go to her home after every weak.I go there to fuck her but it was not possible because I hadn’t the courage to tell her that I want to fuck you.

Oneday she fell ill and she phoned me to come to her house.After 15 minutes I reached there. She said to me she want to go to the doctor for checkup.Then I took her to the docter and had a checkup of her but she wasn’t seriously ill.

The doctor gave her the medicines and asked her to take it after you reach your home. She asked me to stay at her home for a night when I listened that I was very happy but I said to her if you want me to stay with you to takecare yourself you had to call my parents.

She phoned my parents and told them that guru would stay in my house and she also told them that she was ill.My parents was agreed after my aunt called them.In the meantime she take medicines and she gone to the bed for a sleep.

She gotup at 8:00pm and she made the dinner for me and she was ok after she took the medicines.We had a dinner and it was very delicious.It was a month a december and we all know that in december the weather is very cold.

So we go to her single bed and also watching a movie.We were having a chat on so many topics on films,education and many more.I changed the channel and watching an english movie she also liked it.

We were watching the movie very carefully and I was hoping that a sex scene might come.After 15 minutes of a movie a sex scene came and that’s what I was hoping.She didn,t asked me to changed the channel.

I get courage from it I put my hand on her thigh she didn’t asked me a single word to me and I get more courage from it.Now I was rubbing her thigh after that I was massaging her boobs and I thougt she was also liking it. After that I was kissing her and she was also responding to it.

She was wearing a shalwar kameez I undressed her and now she was in Bra and Panty.We had a french Kiss for about 15 minutes.Then she underssed me and I was in underwear. After I unhooked her bra and told that u had a gorgeous breast and I was kissing on her breast

for 5 minutes. My cock was already at his full swing. She removed my underwear and I was standing naked infront of her.When she saw my 9” inch cock she said to me she didn’t take this cock into her vagina because it would hurt my vagina.

I said to her how,s long ur husband cock and she said to me that his cock is very small. Then I told her don,t worry I wouldn,t hurt I would give joy to you. She then agreed and in the meantime I removed her panty her pussy was clean shaven and also it,s very tight.

I inserted my cock in her mouth for 10 minutes.I separated her legs and lift them up and enter my big cock in her.As I enter my cock she was crying and saying to me don,t hurt me please.I started slowly and then I increase my speed and she was crying

I didn,t takecare of her I was doing my job with more speed.Her blood was flowing of her vagina but after 15 she was enjoying it.She came to the orgasm and she cummed and after a minute I also cummed in her.Then I aksed her to be in a doggy position and

I was trying to enter my cock into her ass but it vert tight.After hard struggle I enter my cock in her ass and she was crying and shouting and I was taking a joy of it.I fucked in her ass for 10 minutes and when I got to the climax I removed my cock from her ass

and cummed on her face.Then we hugged eachother and slept. Next morning when I was leaving she told me that I enjoy it very much and it was the best you had done to me.She also told me that you also hurt me a lot.

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