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October 19, 2018

Seema, My Wife!

Seema, My Wife!

Her name is Seema. 19 years old. Well i’m not going to give her stupid descriptions here. I can say she have a body to die for! Totally addictive! Cute face, beautiful eyes, shoulder length hair with curls, sexy lips, good amount of fat on her breast, flat belly, shapely buttocks, fine legs and lot more! In short she is a package of RDX & TNT combined.

This is Rohan, 22 years old guy from Delhi. The story is about myself and my sister…

So directly coming to the story I’ve 4 members at home. Dad, Mom, Me and my Sister.

Her name is Seema. 19 years old. Well i’m not going to give her stupid descriptions here. I can say she have a body to die for! Totally addictive! Cute face, beautiful eyes, shoulder length hair with curls, sexy lips, good amount of fat on her breast, flat belly, shapely buttocks, fine legs and lot more! In short she is a package of RDX & TNT combined.

This happened when my dad, who’s a businessman was out of county for some business conference and all. My mom is a home maker so she never travels alone. Meanwhile my sister, Seema had to go to Mumbai for her auditioms for an ad-film. I had no choice than to accompany her. I never like travelling by air as far as it is possible to use the road and my Honda CRV ofcourse.

We set out on our voyage in the morning at 5. I never drive at night, so i’d planned to halt at Udaipur at night. We reached the hotel at around 9 at night. Checked in, got freshed up. Directly headed towards the restaurant. Had a good meal out there. The steward mistook us as couple, and said there is a party in their hotel as it was the Valentine’s Day, we can join it if we wanted to. Seema got ready to groove to the Dj’s music. I was damm tired, though i had to accompany her because she is (or rather was) my loving sister. I can’t make her unhappy.

The ultra beefy bouncer at the entry said, “We only allow couples here, if you both are a couple. You may join in. Else you may not.” Without missing a beat, Seema replied: “Yes we are a couple!” We got entry. I turned towards her with embarrassment. She said, what? I said, are you gone crazy? She said, look Rohan, Neither do i have a boyfriend, nor do you have a girlfriend. And i wanna enjoy this Valentine with you my darling.

We ordered the bar tender for a Tequila for her and a Screwdriver (Thats a cocktail, lol) for myself. We settled at the corner table, watching guys ane gals dancing or rather say jumping on this stupid Dj’s Music. We had another round, after we finished it. I could see Seema was a li’l tipsy. She got up, and pulled me up to the dance floor. I was struck dumb. The Dj changed the music suitable for ball dance. Seema and me held each other and started dancing in slow pace looking into each other’s eyes. What a feeling!

Suddenly that Dj said: “Hey You Guys and Gals. You gotta kiss your partner right there!” Before i could react, my lips were locked by Seema’s. I was a li’l shocked at this after all she was my sister. She parted and said. Hey common! We are a couple here ok?

God knows what happened to me, i just grabbed her face and started to smooch her. She was enjoying it. Man it was my first kiss ever. It felt like i’m totally out of this world.

I kissed her for about 15 minutes, which seemed like 15 centuries to both of us! We broke the kiss when the lights came on and the Dj said, the Valentine Party is over.

We left for our room. I opened the door, gosh! Seema grabbed me and placed her lips on mine. I was in no mood to resist now. I was being loved by the most beautiful and sexy lady on earth! We stood there kissing each other very passionately.

I lifted her in my arms, and threw her on bed. Removed my T-Shirt and jeans, i stood there in my jockey. She was partly admiring my body and partly blushing. I pounced on her like a hungry lion. I just removed her top within a second. She was there in just her bra. She said with a naughty smile: “What are you upto Mr. Rohan?” I said: “I’m being Intimate with the most beautiful and sexiest lady on earth, Miss Seema!”

She immediately replied: “Stop buttering and fuck me!”

i was astonished with her being so bold… I pulled down her jeans, which was so damn skin tight! There was no panty…

I just climbed her n started kissing her n also guided my penis imto her love hole. It was so tight that i coud’nt get access inside her. I just pushed my thing into her with a hard bang. She screamed like someome stabbed her. I said, “What the hell are you doing you fool? Everybody in this hotel should’ would come to know you are getting fucked by me!” She was furious on me. Replied with tears in eyes, “You motherfucker, son of a bitch you bastard, could’nt you just insert it a litle slowly? Your goddamned big thing has torn my pussy apart. Its my 1st time, i’m a virgin for god sake! Have little mercy on me! And hey, its not a big deal if people figure out that i’m geting screwed by you, as we are a couple here.”

I really felt sorry for her. I apologised saying i was so excited that i forgot everything. I’m extremely sorry, that would never happen again. She was a bit relieved now so she said thats ok.

I started fucking her slowly. Gradually increasing my pace. She was now enjoying the whole thing and was giving thrust from bottom. It was a wonderful session. We both climaxed at the same time, though it was her second orgasm. I poured my cream deep inside her love hole.

She looked very happy. I kissed her on her forehead and got up to go to the bathroom to piss. Boy! That was a realy great experience for both of us! I returned back to bed and embraced her and we both slept. The next morning she woke me up after the waiter left Bed-Tea for both of us. She looked so damn fuck able then too! I pulled her towards me and whispered into her ear, “Lets do it again honey!” She said, “Sweetheart, my pussy is sore from inside and its paining. If you wanna kill me, we sure can do it then.” i just placed my fore finger on lips as to tell her to shut up.

I got up, and we both got freshed up. I asked her to get ready as we are moving out for shopping. We did lots of shopping till the afternoon. Seema bought quite a few dresses for her, mostly of the Rajasthani Fashion. And without my knowledge she bought 2 engagement rings. We came back to the hotel totally exhausted. Had our lunch in the room itself. Took a short nap. Go up in the evening, to sit in the balcony with our coffee mugs.

It was dinner time and we settled at the corner table with our glasses of mocktails. When suddenly she took out to small boxes containing those rings. I was stunned. I asked her, what are these for? She replied, “Jaanu, i love u! And i wanna get married to you!” I was just fucking pissed of at this. I replied, “Do you know you are proposing your bro?” She said, “Yeah i know it. But i dont wanna get married to a stranger when i have such a hunk in front of me. I’m really in love with you. Lets get settled in some other city.”

Now i too wanted to get her as my life partner. I didn’t want her to leave me ever as i would’nt get a better wife than her. We both understand each other so well. I said, “Ok my darling, we’ll settle in Mumbai.” And we settled. I got a job in a multinational company. And seema became a house wife. Its our 8th year of truely happy married life. We still love each other madly like we did when we halted at Udaipur. We have two kids named Aryaman and Nyasa. Regarding our parents, they had to accept us after a lot of dramas.

I won’t ask you to give your feedback as i dont want comments on my life and moreover i’m not looking for aunties, girls or bhabhiz. I just wanted to share my life with you. Thank you!


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