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October 20, 2018

Saying It Loud!!

Saying It Loud!!

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It’s been a long since she did it. It is not that she does not love her husband or something, but as it happens in many cases, after years of marriage, the intensity in their life has decreased. She still misses those loving days when they used to see into each other’s eyes and hold for long, making the passion build inside them. She misses all those intense sensual touches at this age 45. At 45? Really? She sometimes wonders on herself and her insatiable desires. But this is how it is and she could not help it no matter how much she wants it. At 45, Robina was not bad looking. Though she put on some weights it only added in her sensuality. Her petite figure still turns eyes towards her and of course her beautifully seductive smile. She lives in a high-rise building in the modest location of South- Delhi with her grown up son and a daughter younger to him.



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